Halloween Update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

Good Evening Devil Worshipers!!!

Looks like we’re going to be dancing with the Robot Devil very soon….

Yes, the Halloween event update is hitting App stores as I type. I’m currently seeing it on IOS and Android, so check out your stores. You’re looking for App version 1.4.3. However please note the event is NOT yet live, but it will be soon. So you’ve still got time to grab a one way ticket out-of-town before hell and it’s minions descends upon us.

So grab yourself an update and come back and join us in the live post when the event hits if you’re brave enough.

~ Russian Tigger

42 thoughts on “Halloween Update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

  1. Finally. I love the improvements. Finally you can cancel the mission of character and store the NPC (them roaming in my town influenced badly the performance). Just not sure if I should store the Pimparoo and animals, as it asks me if I want to store Anti-human patrol. I think the performance also improved, the game does not crash so often now.

    When clicking on OK on Fry screen, wait. It took about 4 minutes for my game to load.


      1. Yes, its Drill freezing i cannot play 😦 the robot hell advice appears and the screen behind slowly turns black but nothing happen the game just freezes, im already desperated i want to get my gipsy robot and play event 😦
        Someone knows how to fix it?


          1. Yes it is, ive already re installed and have a lil heart atack while trying to recover my game (to load the saved game you have to play the tutorial), do you think they are going to fix this? ive send a message to tiny co but no replys yet.


              1. Sure friend, i play on a lanix Ilum1200 with andorid 5.1 Lollipop.
                Please, if you have anything to say about this tell me, ill be aware. Thanks 🙂


  2. If there is a time delay before the event actually starts even though you downloaded, I think they should have a timer counting down to the beginning, so people can plan accordingly. The constant wondering if it has begun and I’m missing it or being afraid to send people on long tasks is annoying.


    1. Countdown timer would be fun, but it would need to be based on a set release time, which with mobile apps is a little hit it miss.


    1. It’s actually a good thing to get update out as early as possible in order all the app stores have it available before event goes live. As we’ve seen in other games players on one platform starting an event whilst others don’t have the update yet. I’d also prefer the event didn’t go live until everything is tickety-boo so we have fun rather than issues. Hopefully it will be worth the wait….

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    2. can’t complain, it gave me more time to finish unlocking some of the recent additions… just got labarbara, still working on hg blob. i get that these will always be around, but knowing we’ll have to focus on the upcoming event(s), it’s not a bad thing to get a bit of extra time to bang it out now.

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