Space Mission – Formula For Success

Greetings Space Cadets!!!

You need not fear us, we come in peace and only wish to supply you with information. And today’s out of this world mutterings concern Space Missions.

Space is quite literally the Futurama frontier, it’s where us Addicts boldly go to fight intergalactic villains and to gather resources. Want to know more? If so, join us after the fold.

So where are we off to today space raiders? Oh yes, you’d better buckle up cause we’re heading to Mars to take a closer look at the Formula For Success Mission. Please note this won’t unlock until you complete part 8 of the Hard Facts Questline.

Mission Name: Formula For Success
Mission Location: Mars
Objective: Turns Out Victory Is An Exact Science
Number of Paths: 4
Fuel Per Stop: 1
Total Fuel Required to complete all Paths: 116 (19 for Path 1, 29 for Path 2, 24 for Path 3 and 34 for Path 4)
Required Character: Bill Nye
Recommended Character Level: 8
Helpful Character/Level: Scientist Level 8 -Path 2Scientist Level 10 -Path 3 & Scientist Level 12 -Path 4
Maximum Crew: 5
First Time Reward For First Path Completion: 2 Giga Career Chip, 50 Hypnotons & 25XP
Repeatable Rewards for Completion: 2 Giga Career Chip, 25 Hypnotons & 15XP
One-Time Reward for 100% Completion: 5 Pizza & Antique Spacecraft
Combat Rewards: Nixonbucks & XP (varies by enemies you face)
Enemies: Martian Spider, Native Martian, Wild Bugallo, Space Pirate, Space Bees, Doubters, Deniers, Skeptics
Interaction Rewards: n/a
Artifact: n/a

The Formula For Success Mission has 4 Paths. We’ll simply call these Path 1, Path 2, Path 3 and Path 4. So now we’ve got that bit out-of-the-way let’s move forward and follow a path, or 4.

Addicts Tip: You only need to complete one path to complete Pt. 1 of the event Mini Questline, Mad Science. There is an Antique Spacecraft decoration & 5 Pizza for 100% completion. You only need to 100% complete this if you want those rewards.

Path 1

Path Stats
Stops: 19
Total Fuel Required: 19
Required character: None
Combats: 2
Interactions: 0

Rewards Stats
Path Rewards: None
Total Combat Rewards: 30 Nixonbucks & 10xp
Total Interaction Rewards: n/a
Path 1 Completion Reward: 2 Giga Career Chip, 25 Hypnotons & 10XP

Path 2

Path Stats
Stops: 29
Total Fuel Required: 29
Required character: Level 8 Scientist
Combats: 6
Interactions: 0

Rewards Stats
Path Rewards: None
Total Combat Rewards: 90 Nixonbucks & 30xp
Total Interaction Rewards: n/a
Path 1 Completion Reward: 2 Giga Career Chip, 25 Hypnotons & 10XP

Path 3

Path Stats
Stops: 24
Total Fuel Required: 24
Required character: Level 10 Scientist
Combats: 8
Interactions: 0

Rewards Stats
Path Rewards: None
Total Combat Rewards: 120 Nixonbucks & 40xp
Total Interaction Rewards: n/a
Path 1 Completion Reward: 2 Giga Career Chip, 25 Hypnotons & 10XP

Path 4

Path Stats
Stops: 34
Total Fuel Required: 34
Required character: Level 12 Scientist
Combats: 9
Interactions: 0

Rewards Stats
Path Rewards: None
Total Combat Rewards: 135 Nixonbucks & 45xp
Total Interaction Rewards: n/a
Path 1 Completion Reward: 2 Giga Career Chip, 25 Hypnotons & 10XP

And there you have it fellow space travellers, all the data on the Formula For Success Mission. Have you tried this Mission yet? Did you complete it or find it Mission impossible. Anything we missed or tips for fellow players? Tell us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

5 thoughts on “Space Mission – Formula For Success

  1. So 100% completition of mission 7 is Antique spacesuit, mission 8 is Antique spacecraft, mission 9 I suppose those molecules model and mission 10 lab table. Is there any mission you would suggest to concentrate on? Just went through mission 9 (only one path), out of dark matter – won’t be able to finish 100% of all 4 maps. Not going to pay pizza for fuel. Is there any reason to choose one of the items over the others? Generating cash or so? Or are all of them just decorations? Is there more pizza slices for 100% completion of mission 9 and 10? Any reward for 100% completion of all missions for this event?


    1. My fav out the 4 is the Giant Molecule Display from Mission 9. But all are decorations so if you can only complete 1 or 2 concentrate on the decorations you want most. There is nothing extra for getting all 4 that I e seen in my game, and all 100% completes offer the same amount of Pizza, 5.

      Mission 10 is tough, full post will be up in the morning but you’re going need that Level 22 Scientist to complete it, and other high level chararacter for the combats.

      Outwith the decorations, if you’re not really interested in any of them, then the other thing you may want is the Giga Career Chips, Mission 9 & 10 offer 9 of these for path completions, so if you want forget decorations and stockpile these I’d repeat Path 1 of Mission 9 as much as you can before the end of the event.

      Good luck in whatever path you choose to follow.


      1. Great, thank you. Just finished one mission of each (I always take the most demanding one – have Professor, Amy and Fry on lvl 25 (also Leela, Hermes, but those two not for this mission) plus managed to get Bill Nye to lvl 20. So even lvl 22 path was not big problem. Starting to complete 100% of each star map, managed to complete 3 paths in map 7 (remains one with 29 dark matter requirements). Have about 3/4 of towards hitting next level, so I hope to manage that to replenish my fuel till event ends. Will be able to complete 100% of 2 star maps, maybe 3 of 4.

        Thanks for the overview, I think I will choose first the map with lowest requirements for fuel to get free pizzas – do not care much about decorations, in fact majority of decorations just sit in my inventory with no place to place them (well, music band is placed, as well as G. Takei statue and Queen Bee statue).


        1. I think you’ve planned it well to grab up the Pizza. Hopefully get a Level Up refuel in as well to keep you moving through Thr paths.


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