Quick Draw Event is LIVE!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to the west, the wild, wild spaced out west. A place where the Gunslingers are bullet proof and the tumbleweed is not your friend. So slip on your spurs and saddle up to join as we bring you all the facts about Quick Draw.


Questline – A Duel Between Fools
Video How-Tos with KC: Quick Draw Event Overview
Space Mission – Gunslinger
Space Mission – Wild Moon West
Space Mission – Straight Shot
Should I Sprnd Pizza On Crushinator
Ramblin Rodriguez – Profile Questline
Crushinator – Profile Questline
The Borax Kid – Profile Questline

*If a link isn’t live yet it’s because we’re still working to bring you that post, so don’t worry it’s coming soo, just keep checking back*


13th September 3pm PDT (That’s GMT-7)


The main Questline for this event is A Duel Between Fools.


Bullets (Always): Have Amy Cast Bullets, Have The Professor Cast Bullets, Have Scruff Cast Bullets, Get from the 7^11, Get from Malfunctioning Eddie’s Rocket Car Emporium, Get from Suicide Booth, Buy From Store

Tombstones (Chance): Get from Gunslinger Space Mission, Get from Wild Moon West Space Mission, Get from Straight Shot Space Mission


As with all events…a bunch of new items are in the store.

Rusty Rail ~ 100 Nixonbucks
Buying this brings The Borax Kid into your game for unlocking.

TGI Folkys: 20 Tombstones

Technology Lab: 58 Tombstones

Adrian Gulch Hotel: 80 Tombstones

11-Worth Variable Security Prison: 130 Tombstones

Hay Bales ~ 100 Nixonbucks

Water Tower ~ 1000 Nixonbucks

Rattlesnake ~ 500 Nixonbucks


Crushinator (Full character): 200 Pizza

Rambling Rodriquez (Outfit for Bender): You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking him at A Duel Between Fools Pt. 2.
3 Nano Plastic Cartridges (Common): Get from Technology Lab
4 Resonator Guitars (Uncommon): Get from TGI Folkys
6 Steel Driving Hammers (Rare): Get from The Rusty Rail
9 Harmonicas (Rare): Kif Leave Flowers For Amy, Fry Get Robot Lap Dance, Bender Plot A Heist, Crushinator Look For Love

The Borax Kid (Full Character): You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking him at A Duel Between Fools Pt. 1.
1 Clamp’s Clamp (Always): Get from Straight Shot Space Mission
4 String Ties (Uncommon): Get from Adrian’s Glitch Hotel
Task: Have Rambling Rodriquez Play For Tips 
Place 11-Worth Variable Security Prison 

12 Borax Flakes (Rare): URL Enforce Penal Code, Kit Retrieve Gross Personal Item From Zapp, Crushinator Take Up Space


When I saw this, a FREE try Mystery Box,  I thought I had been transported to another planet, one where TinyCo are generous beings. Packed full of quirky decorations this was a nice little treat, only downside is you need to engage your patience as you only get one try a day. I lucked out on my first try and got the Self Playing Piano, but there’s always tomorrow.

Here’s all the potential prizes we can win.

Little Rock Alien

Self Playing Piano

Chicken Of The Dirt Tunip Truck

Hydroponic Farm House

Hydroponic Barn


And we’re on our travels again, as this event brings us 3 new Space Missions to complete. All 3 are located on the Moon and will take some time to navigate, but you want to start working on completing them ASAP as they are where all the Tombstones are hidden.

So what new Missions await our motley crews.

Moon Mission 5: Gunslinger

For this Mission as long as you’ve got Fry unlocked and a Level 5 Character you’ll be able to start the Gunslinger Mission, however to complete it you’ll need a Delivery Boy Class Character of Level 13.

Moon Mission 6: Wild Moon West

For this Mission as long as you’ve got Fry and Rambling Rodriquez unlocked and a Level 8 Character you’ll be able to start the Wild Moon West Mission, however to complete it you’ll need a Robot Class Character of Level 17. You must complete this to unlock the 7th Moon Mission Straight Shot.

Moon Mission 7: Straight Shot

For this Mission I’m still in the dark, as I’ve still to unlock it. I’ll get you the basics on it as soon as I can as undertaking this is essential to getting the Clamp’s Clamp needed to unlock Borax The Kid.

Addict Tip: Like other Missions you can collect some resources simply by travelling along the paths, in these Missions that’s Tombstones, to technically you can travel along the Path, choosing skip at all the Duels and grab those Tombstones. If you do this in Gunslinger you’ll quickly get the some Tombstones to help you start getting buildings for unlock Rambling Rodriquez, as you need him to progress to the next mission.

If you look at the image below there’s 35 Tombstones available just for travelling the 3 paths, but remember you only get them the first time you take the path, they DO NOT repeat if you, eh, repeat the mission.


A new addition to the gameplay is Duelling. But it’s not as scary as it sounds, no one is going to get struck by a stray bullet, more likely they’ll be struck by a stray expletive when you Fail yet to win a Duel yet again.

So to keep it simple, see I’m trying Alissa, this is where you use all those bullets you’ve been gathering, as they are the currency you will use in these Interaction Duels. To be honest they are basically a play on the Mission Interactions we are used to. Only difference is they are optional, you can choose to Skip the Duel or you can pay 1 Bullet to take a shot at your Duel Opponent, in order to try win Tombstones. The amount of Tombstones depends on the Mission your on and the Path you choose, but in Gunslinger it’s between 1-3.

You do get Odds of Success, these vary, they can be as low as 20%, 30% or at their highest a 40% chance of Success. And I’ve been a complete Failure in these, so far I’ve only been successful twice when I’ve gambled when the odds were 40%.

The image below shows you the kind of options you will see, on the left you can spend 1 Bullet and Take A Shot, or on the right you can basically run for the hills by skipping the Duel. If an option is locked, like the centre option here, it’s because you don’t have that Character or Outfit unlocked or available.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the Quick Draw mini event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

30 thoughts on “Quick Draw Event is LIVE!!!

  1. It’s very doubtful I’m going to get the Borax kid. like others, I had a very very bad run at duel wins. even at 40% it was taking 5 bullets to win one encounter. I’m currently at 83 of 130 for the last building but i’m still missing Borax flakes and bow ties.

    If I get him before times up then great but I’m not going to waste pizza unlocking him because it’ll just mean another character walking round the park that I won’t do anything with.

    (Glad there’s a FWOT addicts site btw so massive thanks to Alissa and RussianTigger for sorting this 🙂 )


  2. These deadlines are so unrealistic (also, hello from Totbox :p ), not sure if it was going to have my old gravitar but this one seems BOX like so whatever


  3. Thanks for putting up the site! Very helpful.

    Borax Flakes drop rate is terrible. I went several days with only one drop from Kif & URL running constantly. The duel % also seems questionable.

    At this point, I’m only waiting for the Borax Flakes to get Borax Kid (I’m at 7/12). I have Rambling Rodriquez and the buildings, and I’ve finished all of the event moon missions. Is there any reason to keep collecting bullets and tombstones?


    1. Yep, that drop rate was terrible (it would be ok, if less rare items were needed, like in previous events (like 8 max). Not sure when event ends, so purchased last remaining box for 28 slices, just to be sure I get the character.


      1. I think it ends tomorrow, so we still have a little over a day left. I just need 1 more drop of flakes too; hope to get lucky in the next couple of hours, otherwise will keep trying after midnight, etc.


  4. I tried a 40% chance duel 5 times in a row and lost everyone so I’m just finishing character questlines now and ignoring the mini event as there is no other way to get tombstones. Pretty poor that the only way to advance is down to luck.


    1. I actually had a run of 21 losses in a row at 30% & 40% duels. How can that be possible? They either had a bug in the game or it doesn’t play fair. Thankfully things improved after that. I finished all the tombstones and buildings yesterday. Now just need the remaining borax flakes drops to unlock The Borox Kid.


  5. I’m happy that I didn’t spend my precious Pizza on the Crushinator.
    As I understand it, she doesn’t have a bullet giving task and the bullets has really been my biggest bottleneck


  6. I have not spend a single penny on this game … yet,
    but I have already unlooked Ramblin’ Rodriguez after that things seems to go very quickly.
    (his 10 procent higher change in duals really helps)
    Now I only need 32 more tombstones for building “11-Worth Variable-Security Prison” and waiting 42 mins for Ramblin’ Rodriguez to complete “Play for Tips” to unlock Borax Kid.
    So this event is durable for freemium players


  7. I don’t think any of us who play on Kindle Fire will be able to complete many events if we can’t spend money to speed everything up for a while seeing as how we didn’t get the game available in the Amazon Appstore until a month after it came out for everyone else. There seems to be simply too much to do to get characters to the right level and unlock enough special outfits in time for completing things as it stands.


    1. Yes. Think events will be tough for a while if you’re coming to the game after its original release date, but just level up characters as necessary, rather than blindly using resources. That’s my main advice, stock up those Hips then use them as needed only.


    1. Im on the fence, as there have already been a bunch of good ole TinyCo bugs – that hurt completion of events – with only one small attempt of an apology. And of course their schedule has been non-stop events, with only new paid characters helping events.


  8. So Happy to finally see a FWOT Addicts! Thanks! Also, when I saw the first Basic Event Mystery Box, I knew… One Mystery Box per Event, 2 or more per Episode!


  9. Hey, my strategy for doing duels is following – I take the lowest path (it gives 3 tombstones if duel is won). I use Leela. I go with the path, when chance is 20%, I skip the duel, if chance is 40%, I do it untill I win (sometimes immediately, sometimes I have to take up to 3 or 4 tries. Last stop, at Crushinator, chance is 30%, but reward 4 tombstones. If I still have bullets, I try till I get the tombstones. Average payout per mission is 19 tombstones. My Leela is on lvl 23, but I do not think that matters. Tried George Takei with similar results (lvl 18).


    1. Rambling Rodriguez costume adds 10% to the first try chance. Not much, but – well, next space map has 1, 2 or 4 tombstones reward in different routes, while lowest one has best reward, but also lowest chance to win – only 25%. But with Bender it was possible to get it, even if not on first try. Third map is basically just 6-8 steps simple route, with fight at the end with chance of hitting enemy 10%. Good I had enough bullets, Bender died in the fight, Leela had to try many times, used 20 bullets to kill the enemy. Happy it is not necessary to do that map more than once (getting clamps for unlocking the Borax kid.


      1. Nope, freemium. I started day one, managed to get all the free characters so far (even Pimparoo, George Takei). The rare drops are pain in the ……, currently trying to get items for Borax Kid – I am at 8/12 and last 3 tries neither Kif, nor URL dropped anything. Have rest of the items, but this I still miss. Not sure if I should use pizza to get the character (currently requires 112 slices, have saved up 92 slices so far, but intended them for some significant character, like Zap or Robot Devil (or Robot Santa at Christmas).


      2. OK, did not know when the mini-event ends (used to be 3 p.m. CET), so was missing one item for the Borax Kid, so purchased that for pizza slices (28) to have the character. Was not sure if event will stay for next 6 hours.


      3. Yeah I’m with you Brittany. I still haven’t got Leela, and it really seems the only way you could is if you were constantly running timers or logging in to make sure you waste 0 time completing tasks. I started on day 2 myself, and was hoping that maybe, just maybe TinyCo would do a better job here than Family Guy which I quit a long time ago for the very reasons I likely won’t keep long with Futurama, and would most certainly NEVER give these people money again. The RNGs they use are brutal, and I frequently miss characters in these micro events by hours or days depending.


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