Futurama News Flash – Radiorama

Good Evening Earthlings!!!

We have ways of making you read our News Broadcasts.  Just look into my eyes……

Today in the Futurama universe there’s been an interesting develo……..

*a loud crackling noise suddenly interrupts the briadcast*

Can you still hear me? I don’t think they can hear me anymore? God can anyone hear me? I really don’t get paid enough Pizza for this you know. Please tell me in Space someone can hear me scream at least!

Oh you can hear me, that’s good, then continue reading for our latest Futurama scoop!

Ok, so what came first the Hyper Chicken or the FWOT game? Neither of course it all started out with a TV show, a show so popular it got cancelled twice. Boom Boom.

And now after waiting what seems like a 1000 years since the last episode, Futurama fans will see their loyalty rewarded as a new double podcast episode is on the horizon.

Yes this FWOT tie-in podcast will see the original cast and writers back together again as Matt Groening’s Futurama is brought back to life once again.

Believe me you really don’t want to miss this, so head on over to futuramanow.com  where you will find the clock ticking down to this out of this world return.

And of course don’t forget you can continue to see sneak peaks about what’s to come in our games this week by simply opening the free Boronburg Mystery Box, which appears daily in our Stores.

*a loud crackling noise once again interrupts the broadcast*

Ok, I’m out of here, I quit! Those Earthlings who are still listening can take over this broadcast by sharing their thoughts in the comments. As for me, I’m off to O’Zorgnax’s where’s there a cool drink waiting for me. Over and Out!!!

~ Russian Tigger


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