Good News Everyone! New Futurama Episode!

Good News Everyone!  There’s a new episode of Futurama out today!

It’s only been teased in the game and on TinyCo sites for weeks now…so I’m sure you all already knew.  Heck we even talked about it earlier on this site…but if you’ve been living under a rock a pretty cool thing happened, the creators and voiced actors of Futurama got together to make a PODCAST (ie Audio only) version of Futurama!  1 new Double Episode of Futurama!  Pretty Cool!

So for those that want to take a listen, here it is….

I listened to it on my way into work this morning, it was awesome!   I know this really was just a big plug for FWOT Game, but this was great.  I really hope they’re able to do more of these!  It was a lot of fun to listen to and it made my 45-minute commute feel like nothing, which was nice.

And if you’d like more details about how this Podcast came to be, check out The Nerdist.

Did you take a listen?  What do you think of the audio only episode?  Do you hope they do more episodes like this? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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