End Of Event Poll – Getting Experimental

Greeting Radio Gagas!!!

I know it sometimes feels like the end of the world, but it’s really just the end of the event. Want to share how you did with your fellow humans? If so, join us after the fold.

Ah you decided to join us. Ok then, so what are you waiting for? Hurry and complete the poll below, before the next event hits and you don’t have time to scratch your a… ehm, chin, never  mind fill out our stupid polls. Go on, you know you want to!!!

Oh and if you can’t see the poll thank your lucky stars there isn’t a link to it HERE, oh wait there is, afraid there’s no escaping it.

And don’t forget you can tell us what you thought of the event in the comments as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


7 thoughts on “End Of Event Poll – Getting Experimental

  1. It took me too long to unlock Bill Nye so I wasn’t able to complete the final space mission. I had one more path to complete. If I’d managed my fuel a little better… Maybe I could have finished. I’m not sure.


  2. I waited tiil the last minute, then when it became clear I wasn’t going to have anywhere near enough degrees, I broke down and spent some ‘za so at least I’d end up with a new character out of the event.


  3. I got Bill with 48 hrs to spare and could do three more of the event missions. Sadly my rocketfuel didn’t refill soon enough, so I couldn’t get the higher amount of giga chips of the iirc second to last mission

    I unlocked Kif during the event. If I’ve had him from the start, i guess i could have finished all the missions.


    1. I didn’t even unlock him… I think they predicated unlocking him based on the player having both Kif and Bender to get the diplomas.


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