Quick Questing – Evil Ways

Greetings Earthlings!

You need not fear us. We come in peace and only wish you to take us to your Questline in order we can guide you through it.

Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the Evil Ways Questline.  

Please note you now needn’t have complete  the third wave Punishmrnt For The Wicked Questline to trigger Evil Ways. You’ll find details of it HERE.

 Evil Ways Pt. 1

Have Ghost Bender Sulk At Home: 2hrs
Have Devilish Fry Get Handsy: 2hrs
Clear 5 Robot Incubots: Tap 5 Robot Incubots to clear them

Completed Task 5  & 50 

 Evil Ways Pt. 2

Have Robot Gypsy Look For Spare Bulbs: 10hrs
Have Billionairebot Order The Most Expensive Items: 18hrs
Have URL Beat Perps Senseless: 2hrs

Completed Task 5  & 50

 Evil Ways Pt. 3

Place The Knife’s Edge: Costs 175 Robot Souls & 3 Robot Moth Metal
Collect 7 Cans Oil: get from Defeat Pink Showgirls, Knifes Edge, Robot Leela Buy Hex Nuts
Create 7 Oil Bombs: You will need to collect Glass Globes, Corks & Oil and create 7 Fire Bombs in the Bomb Factory (Oil Bombs dropped by the Oil Bombmaker count towards this goal)

Completed Task 5  & 75 

 Evil Ways Pt. 4

Complete The Hellbound From Downtown Mission: Travel to Earth and complete any path on the Hellbound From Downtown Space Mission
Place The New Jersey Billboard: Costs 225 Robot Souls, 1 Robot Moth Metal & 3 Pink Robot Showgirl Metal
Place The Trump Trapezoid: Costs 275 Robot Souls, 5 Robot Snake Metal & 11 Pink Robot Showgirl Metal

Completed Task 5  & 50

 Evil Ways Pt. 5

Place The Time On Your Hands: Costs 325 Robot Souls, 5 Robot Moth Metal & 14 Pink Robot Showgirl Metal
Have Amy Get Ripped Off: 8hrs
Have The Professor Tinker With Doomsday Devices: 4hrs

Completed Task 5  & 50 

 Evil Ways Pt. 6

Ghost Bender Scare Some Citizens: 10hrs
Recruit Roberto: Complete unlock requirements to bring Roberto into your game
Have Roberto Clear 1 Robot Showgirl: 5hrs (depending on Roberto level you may be required do the task twice to fully clear 1 Robot Showgirl)

Completed Task 15  & 100 

Once you’ve completed Part 6 you will trigger the next Questline, The Heat Is On, more on that in another post.

There you have it, the lowdown on Evil Ways.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

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