Getting Experimental Event is LIVE!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to the lab, the Science lab. A place where the experiments are in full flow and if they go Boom it’s a job well done. So slip on your lab coat and join the madness as we bring you all the facts about Getting Experimental.


Questline – Hard Facts
Questline – Mad Science
Video How-Tos with KC
Space Mission – Head In The Game
Space Mission – Blind With Science
Space Mission – Class Is In Session
Space Mission – Formula For Success
Space Mission – Down To A Science
Space Mission – Over Your Head
Should I Spend Pizza On Stephen Hawking
Should I Spend Pizza On the Luke Skywalker Planatarium
Bill Nye – Profile Questline
Stephen Hawking – Profile Questline

*If a link isn’t live yet it’s because we’re still working to bring you that post, so don’t worry it’s coming soo, just keep checking back*


30th September 3pm PDT (That’s GMT-7)


The main Questline for this event is Hard Facts.

The Professor will start things off, and here’s the first three Parts to get you going:

Pt 1: Have Professor Tidy Up The Place (6s)
Have Fry Watch Old Science Videos (6s)

Pt 2: Build the Hypnowave Observatory – Comes with Bill Nye (cost Free, Built time 6secs)
Complete the Head In The Game Mission (new Space Mission on Mars)

Pt. 3 Have Bender Steal Diplomas (4h)
Have Amy Rock Nerd Chic (6h)


There is no Temporary Event currency.


As with all events…a bunch of new items are in the store.

The Academy Of Inventors ~ 300 Pizza (Comes with new Character Stephen Hawking)

Hypnowave Observatory ~ Free  (brings Bill Nye into your game for unlocking)

Luke Skywatcher Planetarium: 150 Pizza (Alwas drops 1x Fun Fact every 6 hours)


Stephen Hawking (Full character – Scientist): 300 Pizza (Always drops 1x Honorary Doctorate every 4 hours)

Bill Nye (Full character – Scientist): You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking him at Hard Facts Pt. 1
75 Bowties (Always): Head In The Game Space Mission to Mars
3 Blue Lab Coats (Uncommon):The Professor Switch Up HiscLook, Amy Rock ?Nerd Chic
6 Fun Facts (Rare): Electric Ladyland, Rook Takes Pawnshop, Luke Skywatcher Planetarium
10 Honorary Doctorates (Rare): Bender Steal Diplomas,Kif Get An Honorary Doctorate, Stephen Hawking Earn Another PhD


And we’re on our travels again, as this event brings us no less than 6 new Space Missions to complete. All are located on Mars and will unlock as you progress through the Main Questline. These will take some time to navigate, but you want to start working on them ASAP as the Head In Thr Game Mission is you will collect all the Bow Ties needed to unlock Bill Nye. Also in some Missions there will be decorations to collect, more on this in the various Mission posts to come.

So what new Missions await our motley crews.

Mars Mission 1: Head In The Game

Unlocks at Hard Facts Pt. 2

For this Mission as long as you’ve got a Level 5 Character unlocked you’ll be able to start the  Mission, however to 100% complete it you’ll need a Scientist Level 10.  The Mission comprises of Combats and is the only place to gather the Bowties needed to unlock Bill Nye.  Youll find them scattered along the Path and as a reward for killing certain enemies in Combat, namely Doubters, Deniers and Skeptics. You’ll need a lot of fuel, 106 to be precise, to 100% complete.

Mars Mission 6: Blind With Science

Unlocks at completion of Hard Facts Pt. 4 -100% Completion Reward 5 Pizza

Mars Mission 7: Class Is In Session

Unlocks at completion of Hard Facts Pt. 7 – Completion Reward Antique Spaceman Decoration & 5 Pizza

Mars Mission 8: Formula For Success

Unlocks at completion of Hard Facts Pt. 8 – Completion Reward Antique Spacecraft Decoration & 5 Pizza

Mars Mission 9: Down To A Science

Unlocks at Mad Science Pt. 1 – Completion Reward Giant Molecule Display Decoration & 5 Pizza

Mars Mission 10: Over Your Head

Unlocks at Mad Science Pt. 2 – Completion Reward Oversized Science Experiments Decoration & 5 Pizza

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the Getting Experimental  mini event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


26 thoughts on “Getting Experimental Event is LIVE!!!

  1. So in order to unlock Mars Mission 6 and “Hard Facts or 4” we need Bill Nye. And in order to unlock Bill Nye we need 16 Rare drops. If the drop rate is anything like the Borax Flakes, we’re in trouble.


    1. Yes, although looks like Mars Misdion 6 onwards have buildings/decorations as drops, nothing crucial. But in better news the rare drops have so far been kind to me, so I’ll cross fingers you get the same


    2. Yes, we are in trouble. Have had no drops so far for the item you need 6 off from a couple of the buildings, which have 8 hour cycles to make things worse.
      Still I will plod on & resist spending pizza slices.


    3. It’s not nearly that bad. There’s a whole week with (as far as we know) only this 1 guy to unlock. The fun facts were the slowest drops for me but I still got Bill Nye this morning so can now get cracking with those extra space missions (once Amy has finished her 4 hour task).


          1. Maybe I have been making the mistake & actually sleeping !!!
            The other items dropped ok, just those darn fun facts are being a pain. Still 3 to get.


        1. Yeah it should be big part of things but memory issues on lot devices have saw lack land etc. but there is still areas to be opened up here so fingers crossed we can build a little.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. 300 slices for Hawkins, that’s a bit steep.
    Also when are the game makers going to release that land ? It is now beyond a joke !!!


      1. Thank you, looks like I’m going to need it! I don’t yet have Kif cleared let alone recruited, that leaves me with only Bender to try and get those diplomas 😞 I’ve gotten one so far.
        At this rate it looks like Bill Nye will be the Bye Guy come sept. 27th!


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