Welcome To The Angry Dome

Greetings Angry Humans!!!

What The F…. Hey, hold on guys, let me finish. F is for Futurama. Just what on earth were you lot thinking?

Yes it’s a little know fact that in space no one can hear you swear!!! But that might be a little far to travel to let off some steam, so we thought we’d bring a little bit of space to you.

So here’s your very own Angry Dome, a place where you can go to vent about anything and everything, whether it be Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow related or not. Consider this your weekly therapy and let it all out with a good old holler of WHAT THE FUTURAMA?!

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting please!!!


8 thoughts on “Welcome To The Angry Dome

  1. I’ve been playing this game since about a week or 2 after it launched. The biggest problem I have with this game, is the reason I quit playing the Family Guy game. They need to focus more on the main game, and stop pumping out events every week. I have all the districts we can have right now, until they get around to unlocking the last 2, and I’ve run out of space long ago. After every event I have to store the useless decorations, and everything that doesn’t provide cash or XP. We have the artifact it would be nice to actually be able to open the district.


  2. Guess i am in no position to complain, since I just recently started playing the game. Currently level 10 and working on unlocking Kif.

    Naturally Kif could not help with the doctorates for Bill Nye yet. So far Bender on his own got four of the 10 I need. I really hope I can unlock Kif tomorrow morning, I need just one last drop for him. Would be great, if I could finish Bill, even if time for the event space missions will be very short.


  3. Currently getting annoyed at futile attempts to get ‘honorary doctorates’. Have been sending Bender and Kif on their tasks every 4 hours for 3 whole daus without them getting a single one. Ridiculous.


    1. Strangely I had no problems at all obtaining the doctorates ? As I said it’s the fun facts giving me the hump, still 2 to go.
      I might speed the tasks up with pizza from 8 hours to say 4 if needed.


    2. similar issue for me too – think i’ve had 1 drop in 3 days worth of collecting. Kif hasn’t dropped a single one for me, it’s always been from Bender. very very frustrating.


  4. The comment ” you have still to unlock the artifact “, makes me very angry, especially when I unlocked it weeks ago.
    Even more angry at the drop rate of the fun facts in this latest event. It is just stalling the whole quest for me.


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