Entertainment District Overview!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Let us entertain you as we reveal to you the Entertainment District, blobs and all. Yes after what seems like 1000 years in the making the Entertainment District beckons us, bringing with it the H. G. Blob, LaBarbara, Amazonian Amy and more.

First up the boring bit, yes that’s where we tell you what you need to do to be able to unlock this much-anticipated district. Ok so here’s the deal, you’ll need to complete the  Mutant Mayhem Questline, in doing this you will collect the Earth Artifact needed to reveal the district.


Questline – Amazonia Search Party
Video How-Tos with KC
Space Mission – No Place For Old Men
Space Mission – Unlock Your Wild Side
Space Mission – Jungle Fever
Space Mission – The Fermuter Of Oz
Should I Spend Pizza On
H.G. Blob – Profile Questline
La Barbara – Profile Questline
Amazonian Amy – Profile Questline

*If a link isn’t live yet it’s because we’re still working to bring you that post, so don’t worry it’s coming, just keep checking back*

Also worth a quick mention before I breakdown the content is that there’s some new land released and that characters and outfits can now be levelled up to 30.

But remember this is a District so there’s no need to hurry, it’s not going anywhere!!!


The main Questline for this district is Amazonian Search Party.

Hermes will start things off, and here’s the first part that will get you going:

Build The Neighbourhood Tower: Costs 90600 Nixonbucks and takes 8 hours to build (comes with LaBarbara for unlocking)
Recruit LaBarbara: Complete unlock requirements to bring LaBarbara into your game
Complete the mission No Planet For Old Men: Travel to Amazonia and complete any path on No Planet For Old Men mission. 


LaBarbara (Full character – Influencer): You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking her when you are tasked to build the Neighbourhood Tower, (90,600 Nixonbucks), at Amazonian Search Party Pt. 1.


7 Manwiches (Common): Get from Historic 20th Century Apartments, Hermes Limbo through Pneumatic Tubes
14 Hoop Earrings (Uncommon): Get from Alien Overlord & Taylor,  Diamonds are Forever, Giorgio Armonster – Clothing Store (12h)
14 Colorful Spandex Pants (Rare): URL Enforce Penal Code, Leela Spoil the Fun, Nightlife Amy Keep It Classy
14 Roller Skates (Rare): Leg Mutant Apply for Bellhop Position, The Professor Buy Scrap Parts, Cowboy Kif Sigh with an Accent

H.G. Blob (Full character – Delivery Boy):


8 Family Photos (Uncommon): Get  from H. G. Blob’s House
16 Tablet (Rare): Rook Takes Pawnshop, Family Brothers Pizza, Animal Clinic
16 Newspaper (Rare): Smitty Arrest Drunks, Kif Order Sarsaparilla, LaBarbara Call Barbados Slim
16 Planet Express Package (Rare):Leela Turn in Petty Criminals, Fry Lounge in His Underwear

Amazonian Amy (Costume – Captain): You will trigger the side Questline to start creating this outfit when you reach Amazonian Search Party Pt. 2.


5 Stilts (Common): Get from Amazonian Hut
15 Ripped Clothes (Uncommon): Hermes Give Sexual Harassment Training, Nightlife Amy Get Sloppy Drunk, LaBarbara Shake Her Batty
15 Face Paint (Uncommon): Hedonismbot Appreciate Fine Leather, Bender Steal the Free Mints, URL Use Excessive Force
15 Mini-Bone Hair Tye (Rare): Get from Food-O-Mat, Hacking Jack’s Fine Smokables, Big Apple Bank 


As with all districts there’s a bunch of buildings in the store.

Famous Original Ray’s Superior Court ~ 150

Eiffel Tower ~ 100

Crack Mansion ~ 150

Neighbourhood Tower ~ 90,600 (Comes with LaBarbara for unlocking)

Animal Clinic ~ 25,000 

Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium: 25,000 

NNY Dumbell Club Gym ~ 22,000 

Big Apple Bank ~ 20,000

Park N Craft Spacecraft Market ~ 102,800

Robot Wash ~ 20,000

Femputers Temple ~ 98,200

The Drollery Domicile ~ 95,000

Amazonian Hut ~ 107,600

H. G. Blobs House ~ 101,400


As well as the above buildings there’s some new decorations to pretty up New New York.

Smell O Scope ~ 75

Crack Vending Machine ~ 75

Amazonian Tiki Torch ~ 4,500

Amazonian Basketball Court ~ 34,000

Amazonian Palm Tree ~ 4,500

Amazonian Tree ~ 4,500

Amazonian Totem ~ 5,700 


And we’re on our travels again, as this Districts brings us no less than 4 new Space Missions to complete. All are located on the new planet Amazonia and these will unlock as you progress through the Main Questline. Be aware these these will take some time to navigate, they aren’t for the travel weary.  You’ll find more information on these in the Mission posts to come.

Also new to our space travel is that the 5th Crew Member slot is now unlocked. Meaning you can now send up to 5 Characters on Missions.

And here’s the new Missions that await our motley crews.

Amazonia Mission 1: No Planet For Old Men

Unlocks at Amazonian Search Party Pt. 1

Excuse the rough stitch of the Mission above, I’ll get a better done one when time permits. However this will get you started on Amazonia and give you an idea of what you’re facing if you want to 100% complete it. But don’t worry as long as you’ve got 5 high level Characters  you’ll be able to start the  Mission and complete a Path to move on in the main Questline, I chose  Path 1 as the simplest, but as I said try make sure you use characters that meet the recommended Level of at least 20 as the Amazonian enemies aren’t pushovers. To 100% complete it you’ll need Level 22 H. G. Blob and Level 21 Amazonian Amy.  The Mission comprises of Combats and Interactions and you’ll need a lot of fuel, 39 to complete Path 1 and 284 to to complete all paths.

Amazonia Mission 2: Unleash Your Wild Side

Unlocks at Amazonian Search Party Pt. 3

Amazonia Mission 3: Jungle Fever

Unlocks at Amazonian Search Party Pt. 6

Amazonia Mission 4: The Femputer Of Oz

Unlocks at Amazonian Search Party Pt. 7

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the Entertainment District.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


14 thoughts on “Entertainment District Overview!!!

  1. I’ve unlocked the Entertainment District and am trying to recruit HB Blob. The problem I have is that LaBarbara and her corresponding building is still locked. Am I misreading or missing something?


    1. Are you doing event missions on Chapek 9, if so they are very low on Hypnton payouts, you need do the standard missions that are constant, not the temporary event missions. However as the district isn’t timed I’d concentrate on the event for now if you’re enjoying it.


  2. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to take as long as they want to ‘get through’ the district, at least for those that started the game when it released. I’ll have LaBarbara unlocked shortly and clear to begin Blob. Pretty much just timer lengths as the Gate now. I realize games of this sort have to use that as a major tool but it’s also a bit silly because it means less time playing their game and more time simply waiting to play.


  3. So, what am I doing wrong? I can’t get the Amazonian Artifact! I don’t have LaBarbara or the blob yet; do I need them? Do I need a crew of entirely women? Do I need squishy man for snu-snu?


    1. The Amazonian Artifact is in the 4th Space Mission, for which you need to be at Pt. 7 of Amazonian Search Party and have Amazonian Amy unlocked. You’ve got quite a lot to do before you get your hands on the Artifact. But no rush, it’s a district, not a timed event


        1. To complete Pt 1 you only need to complete one path on the first Amazonian Space Mission, no Planet For Old Men.


  4. I just finished mission to unlock leela and got artefact to unlock entertainment district. But first i need to clear all the fields.
    im playing since start and going easy, i guess iv hit tbe perfect tempo 😁


  5. Thank you for the rundown, especially the map, which looks like it was probably a pain to assemble.

    Did anyone notice an in-game announcement or anything letting us know the new district was available? I only found out it had been unlocked because I occasionally tapped on it to check. (I usually clear the announcement screens before they finish loading, so I could have easily missed something.)

    While I’m not a fan of of the huge number of Bender outfits (especially given the costs to level them up to useability), I’m actually looking forward to Amy’s Amazonian outfit. It’s nicely distinct, visually speaking, and it made enough of an impression on me when I first saw the episode that I still remember it.


  6. For those complaining about high lvl requirement for the space missions, lot of fuel needed – this is end-game content, so not for beginners. They opened entertainment district nearly 3 months after the last one (not sure if Leela came with the start of the game in July or if she was added later – when I got to her, she was already in the game), so it should last till they open next one. So go slowly. Same with characters unlocking – this is not weekend event, it should last at least few weeks. I already have 82 max fuel, so I can do the first space mission twice a full tank. It is a lot, but what do you expect from the highest level content? I would not expect less than lvl 20-22 missions for lvl 25 characters.


    1. Yes a big jump in costs for buildings but there is no rush. Bear in mind there will be an update very soon, possibly tomorrow, bringing another event. So keep some game cash for this.

      Liked by 1 person

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