Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Event Second Wave is LIVE!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to a whole new level of hell. Where the robots are bad right down to their nuts…. and bolts. Where it’s getting hot in the city where the Incubots roam. So feel free to hide in your closet as you read this, as we’re going t bring you all the frightful facts about Episode 2 – Robot Hell On Earth.


Please click HERE to be taken to the Event Page where you’ll find links to all the posts related to the Robot Hell on Earth event.


The App Version that brings the new content is still 1.4.3.


8th November 3pm PDT (That’s GMT-7)


The main Questline for this event is Cost Of Greed

However there’s part Questline 10 of Devilish Deals to complete before this Triggers,  This consists of :

Have Devilish Fry Do Hand Puppets: 6s
Have Bender Propose A Deal 6s
Clear 5 Robot Incubots

Once you complete the above you will trigger the main Questline Cost Of Greed

Cost Of Greed Pt. 1

Have Robot Gypsy Foretell Grim Tales: 5hrs
Have URL Write Some Tickets: 2hrs

Cost Of Greed Pt. 2

Place Billionairebot’s Mansion: Costs 250 Lost Souls & 20 Incubot Metal
Place The Welcome To Atlantic City Sign: Costs 100 Lost Souls & 2 Incubot Metal
Have Amy Hide From The Incubots: 8hrs

Cost Of Greed Pt. 3

Create 10 Thunder Bombs
Start Mission Ahead Of The Game
Defeat 4 Robot Moths In Combat


The main event currency is Robot Souls, and you can get these from:

Robot Souls (Always): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, The Inferno, Complete Questline Parts, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

The other essential materials are:

Robot Moth Metal (Uncommon): Chapek 9 Space Mission – Ahead Of The Game

Incubot Metal (Uncommon): Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Batteries (Always): Defeat Robot Moths, Bilionairebots Mansion, Ghost Calculun Raise His Glass, Thermaoelectric Pelters

Gasoline (Rare): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Fuses (Common): Food-O-Matic, Avenue Hotel, Modest Business Building, New New York Plaza

Wires (Uncommon): Defeat Incubots


 Ghost Calculon (Outfit for Calculon – Robot): Task to drop 1 Battery every 6 hours, can clear Robot Moths  – Costs 160 (requires purchasing premium character Calculon if you’ve not got him already)

Billionairebot (Full character – Robot): Comes with Billionairebot Mansion, can clear Robot Mothd. You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking him at Cost of Greed Pt. 1

12 Fancy Watch (Common): Collect from Thermoelectric Pelters
6 Diamond Ring (Uncommon): Collect from Traveling Caravan, Collect from Ice Cream Stand
4 Pipe (Rare): Collect from Carnival Tent, Collect from Hard Times Casino
6 Brandy (Rare):

Off Duty URL (Outfit – Delivery Boy): You will see this outfit appear in the Outfit-O-Matic to start unlocking when you start Cost Of Greed Questline. Can clar Robot Moths.

8 Lighters (Uncommon): Get from the Purple Spiral Scraper
4 Flash (Uncommon):Get from the Dollar Sign Building
3 Pocket Knife (Rare): Get from Carnival Tent, Hard Times Casino
4 Keys (Rare): Get from Billionairebot Mansion


As with all events there’s some new items in the store.

Gargoyle Mystery Box (more details below)~ 120 per try

Thunder Bombmaker (drops 2x Thunder Bombs & 4x Robot Souls every 6hrs) ~ 150


This is the first Mystery Box of this event and the prizes you can win are as follows:

Ode to Sisyphus (Animated decoration)
Pit of Hell (Animated decoration)
Atlantic City Roller Coaster – Drops 55 Nixonbucks & 35xp every 4 hrs
Reckless Ted Stomach Spinner – Drops 75 Nixonbucks & 50xp every 6 hrs
Robo Puppy (Walking decoration)
Nannybot (Walking decoration)
600 Robot Souls
6 Fire Bombs
6 Thunder Bombs
4 Health Packs
3 Revive Packs
2 Peta Career Chips


Ok, how do you deal with Enemies in space? Well with a Bombs of course, and here’s where you’ll make them.

But first you’ll need to gather the resources for the 2 types of Bombs currently in use.

To create 3 Fire Bombs you need 1x Gasoline, 1x Wire & 1x Fuse. Takes 2 hours.

To create 2 of the new Thunder Bombs you’ll need 2x Batteries, 1x Wire & 1x Fuse. Takes 1 hour30 minutes.

Once you have the necessary resources you can select the type of Bomb you want at the top of the screen, a yellow box will show the bomb type you’ve selected, then simply tap “Create” to start building your Bombs, you can build up to 6 batches in your queuing system. Please note you can only hold a maximum of 50 Bombs in your inventory at any time, but I don’t see that being an issue for any of us.

Batteries (Always): Defeat Robot Moths, Bilionairebots Mansion, Ghost Calculun Raise His Glass, Thermaoelectric Pelters

Gasoline (Rare): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Fuses (Common): Food-O-Matic, Avenue Hotel, Modest Business Building, New New York Plaza

Wires (Uncommon): Defeat Incubots


Here is where you will trade Materials you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during the Second Wave…. Please note I’m still pulling unlock costs and will update this ASAP.

Billionairebot’s Mansion (comes with Billionaire Bot): 70xp & 6 Robot Souls every 10hrs, Always drops 3 Batteries, chance drop of 2 Fancy Watches, 1 Key
Cost~ 250 Robot Souls & 20 Incubot Metal

Atlantic City Billboard: No drops
Cost~ 100 Robot Souls & 2 Incubot Metal

Thermoelectric Pelters:  35xp & 3 Robot Souls every 4hrs, Always drops 3 Batteries, chance drop of 2 Fancy Watches, 2 Brandy
Cost~ 100 Robot Souls, 5 Incubot Metal & 9 Moth Metal

Gear Of Robot Hell: No drops
Cost~ 25 Robot Souls & 3 Moth Metal

Gear Of Robot Hell: No drops
Cost~ 50 Robot Souls & 3 Moth Metal

Gear Of Robot Hell: No drops
Cost~ 75 Robot Souls & 3 Moth Metal

Purple Spiralscraper: 35xp & 3 Robot Souls every 4hrs, Chance drop of 2 Lighters
Cost~ 275 Robot Souls & 20 Moth Metal

Dollar Sign Building: 50xp & 4 Robot Souls every 6hrs, Chance drop of 2 Flasks
Cost~ 325 Robot Souls, 4 Incubot Metal & 25 Moth Metal

Robot Hell Pillar: No drops
Cost~ 50 Robot Souls & 3 Moth Metal

Robot Hell Pillar: No drops
Cost~ 75 Robot Souls & 3 Moth Metal

Robot Hell Pillar: No drops
Cost~ 100 Robot Souls & 3 Moth Metal

Electrocuted Robot:
Cost ~ 325 Robot Souls, 10 Incubot Metal & 30 Moth Metal


You will see Metal Moths on your sidewalks once you reach Pt 3 of the main Questline and you need to put a Character on a task to clear them. There are only 2 Characters that can do this, Billionairebot and Ghost Calculon. Simply tap on a Metal Moth, and you’ll bring up the attack screen. On this screen you’ll see the heart Power of the Metal Moth, and the Characters you can use to take the heart Power to 0. Metal Moths have 20 Heart Power so either neither Character can clear them in one task if they are Level 1, you will need to Level them up to increase the damage they can do. For example you’ll need Ghost Calculon at Level 15 to be able to do 20 damage in one task. So be prepared for this to take time. It takes 6 hours for the task to complete and as I said you’ll need to do the task twice to reduce a Metal Moth’s health to 0 until you’ve levelled up your characters.

The rewards you get for clearing them are as follows:

1 Battery (Always)
25 Robot Souls (Always)
3xp (Always)


And we’re on our travels again, as this first week of the event brings us 1 new Space Mission to complete. It’s located on Chapek 9 and will unlock as you progress through the Main Questline. This mission will take some time to navigate but you can’t ignore it forever as it’s the source of the Metal Moth you’ll need to progress.

Now here’s the basic information you’ll need to plot your way through the many paths in this Space Misdion, but remembe ber you’ll find a Snapshot guide to the easiest path HERE.

Mission Name: Ahead Of The Game
Mission Location: Chapek 9
Objective: Our Money’s On You
Number of Paths: 13
Fuel Per Stop: 1
Total Fuel Required to complete all Paths: Approx 700 – Ouch
Required Character: None
Recommended Character Level: Level 9
Helpful Character/Class for Paths: Billionaire Bot L10, Plain Clothes URL L8, Delivery L20, Influencer L17, Robot Devil L20, Villain L25
Helpful Character/Class for Interactions: Scientist 10, Robot 10, Delivery Boy 10
Maximum Crew: 5
First Time Path Completion Rewards: 2 Giga Career Chip, 5 Pizza, 36 Robot Souls
Repeat Path Completion Rewards: 2 Giga Career Chip, 5 Hypnotons, 9 Robot Souls
One-Time Reward for 100% Completion: 25 Pizza, 45 Robot Souls
Combat Rewards: 1 Incubot Metal per Incubot defeated, 1 Moth Metal per Robot Moth defeated & 5 Robot Souls per Combat (occasionally I received 10 Robot Souls)
Enemies: Anti-Human Patrol, Chapek Guards, Chapek Robots, Robot Elders, Incubots & Robot Moths
Interaction Rewards: X & Career Chips
xp Per Node: 4
Artifact: n/a

As you can see above Ahead Of The Game is a complex maze of Paths that resembles a Devils head. Many of the paths require unlocking with a high level Character and/or Class and trying to complete the mission 100% is not for the faint hearted, but for those crazy enough to try here’s how I’ve plotted my paths to attempt it. Remember this is just my plan, you can of course follow a different path.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the second wave of Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re frightfully excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

23 thoughts on “Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Event Second Wave is LIVE!!!

  1. Just curious if I’m alone on this on not, but I haven’t played the game since Day 1 of the event due to an unresolved bug in the game that I got soon after starting the event. It’s Scruffy with the following error “Error: Empty id in T* Bpc::ConfigObjectFactory::newObjectForId(const KeyType&) const [with T = Bpc::FUPlaceable; KeyType = std::basic_string]”
    I’ve sent a ticket in, I’ve reinstalled the game, but I’ve only ever gotten an-auto response of we’re working on it and you have a tried reinstalling it (even though in my message I clearly state that I’ve already tried it several times).


      1. I appreciate the offer to help. Would be disappointing to completely miss the event, especially since there’s no guarantee of being given a second chance at the characters made available during the event.


        1. Hi Seth

          This is an issue TinyCo are looking at but they’ve told me it affects Android devices with very low available RAM at the time of the crash (they recommend at least 1GB for an Android device, as the OS occupies a large % of the RAM). They suggest you restart your phone, employ a task killer, or manually make sure that there are no background processes. Pay attention to both Facebook and Snapchat if you have them as these run in the background. Then try loading game. Let me know if this helps.


          1. Thought I’d follow up since you were helpful in trying to figure out the problem. I’ve been running on a Galaxy s8 with no problems until this event. I actually started it (ran the first couple 6 second tasks), but when I came back had the error, and it never went away. I have a task killer, forced closed everything, and confirmed I have more than 1GB of free RAM too. With the latest google play update that came out Wednesday night, I have been able to play, so it looks like that included a fix. My new problem is the fact that there is no way in robot hell that I can get through all of the waves in time to earn all of the free characters. I’ve been playing pretty hardcore since I got in. I’ve got all the wave one prizes, robot gypsy, and will be on the last task in a couple hours, but will still suffer from the typical tinyco bottleneck issues (i.e. I have no opera glasses for devilish fry even though it’s a drop every 3 hours, and I’ve had the building since Thursday night, so I’m 0 for a lot). I have over 500 in pizza, but I’m not spending it to rush jobs when I’m behind because of technical issue that was not my doing. I have reached out to tinyco once so far since I got back in the game trying to subtly request help in catching up but have not heard back. I mean, I see that Roberto is available in wave 4, but I have no chance of getting him with out tinyco’s help. So I’m curious to see what they do.


  2. I’m only just starting the 2nd wave now due to the slow drops in obtaining fry, so will be well behind. Looks good fun though !!!


  3. Had to drop 300 pizza on devilish fry because the casino refused t drop anything, nor the ice crram stand. Now i wonder if thry fixed that for billionaire.


  4. Hi guys,
    I have a really dumb question. Has to be dumb since no one asked it before.
    But i’m completely stuck. So appreciate your comments.
    To unlock BillionaireBot, I need Fancy Watches, which you get from the Thermoelectric Pelters, which you need 9 Moth Metal to build, which you get from the mission Ahead of The Game, which you need Thunder Bombs to win, which you need 2 batteries to build, which you get from
    1. the billionaire’s mansion (by chance every 10 hours!), Would take weeks to get enough to build enough bombs to win 1 mission.
    2. from defeating robot moths : you need Billionaire Bot => Loop.
    3. From the Thermoelectric Pelters => Loop.
    So is the only chance to break this loop really to wait several days to drop 20 batteries by chance from the Billionaire’s mansion?


    1. If you need moth metal but have no bombs then you could do space missions the long way ie – do battle and chip away at each moth 1 hit point at a time.

      It’s extremely long winded, can take upwards of 10mins per battle, but as soon as you get their attack down to 1 point you can just leave your phone unlocked and do something else to pass the time. And use fire bombs though to knock any incubots out of the battle, saves a little bit of time that way.

      You’ll need 1 or 2 robots in the crew and use their special attack multiple times to build up the defence stats for the team so the enemy hits only cause you 1 damage. It’s best if you have the characters at least level 20 too so they’ve got decent defence stats to begin with.


    2. Yes,
      Tiny Co have gotten greedy very quickly in this game. They are making progression in this event almost impossible without spending real money on pizza slices.
      In reality they are going to loose a lot of players very quickly !!!


      1. The events are hard but they are much less premium heavy than FGQFS was, but I know it’s tough if you’re a freemium player, my advice is to go into events not expecting to complete them, then if you do it’s a bonus.


        1. Good advise, don’t go into events expecting to always easily be able to get everything. Right now I am lucky, since I can grind out space missions and have pretty much completed week two. But that won’t always be the case and if the RNG gods don’t smile on you, one can be in a world of frustration.


    3. The batteries drop in multiples and are always drops, hopefully you’re progressing ok now. Sorry about delay in replying


  5. I am still stuck on part 9 of the quest. The devil hotel I got three days ago but I still have not receive any if the items from it. Guess I will not be moving into part two until next week when part three comes out if I am lucky


  6. Even though fuses are marked as common, they are dropping the slowest. I have about 50 cannisters and 10 wires, but no fuses. They should increase the drop rate or at least number of buildings that drop them (or add some drops to space missions). One piece of adcice – new space map introduces incubots plus moth bots, damagable only through bombs (incubots fire bombs, moths by yellow bombs). If you have time, you can do it even without bombs – I suggest to take one scientist, one negotiator (heals), two robots plus one. As soon as the mission starts (and charge is up), use both robots to increase defense (and do so till every your character takes only -1 damage). First target normal enemies to get rid of them. Then target the bomb requiring enemy (if there are two, one of them) – when you have high enough defense (all characters take only -1dmg), leave your phone/tablet and go doing something else. In about 10 minutes (or 20 if more enemies) return and continue with next fight. It is time consuming, but you do not have to sit next to phone as dmg done to your characters is minimal (so no need to clicking for additional defense) and damage you do is also minimal (no need to click for additional damage). So just let the fight go and do something else. It will let you continue building stuff without having to wait for moth drops.


    1. Agreed – the “common” drop rate for fuses is not that common.

      I ran through the space mission (with no bombs) but took 3 scientists, 1 robot, and 1 negotiator. Sometimes the moth & incubots are side by side so your scientists can wittle them down quicker. The robo-defense gets you to 1 dam pretty quickly and you can easily heal up within a few rounds, so no need to bring multiples of those guys. Just my opinion.


  7. Personally think it’s a bit rubbish that Billionaire Bots Mansion has 3 diff items it can drop – Batteries to create the Thunderbomb, Keys for URL, and Brandy to unlock Billionaire Bot.
    They could have easily put some of those with other characters. The core characters you unlock early on, except for Fry, aren’t being used for anything other than space missions.


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