Space Mission Snapshots – Ahead Of The Game

Greetings Space Cadets!!!

You need not fear us, we come on a mission of mercy to give you a quick guide to getting started on the latest Space Mission to appear before us.

Space is quite literally the Futurama frontier, it’s where us Addicts boldly will find limited time Space Missions where you’ll fight intergalactic villains and gather resources essential to an Event.

These Space Missions can be complex and take considerable time to navigate, but sometimes we forget there is an easier way, a simpler path to success so to speak and these Space Mission Snapshots will be a very basic guide to help you plot the best course to complete a path. Remember this is not a guide to get 100% completion, you’ll find help with that once the complete guide goes up, this is just to help you on your way. And what way are we heading today? Well to Chapek 9 to plot a quick path through the Ahead Of The Game Space Mission.

Mission Name: Ahead Of The Game
Mission Location: Chapek 9
Objective: Our Money’s On You
Number of Paths: 13
Fuel Per Stop: 1
Total Fuel Required to complete all Paths: Approx 700 – Ouch
Required Character: None
Recommended Character Level: Level 9
Helpful Character/Class for Paths: Billionaire Bot L10, Plain Clothes URL L8,  Delivery L20, Influencer L17, Robot Devil L20, Villain L25
Helpful Character/Class for Interactions: Scientist 10, Robot 10, Delivery Boy 10
Maximum Crew: 5
First Time Path Completion Rewards:  2 Giga Career Chip, 5 Pizza, 36 Robot Souls
Repeat Path Completion Rewards: 2 Giga Career Chip,  5 Hypnotons, 9 Robot Souls
One-Time Reward for 100% Completion: 25 Pizza, 45 Robot Souls
Combat Rewards: 1 Incubot Metal per Incubot defeated, 1 Moth Metal per Robot Moth defeated & 5 Robot Souls per Combat (occasionally I received 10 Robot Souls)
Enemies:  Anti-Human Patrol, Chapek Guards, Chapek Robots, Robot Elders, Incubots & Robot Moths
Interaction Rewards:  X & Career Chips
xp Per Node: 4
Artifact: n/a

As you can see above Ahead Of The Game is a complex maze of Paths that resembles a Devils head. Many of the paths require  unlocking with a high level Character and/or Class but for this snapshot guide we’re only going to take you through the easiest path to get you on your way and that path is unlocked from the go. You can repeat this path as many times as you want, fuel permitting obviously.

So now we’ve got that bit out-of-the-way let’s move forward and follow that path.

Path 1 – The easy, okay, easier Path!!!

Path Stats
Stops: 47
Total Fuel Required: 47
Required character: None
Interactions: 1

  1. Wire Mazes (use anyone)

Combats: 11 (the enemies I saw on my first run at the path were as follows, however please remember these are random so could differ in your game)

  1. 1x Robot Moth, 1x Chapek Guard, 1x Incubot, 1x Anti Human Patrol
  2. 1x Robot Moth, 1x Chapek Guard, 1x Incubot, 1x Anti Human Patrol
  3. 2x Anti Human Patrol, 1x Incubot, 1x Robot Moth
  4. 2x Anti Human Patrol, 1x Incubot, 1x Robot Moth
  5. 1x Incubot, 1x Anti Human Patrol, 1x Chapek Guards, 1 Robot Moth
  6. 1x Robot Moth, 1x Incubot, 1x Robot Elder
  7. 1x Robot Moth, 1x Chapek Guard, 1x Anti Human Patrol, 1 Chapek Robot
  8. 1x Robot Moth, 1x Chapek Guard, 1x Anti Human Patrol, 1 Chapek Robot
  9. 1x Incubot, 1x Anti Human Patrol, 1x Chapek Guard, 1 Robot Moth
  10. 1x Chapek Guard, 1 x Robot Moth, 1x Anti Human Patrol, 1x Chapek Human
  11. 2x Robot Moth, 1x Incubot, 1x Anti Human Patrol

Rewards Stats
Path Rewards: 8 Giga Career Chips
Total Combat Rewards: 55 Robot Souls & 8 Incubot Metals & 12 Robot Metals
Total Interaction Rewards: As these rewards are determined by multiple choice answers in your Interactions, what you will get depends on what choices you make but on this path there is xp & Career Chips up for grabs.
Path 1 Completion Reward: 2 Giga Career Chip, 5 Pizza, 36 Robot Souls


Ok, this isn’t a set in stone list, it’s just a bit of guidance based on my own successful run at this.

  1. Preferably 5x Crew Slots unlocked but don’t panic if you haven’t as it can be done with less
  2. A stock of Thunder Bombs & Fire Bombs but again it is possible without them, I’ll tell you how in the Incubot section below
  3. A Level 9 Character, this is the least you’ll need, I advise much higher, Level 20 and above especially if you’re going into battle without Thunder Bombs & Fire Bombs. Make sure to take at least 1 Robot and 1 Influencer. My Crew for completing the path was Fry L22, Leela L23, Scruffy L21, Amy L24 & Bender L22
  4. 47 Fuel
  5. If you’ve not got a stockpile of Thunder Bombs & Fire Bombs you’re going to need a whole lot of patience


Okay there’s a number of Enemies that will pop up over the 11 Combat stops, Chapek Guards, Chapek Robots, Anti Human Patrol and Robot Elders are mostly easy enough to defeat if you follow my advice by taking high level characters on the mission. However there’s now 2  enemies that are truly hellish to defeat, the new Robot Moth and the First Wave Incubot and you’ll encounter at least 1 at every Combat stop.

And yes they are as tough as they look, therefore this is where those Thunder Bombs and Fire Bombs you’ve been making in the Bomb Factory will come in handy.

Basically as I said both of these enemies are a nightmare to defeat as they have a permanent high defence shield which means even if you critically hit them you on,y do -1 damage. So if you don’t have any Thunder Bombs or Fire Bombs you are going to have to slowly grind away attacking them until their health is fully depleted, and with 11 Combats you’re talking about 2/3 hours or more to complete the Path without Thunder  Bombs or Fire Bombs. So we really don’t want to be doing that if we can avoid it. So keep your Bomb Factory at work and build up some Thunder Bombs and Fire Bombs before you head into Space because remember hitting them with the correct Bomb kills them outright so be careful not to use the wrong Bomb on the wrong enemy:

  • Fire Bomb instantly kills Incubots
  • Thunder Bomb instantly kills Robot Moth

And remember you can simply repeat this Path to keep collecting Moth Metal and Incubot Metal, you dot need to go on to the locked paths unless you want to 100% complete the Mission.

And there you have it fellow space travellers, all the quick data on taking the easy route through Ahead Of The Game? Have you tried this Mission yet? Did you complete it or find it Mission impossible. Anything we missed or tips for fellow players? Tell us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


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