Entertainment District is Released!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Let us entertain you as we reveal to you the Entertainment District!!!.

Yes after what seems like 1000 years the Entertainment District beckons us, bringing with it the H. G. Blob, Labarbara and much, much more. If you want to see it all in your game then make sure you’re at Mutant Mayhem Pt. 7 and have collected the Earth Artifact. And remember it’s a District so no need to hurry, it’s not going anywhere!!! We’ll have posts on all the new content and Amazonia Space Missions soon.  


7 thoughts on “Entertainment District is Released!!!

  1. I did one path of the first new space mission and didn’t have enough fuel remaining to try a second one. This will take a while. 😁

    I’m more interested in getting an extra character for the space missions over getting new land.


    1. Is not costume for Amy, Labarbara, H.G.Blob and 4 space missions plus new land enough? I mean, you have to unlock all of them first, that will take a lot of effort.


      1. The missions themselves will be a lot of work, I agree I think there’s lots to do, especially for newer players who are still trying get up to speed.


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