Should I Spend Pizza? Blatherbot

Hello Humans!!!

Head spinning with all the intergalactic trade that’s going on in FWOT? Pizza burning a whole in your pocket whenever a new premium item falls from the skies into our stores?

Yes, the temptation with games like FWOT is just to buy, buy, buy!!! But do this and before you know it you’ll be sitting counting the costs as your Pizza will disappear faster than Fry when there’s work yo be done!!! So we’re here to help you decide what’s worth spending your precious Pizza on,  and what’s not as its just plain old space junk. Today we’re going to talk about Blatherbot.


Character: Blatherbot
Pizza Cost: 250 
Class: Robot
Questline: Blather Mouth
Earns: Nixonbucks & xp – amount varies by task
Drops: “Have Blatherbot Drink Tea” task (4hrs) always drops 1x Gasoline
Voiced: Yes, but badly at the moment
Building: League Of Robots
Building Earns: 25  and 2  every 2hrs
Building Drops: None

Release Details: Limited Time Release as part of the Robot Hell On Earth event. Only available until the end of the event. So this will be leaving our stores on 8th November 3pm PDT (That’s GMT-7)

Futurama Facts: Blatherbot is the oldest living member of The League Of Robots, and has appeared in 2 of the direct 2 DVD Futurama films, The Beast With A Billion Backs & Into The Wild Green Yonder


  • Comes with questline
  • Drops 1x Gasoline every 4 hours, that’s a potential 6 Gasoline every 24 hours
  • Can clear Incubots who have Terrified Citizens (takes 6 hours)
  • Will help you create more Fire Bombs with His Gasoline drop
  • 3 animated tasks
  • He’s the elder statesman of the Robot world
  • Comes with League Of Robots building which drops 2 Robot Souls every 2 hours


  • 250 Pizza is a lot to pay for a somewhat minor character from the show
  • Reliant on drops of other bomb materials to use Gasoline
  • Character needs to be levelled up to access some tasks
  • Voiced badly – however this will likely be fixed

Final Thought:

So with the above in mind Would I Buy? Well here’s my thoughts…..

If I were playing Premium: Well if you’ve more Pizza lying around than your local Dominos I’d say you should pause before you buy. Yes he’s a Robot royalty, and that might sway you towards buying him as part of your character collection. If tats case, go for it. On the other hand I’d your considering buying him for his event usefulness, well his drop is Gasoline and I’m finding that the easiest of the bomb supplies to gather. It’s the same with his ability to clear the Incubkts terrorising citizens, the 25 Robot Souls that drop will come in handy but again the other item is Gasoline. If only he’d dropped fuses & wires, especially wires as they are in short supply in my game.

If I were playing Freemium: I’d save your Pizza as I think at 250 Pizza there are better Characters out there and some may appear in the store for you to snap up in further Phases of this event. You’ll also get enough Gasoline elsewhere, as I say it’s wires that seem to be the hold up for me.

Of course, in the end, it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do… But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before he leaves our games for good, (or at least for now, I’m sure with him being a Robot he’ll be back, one day).

What are your thoughts on Blatherbot? Will you be spending Pizza to bring him to New New York? Did you buy him already? If so, why? If no, then why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

~ Russian Tigger

2 thoughts on “Should I Spend Pizza? Blatherbot

  1. Blatherbot is one of only two characters able to rescue Terrified Citizens, which start showing up after you finish Devilish Deals part 5 (triggered after you finish Robot Gypsy and have placed the Ice Cream Shop). It’s probably his biggest selling point, though not one that is immediately obvious. Figured you might want that in your data there someplace. 😀


    1. I thought I had added it in, but obviously I had not, doh!!! Thanks a lot for that Will and for the chuckles your videos give me 😀😀😀


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