Video How-Tos with KC: #1 Getting Started

Hello Everyone!

And welcome to the very first video how-to with KCLovesGaming!

For FWOT Addicts we decided to try something different since this game is very different than other games we cover, and that something different is using how-to videos to supplement the traditional blog posts.  So we’ve teamed up with the popular YouTube gamer KCLovesGaming to bring you awesome how-to videos for Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow!

These videos are a great place to get started with the game or an event while we plug away getting the rest of the content posts together.  And they’re REALLY helpful at giving you visuals for what’s going on in your worlds…

In this first video KC takes you on an introduction of the game and gets things started.  Here you’ll unlock Fry, the Professor and Amy, as well as unlock the Downtown District & go on your first Space Mission…so let’s check it out!

What are your thoughts on getting started?  Which characters have you unlocked so far?  Do you like the idea of regular video posts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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