Character Profile – Fry

Hello There Futuramas!

With the introduction of Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow there’s a whole cast of characters to unlock in your effort to rebuild New New York! These character profile posts are designed to give you a quick breakdown of the characters, what you need to unlock them, their tasks and the basics of their class. All so you can play FWOT more efficiently!

Of course there will be those players who don’t want to know the details of unlocking the characters so for that reason we’ll post all of the details below the fold. So if you don’t like to know what’s going on before you play don’t click read more…CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD

In this edition we’re going to talk about a character that’s been in the game since it’s start, Fry. He is the first character you’ll get when you play through the tutorial district of the game, the Planet Express District.  So now let’s take a closer look at Fry….

Character: Fry
Class: Delivery Boy
Location: Planet Express District
To Start Unlocking: Start the A Whole New World (of Tomorrow) Questline
Building: None
Required to Unlock: None
Required to Level Up: Delivery Chip or/and Career Chip
Maximum Level: 25
Voiced?: Yes
Some Phrases: Got it, Happy New Year, Hey, lookie here, I agree, I can eat a hotdog underwater, I feel like a mindless zombie, I refuse to give up, I wouldn’t want to do that again, I’m through being a chump, Let the video games begin, Let’s boldly go where we’ve gone before, Let’s play, Now that I like for some reason, Oh snap, Oh, sorry, Okay dork, Okay hurry, let’s get it over with,  Shut up and take my money, We were canceled?
Questline: Good To Great
Outfits to date: Bachelor Fry, Robot Fry


Task Time Earns Location/Requires  Level
Eat Spontaneous Breakfast 1m  2 Outside 1
Pack-ey Sack 3m  3  Outside 1
Get Electrified 15m  5  Outside 1
Do The Hustle 30m 18  11  Outside 1
Buy Bachelor Chow 1hr 35  23  7^11 1
Get Wired On Free Coffee 1hr 35  23  Malfunctioning Eddie’s Rocket Car Emporium 1
Drink His Paycheck 2hrs 65  40 City Tower 5
Wash The Ship 2hrs 65  40  Planet Express Building 4
Play Fry’s Holophonor 2hrs 65  40  Outside with George Takei
Respect The Pecking Order 2hrs 135  85  Outside with Hyper Chicken 6
Buy Retro Junk 4hrs 95  60  Rook Takes Pawnshop 7
Get Robot Lap Dance 4hrs 95 60 Electric Ladyland 6
Play The Holophonor Poorly 4hrs 95  60  Outside 6
Take A Chariot Ride 4hrs 95  60  Outside with Pharoh Bender
Lounge In His Underwear 8hrs 155  105  Planet Express Building 4
Sleep In The Closet 8hrs 155  105  Robot Arm Apts 7
Walk And Hold Hands 8hrs 155  105   Outside with Leela

Note: Not all tasks may be available immediately, tasks that are available can change for many reasons. Such as your game progress, some require the character to be at a certain level, or require a building or another character. As well as these when Events are running you’ll see some temporary tasks appear.  Some of these may stick around even after the Event, whereas  others will disappear once the task is complete.

The same goes with drops, depending on what or who you’re working on unlocking some of the above tasks will have additional drops, again these drops will be temporary.


Fry, like all characters, will start at Level 1, and won’t automatically level up as you play the game, instead you need to manually level up your character, and you’ll do this using Chips. The two types of Chip you can use to level up Fry are the Delivery Chip and the Career Chip. If this all sounds a bit confusing don’t worry we’ll be covering Levelling Up and Career Chips in more detail in separate posts soon.

But to clarify, you need the specialised Delivery Chip and/or the Career Chip for Fry and the main way to get these is from completing Space Missions.


Class: Delivery Boy (This class allows a Character to inflict stronger damage on on one enemy during an attack).

Special Move: Single Critical Attack (This special move when used in Battle enables Fry to hit only one enemy but guarantees a Critical Strike).

What’s all that mean? It means as well as being useful on the above Tasks, Fry will be very useful, and at some points essential, for Missions, and what follows is his basic Battle Class statistics.

Why so basic with the Battle Class information, well we want to keep these profiles shorter than War and Peace and of course we’re going to cover Battle Class Statistics in more depth in separate posts, hopefully these will be up soon.

So here’s the Class Battle Stats for Fry’s Levels 1 to 5. However as I say a post covering all 25 levels is on its way.

Level  Health Point Attack Defense Speed
1 223 39 10 4
2 268 45 12 5
3 318 51 13 6
4 376 58 15 7
5 440 66 17 8

***Please be aware that although Fry is a Delivery Boy, his costumes may not be, for example Bachelor Fry is an Influencer, so keep this is mind when using and levelling up character costumes***

So there you have it, the break down of Fry and his tasks in FWOT! What do YOU think of Fry’s tasks? Any costumes you don’t have? Any you’d like to see? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

~ Russian Tigger


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