Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Event Third Wave is LIVE!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to a whole new level of hell. Where the robots are bad right down to their nuts…. and bolts. Where it’s getting hot in the city where the Incubots roam. So feel free to hide in your closet as you read this, as we’re going t bring you all the frightful facts about Episode 2 – Robot Hell On Earth.


Please click HERE to be taken to the Event Page where you’ll find links to all the posts related to the Robot Hell on Earth event.


The App Version that brings the new content is still 1.4.3.


8th November 3pm PDT (That’s GMT-7)


The main Questline for this event is Robot Hell On Earth

You’ll need to have completed Part 9 of Cost Of Greed to trigger the Third Wave main Questline, Robot Hell On Earth, Fry gets things going.

Robot Hell On Earth Pt. 1

Have Devilish Fry Give His Hands A Break: 8hrs
Have Professor Forget Where He Lives: 8hrs

Clear 5 Robot Incubots: Double tap 5 Robot Incubots to clear them 

Robot Hell On Earth Pt. 2

Craft 6 Thunderbombs: Collect the necessary resources to craft 6 Thunder Bombs at the Bomb Factory
Craft 6 Water Bombs: Collect the necessary resources to craft 6 Water Bombs at the Bomb Factory
Journey To Robot Hell: Travel to Earth and check out the Hell Or High Water Space Mission

Robot Hell On Earth Pt. 3

Place Benders Hot Tub: Costs 200 Robot Souls, 5 Robot Incubot Metal & 4 Robot Snake Metal
Clear 10 Robot Incubots
Have Bender Zoom In


The main event currency is Robot Souls, and you can get these from:

Robot Souls (Always): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, The Inferno, Complete Questline Parts, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

The other essential materials are:

Robot Snake Metal (Uncommon): Earth Space Mission – Hell Or High Water

Robot Moth Metal (Uncommon): Chapek 9 Space Mission – Ahead Of The Game

Robot Incubot Metal (Uncommon): Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Water (Always): Defeat Robot Snakes, Atlantic City Rollercoaster, Purple Spiralscraper

Gas Globes (Uncommon): The Inferno, Corn Dog Stand, Thermoelectric Pelters, Lionel Preacherbot

Corks (Always): Save Terrorized Citizens

Batteries (Always): Defeat Robot Moths, Bilionairebots Mansion, Ghost Calculon Raise His Glass, Thermoelectric Pelters

Gasoline (Rare): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Fuses (Common): Food-O-Matic, Avenue Hotel, Modest Business Building, New New York Plaza

Wires (Uncommon): Defeat Incubots


 Lionel Preacherbot (New Character – Robot): Task to drop 1 Glass Globe every 3 hours, can clear Robot Snakes  – Costs 260 (comes with Temple Of Robotology)

Hookerbot (Full character – Robot): Comes with Run Down Building.

4 Quarters (Common): Get from Robot Hell Mine Coaster
5 Packs Cigarettes (Uncommon): Get from Wheel Of Torture
6 Make Up Compacts (Rare): Get from Amorphous Tower
9 Joint Oil (Rare): Get from Run Down Building

Ghost Bender (Outfit – Influencer): You will see this outfit appear in the Outfit-O-Matic to start unlocking when you start Robot Hell On Earth Questline. Can clear Robot Snakes.

15 Ghost Crossbows (Common): Get from the Camp Rectifier
8 Ghost Aces (Uncommon):Get from the Travelling Caravan, Dollar Sign Building
6 Ghost Kitchen Knife (Rare): Get from Corn Dog Stand, Purple Spiritscraper
4 Ghost Chain (Rare): Get from Benders Hot Tub


As with all events there’s some new items in the store.

Temple of Robotology (comes with Lionel Preacherbot)~ 260 

Water Bombmaker (drops 2x Water Bombs & 4x Robot Souls every 6hrs) ~ 150


Ok, how do you deal with Enemies in space? Well with Bombs of course, and here’s where you’ll make them.

But first you’ll need to gather the resources for the 3 types of Bombs currently in use.

To create 3 of the new Water Bombs you need 1x Water, 1x Glass Globe & 1x Cork. Takes 30 minutes.

To create 3 Fire Bombs you need 1x Gasoline, 1x Wire & 1x Fuse. Takes 2 hours.

To create 2 Thunder Bombs you’ll need 2x Batteries, 1x Wire & 1x Fuse. Takes 1 hour & 30 minutes.

Once you have the necessary resources you can select the type of Bomb you want at the top of the screen, a yellow box will show the bomb type you’ve selected, then simply tap “Create” to start building your Bombs, you can build up to 6 batches in your queuing system. Please note you can only hold a maximum of 50 Bombs in your inventory at any time, but I don’t see that being an issue for any of us.

Water (Always): Defeat Robot Snakes, Atlantic City Rollercoaster, Purple Spiralscraper

Gas Globes (Uncommon): The Inferno, Corn Dog Stand, Thermoelectric Pelters, Lionel Preacherbot

Corks (Always): Save Terrorized Citizens

Batteries (Always): Defeat Robot Moths, Bilionairebots Mansion, Ghost Calculon Raise His Glass, Thermoelectric Pelters

Gasoline (Rare): Defeat Incubots, Safe Terrorised Citizens, Chapek 9 Space Mission – Dead On Arrival

Fuses (Common): Food-O-Matic, Avenue Hotel, Modest Business Building, New New York Plaza

Wires (Uncommon): Defeat Incubots


Here is where you will trade Materials you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during the Third Wave…. Please note I’m still pulling unlock costs and will update this ASAP.

Bender’s Hot Tub: 70xp & 6 Robot Souls every 10hrs, Chance drop of 2 Ghost Chains
Cost~ 250 Robot Souls, 5 Robot Incubot Metal & 4 Robot Snake Metal

Camp Rectifier Building: 25xp & 2 Robot Souls every 2hrs, Chance drop of 2 Ghost Crossbows
Cost~ 200 Robot Souls, 5 Robot Moth Metal & 8 Robot Snake Metal

Hookerbot In Run Down Building: 25xp & 2 Robot Souls every 2hrs, Chance drop of 3,Joint Oil
Cost~ 250 Robot Souls, 10 Robot Incubot Metal & 10 Robot Snake Metal

Amorphous Tower: 60xp & 5 Robot Souls every 8hrs, Chance drop of 3 Makeup Compacts
Cost~ 350 Robot Souls, 12 Robot Moth Metal & 14 Robot Snake Metal

Wheel Of Torture: 50xp & 4 Robot Souls every 6hrs, Chance drop of 3 Packs of Cigarettes
Cost~ 350 Robot Souls, 5 Incubot Metal & 20 Robot Snake Metal

Camp Rectifier Sign: No drops
Cost~ 300 Robot Souls, 15 Robot Moth Metal & 16 Robot Snake Metal

Robot Hell Mine Coaster: 80xp & 7 Robot Souls every 12hrs, Chance drop of 3 Quarters
Cost~ 450 Robot Souls, 15 Incubot Metal & 26 Robot Snake Metal


You will see Robot Snakes on your sidewalks once you reach Pt 3 of the main Questline and you need to put a Character on a task to clear them. There are only 2 Characters that can do this, Lionel Preacherbot and Ghost Bender. Simply tap on a Robot Snake, and you’ll bring up the attack screen. On this screen you’ll see the heart Power of the Robot Snake, and the Characters you can use to take the heart Power to 0. Robot Snakes have 20 Heart Power so either neither Character can clear them in one task if they are Level 1, you will need to Level them up to increase the damage they can do. For example you’ll need Lionel Preacherbot at Level 15 to be able to do 20 damage in one task. So be prepared for this to take time. It takes 3 hours for the task to complete and as I said you’ll need to do the task twice to reduce a Robot Snake’s health to 0 until you’ve levelled up your characters.

The rewards you get for clearing them are as follows:

1 Water (Always)
10 Robot Souls (Always)
1xp (Always)


And we’re on our travels again, as this first week of the event brings us 1 new Space Mission to complete. It’s located on Earth and will unlock as you progress through the Main Questline. This mission isn’t as complex to navigate but will still take time and resources, and you can’t ignore it forever as it’s the source of the Robot Snake Metal you’ll need to progress.

Now here’s the basic information you’ll need to plot your way through the 4 paths in this Space Misdion, but remembe ber you’ll find a Snapshot guide to the easiest path HERE.

Mission Name: Come Hell Or High Water
Mission Location: Earth
Objective: Why Choose, Let’s Do Both
Number of Paths: 4
Fuel Per Stop: 1
Total Fuel Required to complete all Paths: Approx 200 – Ouch
Required Character: None
Recommended Character Level: Level 11
Helpful Character/Class for Paths: Hookerbot L20, Robot Leela L22, Robot L15, Ghost Bender L13
Helpful Character/Class for Interactions: Professor
Maximum Crew: 5
First Time Path Completion Rewards: 2 Giga Career Chip, 5 Pizza, 54 Robot Souls
Repeat Path Completion Rewards: 2 Giga Career Chip, 15 Hypnotons, 5 Robot Souls
One-Time Reward for 100% Completion: 25 Pizza, 70 Robot Souls
Combat Rewards: 1 Incubot Metal per Incubot defeated, 1 Moth Metal per Robot Moth defeated, 1 Robot Snake Metal per Robot Snake Defeated & 5 Robot Souls per Combat
Enemies: Anti-Human Patrol, Chapek Guards, Chapek Robots, Robot Elders, Robot Incubots, Robot Moths & Robot Snakes
Interaction Rewards: xp & Career Chips
xp Per Node: 4
Artifact: n/a

As you can see above Come Hell Or High Water is a lesser complex maze of Paths that resembles a Devils fork. Most of the paths require unlocking with a high level Character and/or Class and trying to complete the mission 100% is for later. But for those crazy enough to try here’s how I’ve plotted my paths to attempt it. Remember this is just my plan, you can of course follow a different path.

Now as you can see above there’s a new enemy in space, Robot Snakes, and these take a combination of Bombs to defeat them, you’ll need to hit them with 1 Water Bomb and 1 Thunder Bomb to completely defeat them. You must use them in that order Water Bomb, then Thunder Bomb, so be careful not to waste any. In my game defeating them the grinding down their health way took 17 minutes just incase your thinking of going that route.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the third wave of Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re frightfully excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


31 thoughts on “Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Event Third Wave is LIVE!!!

  1. This event is way too difficult! Too many moving pieces and the grinding is not enjoyable. I had to use pizza to finish each wave and still started this wave 3/4 days late. The inequality of getting the resources to make bombs is crazy. It seems like no one thought it through. I have ~30 water bottles, 3 cork (6 hrs for 2), and 0 orbs (3 buildings that don’t always drop). Don’t get me started on the characters/costumes – items needed ate ear and only drop from a 10 hr building?! I really enjoyed the last event (omnicron) but this is just insane. I can’t believe I’m saying this but having way more fun and am on schedule in FGQFS and I’m actually trying to delay moving on to new levels on that one! (To get more brains before moving on). Had such high hopes for this game. Hope they go back to what worked or they may lose a lot of players.


    1. same here! i only started to play this game when the first week of event had already started, with the help of premium characters, I am still lagging behide due to the low drop rate and all.


  2. Making Ghost Bender was a pain in the shiny metal ass, common drops? No way, that thing was mythical.
    I got a question, when is the 2d challenge gonna start? I need to know so i rush Or not. Thx 🙂


    1. I think his drops were toughest for an outfit yet. Agree 100%. I think we’ll see the Challenge Monday evening TinyCo time.


  3. Help! I still can’t craft water bombs. It says that they should have unlocked on the 18th, but it’s still locked from crafting. (I have finished the week two quest chain.)


  4. So I’ve had Bender Hot tub since day 1 of this week and it hasn’t dropped a thing till today and when it finally does it only drops one Chain.


  5. This games events are a mind ***** I don’t even know what phase I’m on. I seem to need parts that I have to go into space for, but need billionaire bot levelled up to unlock it but don’t have anything to level him up with quick enough. It’s unbelievably slow progress and boring and seems such a mess.


  6. Grinding out spacemissions mostly without bombs, since this seems to be the only way to stay on top of this event without going premium. Was able to place the building for Hookerbot today and keep wondering, if this really how TinyCo wants us to play the event.


    1. They don’t make it easy, they want the games to be work so I guess we don’t complain we’re bored. But yes it can be tough going in long events


  7. New bombs are just confusing. I wasted one not knowing they needed combined then tried using yellow then blue and blue then yellow and neither combo did anything. 3 bombs wasted for no gain.


    1. I clear other enemies then just tap the after bomb followed by the thunder bomb, both light up, then I target the Snake. I’ve also did it other way and works. The one time I had bombs wasted was when a Robot Moth was also in the combat,for some reason bombs went to waste.


        1. It doesn’t now, I just wasted many bombs testing it again, got to be water then thunder now, argh!!! I’ve updated post. Thanks for confirming same in your game!


          1. NOTE: Their is 2 small symbols at the lower right corner of the snakes that will tell you which bombs will kill them and in which order to use the bomb on them!!!
            First use the bomb that mach the left most symbol on the snake (usually, but NOT always Water)
            Then drop the bomb that mach the right most symbol after.

            You have to use the bombs in the right order or you will be wasting bombs!

            So play attention to those small symbols in the snakes before trowing bombs after them!!!


    1. The only way to get ahead is to do bombless runs… take robots and a healer, in each battle use their defence abilities & heal if necessary. The special robots should only be doing 1 HP attacks if your defence is high enough (it stacks, so keep applying it). Chip away at the robots 1 HP at a time… leave your device on, or play on an emulator and leave it running on a PC. I was 2 days behind after week 1, but now I’ve started week 3 on time

      Liked by 1 person

          1. You can do these bombless battles without a healer – you just need to be really good at defending…

            Also, it’s only taking me about 10 minuets to get through the snakes. MechaHermes 25, Bender 25, a 22 Captain (a 25 is better), an Influencer, and a Scientist.


            1. Snakes do seem little easier but I think lot depends on how you play it out, device speed etc. And of course you need time or patience, preferably both 😀


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