Road To Hell Mystery Box Alert!!!

Good Evening Devil Worshipers!!!

Looks like we’re geating a little help with our dance with the Robot Devil as a free Mystery Box of devilish delights is here !!!

Simply hitting Go when you see this pop up will take you to the free Road To Hell Mystery Box. Otherwise you’ll find it in your store, but remember you only get one try, so I hope you’re lucky.

What’s in the box? Well if you’ve got the luck of the devil you might win one of the most coveted prizes, Bombs. If you’ve got my luck you might win Gasoline….


5 Gasoline
7 Fuses
10’Fire Bombs
5 Wires
10’Thunder Bombs
8 Batteries

So what you waiting for, you know idle hands are the work of the Robot Devil so try your luck, and don’t forget share your prize in the comments!!!

~ Russian Tigger


5 thoughts on “Road To Hell Mystery Box Alert!!!

  1. Got 10 firebombs. I was close to the storage limit of 50 bombs already, but thankfully they added all the 10 firebombs anyway. So I had a total of 55 bombs for a while.


  2. 8 batteries for me, but still need 6 watches to move forward. Still only been playing for a month, with more districts still to unlock, so happy to be getting through with my low level characters.


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