Good News & Bad News Everyone!!! In Game Changes & Glitches

Good Evening Earthlings!!!

We have ways of making you read our News Broadcasts.  Just look into my eyes……

Today in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow there’s been some interesting develo…….. Can you still hear me? I don’t think they can hear me anymore? God can anyone hear me? I really don’t get paid enough Pizza for this you know. Please tell me in Space someone can hear me scream at least!

Oh you can hear me, that’s good, then continue reading for our latest Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow news!


  1. You can now create up to 80 Bombs before you’re Bomb Factory is full.


  1. There is a glitch whereby clearing the Pink Robot Showgirls in the Hellbound From Downtown mission are not counting towards the 25 needed, TinyCo are aware of the issue. UPDATE: Good News everyone – this is fixed!!!

Ok, I’m out of here, I quit! Those Earthlings who are still listening can take over this post by sharing their thoughts in the comments. As for me, I’m off to O’Zorgnax’s where’s there a cool drink waiting for me. Over and Out!!!

~ Russian Tigger


4 thoughts on “Good News & Bad News Everyone!!! In Game Changes & Glitches

  1. I’m ecstatic that the Villain class Defense Down effect can take down the shielded robots, but it seems to only work by stacking the effect. Seeing as TinyCo wasn’t too fond of the Defense Boost stacking, I’m a little nervous on whether they will keep this one stacking. Gonna enjoy it while I can. 🙂

    P.S. First time commenter. Thanks Alissa, RT, and KC for your hard work on this awesome resource!


    1. The stacking as far as I can see with the Villian is as planned by TinyCo, as how many times you need to stack is dependant on the Level of the character. Higher the Level less times you need use the Special Ability to win.

      And thanks fir the kind words, much appreciated!!!


  2. You can no longer stack the defense boost so it reaches 1? Now it takes 3x as long to clear citizens? You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game. I’m not even started the fourth wave yet. I am so alsdkja frustrated with this game that this is the last straw. What a terrible game. I just gave it a 1* rating on the app store. I love love love futurama so much, but I love myself too much to put up with this crappy game. /rant


    1. That’s what The Angry Dome posts are for, to let players let off steam. Yes they changed the defence stack last week, we covered it in a few posts. Unfortunately as you’re not in the FourthWave this will impact your bombless runs quite a bit, you can try filling your team with high level influencers instead but not gonna lie it’s tougher. Once you hit 4th wave and unlock Roberto things get a lot easier as the Villian class characters can take down the Robot enemies shields.


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