Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Fourth Wave Alert!!!

Good Evening Devil Worshipers!!!

Looks like we’re going to be continuing our dance with the Robot Devil as the Fourth Wave of devilish delights is here !!!

And renember we’ll be back with details of the thrills and chills in store as soon as we’ve pulled all the info, so keep your eyes peeled for our frightful live post but until then here’s what you’ll need.to get started.

Youll need to have completed Part 4 2 of Punishment For The Wicked, as the new Wave will launch with the with the Fourth Wave main Questline, Evil Ways, Bender gets things going.

Evil Ways Pt. 1

Have Ghost Bender Sulk At Home: 2hrs
Have Devilish Fry Get Handsy: 2hrs
Clear 5 Robot Incubots: Doube tap 5 Robot Incubkts to clear them 

Evil Ways Pt. 2

Have Robot Gypsy Look For Spare Bulbs: 10hrs
Have Billionairebot Order The Most Expensive Items: 18hrs
Have URL Beat Perps Senseless: 2hrs

So what you waiting for, go get tapping as you know idle hands are the work of the Robot Devil!!!

~ Russian Tigger


2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Fourth Wave Alert!!!

    1. Positive change, myself, WillBits and the guys/gals at Discord were all voicing concerns about players falling behind and being stalled. Glad it’s helped you, and others!!!


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