Weekly Challenge: Week 2 – Hell And Back Pt. 2

Greetings Earthlings!

You need not fear us. We come in peace and only wish you to alert you to the new Weekly Challenge that’s launched in your game.

Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the Hell and Back Pt. 2  Challenge.  

This week’s challenge, if you should choose to accept it, should work in tandem with what we’re doing in our games right now, collecting Robot Souls and dealing with those Incubot & Robot Moth invaders.

If you should complete this challenge, what will you get? Well  you’ll  win yourself another Incubot.

And remember if you complete all the events Weekly Chalenges you’ll win the mystery grand prize.

What do you need to do to complete this weeks challenge, well here’s the deal, you will need to complete the Hell And Back Pt. 2 Quest which consists of:

Hell And Back Pt. 2
Fry  Starts

Collect 500 Robot Souls: Get from Character Tasks, Questline Parts, Space Missions to Dead On Artival & Clearing Incubots
Collect 14 Incubots in Combat: Complete Event Space Missions to defeat 14 Incubots

Collect 20 Robot Moths in Combat: Complete Event Space Missions to defeat 20 Robot Moths


And if the Weekly Challenge hasn’t triggered in your game, don’t panic, it could be you’ve not progressed far enough in the main Questline, Cost Of Greed, for it to launch. So just keep playing and it will trigger eventually.

So there you have it the second of this events weekly challenges. Are you going to go for it, or give it a miss? Let us know by voting below.

~ Russian Tigger


2 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: Week 2 – Hell And Back Pt. 2

  1. You don’t even need lvl 20s to do it without bombs. I did it with 4 lvl 13s, 2 robots and 2 influencers. You just need to stack up the defense buffs from the robots until the moths/incubots only deal 1 damage per attack (about 8 buffs) and use the influencers to heal the damage taken until the defense is up. Then you can put down your device and do something else while the fight plays out. You can probably do it with lvl 10-11s if you use 3 robots and 1 influencer.


  2. This challenge is completely achievable even if you don’t have thunderbombs to clear moths.
    All you need some level 20 characters (including 1 or more robots so you can make use of their their special defence ability as soon as it becomes available) and then just grind it out chipping 1 hit point away at a time.

    It’s extremely time consuming (roughly 10mins per moth/incubot x however many battles til the end) but you should complete the Defeat Incubot and Moth parts of the challenge in 2 runthroughs of the 2nd space battle.
    I turn the auto-lock off my phone and let the battle run whilst I go and do something else.

    The moth metal gained doing it this way will also help you to be able to eventually buy the “Thermoelectric Pelter” building which drops batteries needed to create thunderbombs to help you get more moth metal.

    I’ve done it this way multiple times and it’s only since I unlocked the Pelters building that I started to craft the thunderbombs, even now I only use the bombs if I can’t be bothered to wait the 10+ mins to defeat the moths the long way.


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