Futurama Thoughts, with a sprinkling of Quest For Stuff & Tapped Out on top!!!

So after a long time in the promoting,  Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, (FWOT), finally hit our App stores at the end of June, and now there’s an Addicts site devoted to it I thought I’d do a little post now and then where we could discuss  not only the latest goings on at Futurama, but also FGQFS and Tapped Out (TSTO).

As I previously admitted, I decided I needed even more madness in my life and am now playing all 3 games. It’s like a full-time job with a lot of unpaid overtime expected.

So what are my thoughts on the 3 games just now. Well they are all frightfully ghoulish as something wicked this way has come as Halloween has finally made an appearance. Yes al 3 games launched their much-anticipated Halloween events this week.

And just what thrills and chills have they brought us?

Well over in Quahog,FGQFS is giving us all the jeepers creepers as Hannibal Lecter has come to town, and he’s invited a few friends to join him for dinner in A Very Griffin Holo-ween. Just for starters there’s Buffalo Bill, Axeman Peter and we’re even getting a helping of Texas Chainsaw as we use them to deal with some Zombies that have stumbled into town. And with more to come I’m hoping I’m not left a few body parts down come the main course.

TSTO has gone the opposite route to Halloween and decided to put the magic back in our life’s with its more genteel spooky event, here the monsters are so tame even kids can banish them. Yes THOH XXVII is based around magical characters, such as Angelica Button, and mythical creatures such as Wiggop. But i think we’re quite safe to wander our Springfields this Halloween, as it’s more a case of who ate all the donuts rather than who ate all the town citizens.

And over at FWOT we find ourselves in a level of hell that not even Dante could have imagined. We’re dancing with the devil, the robot devil, whilst our citizens are terrified by Robot Incubots, and the only escape is to head into Space to a dead planet. Yes the Halloween event in FWOT really is too hot to handle as we find ourselves in Robot Hell On Earth. 

So there’s plenty to keep us out of trick or treating mischief there eh? But are they a gore fest or a snore fest?

Well I’m enjoying FGQFS so much I’ve opened a nice bottle of Chianti to toast yet another fun Halloween in Quahog. More epic horror movie characters to roam in the psychopath playground in my town, and some new twists on gameplay. It’s looking positively frightful. So it gets a gore fest thumbs up from me.

Over at TSTO I’m wishing I had my own magic powers in order to make these 3 Act events disappear, this tired formula is what’s turning this event into a hellish nightmare rather than the new scary content. It feels like Groundhog Day, only the groundhogs even given up and gone home. But I am enjoying the mythical beasts element, but for me the magic was gone before it ever really started, and I don’t think Harry Potter himself could save it, never mind Angelica Button. However I’m addicted so I’ll play, it’s easy so takes no great effort, but sadly this event is getting a snore fest rating from me.

And over in FWOT, well so far I’m finding this a devilish delight. We’re going to wander through robot hell and hopefully dance with the Robot Devil. Sounds like just the thing to keep my idle hands busy. Throw in a Space Mission to a dead planet, fire bombs, Villian Class and Devilish Fry, and this event is shaping up to be a definite gore fest.

But it’s still early days as we’re only a few days into 3 events that will run for over a month, so plenty of time for EA and TinyCo to have a few tricks or treats up their sleeves that will lead to more spooktacular content in our games. But on the early content, how do I rate my 3 favourite games. Well there’s been a change since my last post, as FGQFS has returned to top spot, however FWOT is a very close second, but TSTO stays in third, it just can’t seem to get off the bottom spot.

But that’s just my evil thoughts, now I want to hear yours, but only if you think they are safe enough broadcast on a public forum.  Oh and Brooders if you’re reading this we got Zombie Pirates over in Quahog.

~ Russian Tigger


28 thoughts on “Futurama Thoughts, with a sprinkling of Quest For Stuff & Tapped Out on top!!!

  1. I love TSTO and it’s my favorite for sure. I actually like this event but it seems I’m in the minority 🙂

    I’m also playing FWOT and am enjoying that event too. I quit FGQFS awhile ago.


  2. I don’t like FGQFS but play TSTO and FWOT and am enjoying both. However I am getting tired of how horribly long TSTO events are. I got the unicorn this morning and will only play to set everyone on capture or enchantment jobs. And of course to work through the quest lines. This time of year is usually steady till the end of January. Is that really necessary EA? I just learned about stranger things the game and may start playing that one.


                    1. Maybe I’d need be there in person for my lucky streak to transfer to you. I was hoping you’d go on an Agent Cooper winning run 😀😀😀


  3. I hope to be enjoying FWOT again shortly as it is now unplayable for me. Can’t place 5 trees for LaBarbara without the game crashing. I’ve only managed to place 2, on separate days between 20+ attempts. Even scrolling the map trying to collect cash crashes for me. Hopefully my new incoming tablet will sort things out.


    1. Some things I found by experiment that can help (a bit) with the crashing issue: 1. Exit and restart the game immediately before and after attempting to place an item. 2. Zoom into the area before placing the item. 3. Place item as close to Planet Express as possible, to minimise scrolling. 4. If possible move other items away from Planet Express too.

      In the end, I had to give up using my tablet to do this and for now use an emulator instead (koplayer). What’s a good tablet to buy for playing these games? Preferably not an iPad. I’d like to buy something cheap! lol


      1. I was playing on a nexus 10. FG runs fine although I did to change to low res mode (or whatever it’s called). Now I have an iPad.


  4. A Cancel Task Button??!!??!! 😳 Take my money! That’s almost enough to make me start playing FWOT again! 😊 But for now I will just keep on playing TQFS, and hope that feature gets migrated over eventually. Lemme go check. 😉


    1. Lol, that would be good. I think TinyCo are trying to learn from where they went wrong in QFS and that’s good to see. Although it’s a tough game I’m enjoying FWOT more and more


  5. Yes as far as I am concerned the WOT Halloween event totally smashed the lame excuse of an event at TSTO.
    Shame really how TSTO has declined recently. We keep saying the next update will be better but sadly this never happens.


  6. Currently playing Halloween events in TSTO and FWOT, dropped FGQFS long time ago.

    TSTO’s extremely repetitive template of 3acts/crafting/4hr cycles grinding for over a month has become a real drag. And now even the crafting is mostly about items they released before and are unique, so lots of people can’t even get them. I am just on cruise control and farming donuts. Can’t say I enjoy the event.

    FWOT is new, so it’s easy to be excited about it. Also my first long FWOT event, just started a few weeks ago. I used to play FGQFS, so I am familiar with the gameplay. The RNG drop rate frustration will decide, how I will keep playing I guess. For now, I am stuck waiting for fuses for the fire bombs, a common drop I have four sources atm and not one building dropped any. I know this will all work out in the end, but in FGQFS this had turned into such a time wasting mess during long events, giving me headaches, that I dropped that game. Hope FWOT won’t go down the same path.


  7. Hey, HappyTapper over from TSTOAddicts – found this post interested and wanted to give my verdict …
    I personally don’t like FGQFS so unfortunately didn’t like FWOT because of the similarities but I do LOVE TSTO and maybe that comes from a love of the show and my enjoyment of imagining events and updates.
    An Angelica Button/Magic event is an event that I’ve wanted for ages and have rewatched magical episodes to come up with ideas on how an Angelica Button event could happen so on hearing the speculation of a Magical Halloween I instantly got REALLY excited.
    The update came and I looked at the spoilers and all the items that I once wished for a magical update are now in this Halloween so of course I was excited.
    The beast element was awesome in my opinion but now that a week has passed I can see past the magical content, step back and say “This is NOT Halloween”, it would have made an awesome update but not as Halloween. Where is the spookiness, the gore and more of the classic content?
    People saying that this is a stretched event when it comes to come, I disagree with because I’ve wanted all this content for ages BUT not for Halloween!
    Luckily I much prefer Christmas to Halloween so am not angrily disappointed with this event and am going to try and be happy with this content that I’ve wanted and have fun designing my town.
    Sorry for the TSTO perspective but seeing the gore and coolness in FWOT and FGQFS and definitely tempted me to go back 😂


    1. Hey Happer, always happy see you in the comments. Yes FWOT has many similar elements to FGQFS but there’s also improvements and new game play AND just this week they gave us something all players over all 3 games have been asking for, a cancel task button. Woo Hoo.

      I’m glad you’re getting the content you’ve wanted, I felt same when Oz came to Quahig so I get what you’re saying exactly. And I’m always happy when players get their dream content. Enjoy it my friend.

      And don’t worry I’ll be playing TSTO until the day it goes to tapping cloud in the sky. Just cause it has got mundane doesn’t mean I dislike it, I’m just hoping it finds a better prize track to follow next event.

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