It’s almost time for HELLoween

Good Evening Devil Worshipers!!!

Looks like we’re going to be dancing with the Robot Devil in this upcoming hellish new event!!! So keep your eyes peeled for a frightful update hitting your game soon!!!

And renember we’ll be back with details of all the thrills and chills in store as soon as the event goes live. 


10 thoughts on “It’s almost time for HELLoween

  1. Now downloaded, how does it start? It says to unlock Central Park to access event, but have this already and can’t seem to get anything to go live?


  2. Wait… In the picture how does Fry have the Robot Devil’s hands but the Robot Devil has them too instead of Fry’s hands? 😛


    1. Idle hands are the work of the devil, that’s my theory. We’ll never have that issue as we’re tapping 24/7


  3. I am ready. Especially since this year’s TSTO Halloween is a complete dud imo, I’ll fully devote myself to the Robot Devil.


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