Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Fifth Wave Alert!!!

Good Evening Devil Worshipers!!!

Looks like we’re going to be continuing our dance with the Robot Devil as the Fifth Wave of devilish delights is here !!!

And renember we’ll be back with details of the thrills and chills in store as soon as we’ve pulled all the info, so keep your eyes peeled for our frightful live post but until then here’s what you’ll need.to get started.

Youll need to have completed Part 6 of Evil Ways, as the new Wave will launch with the with the Fifth Wave main Questline, The Robot Devil You Know, Fry gets things going.

The Robot Devil You Know Pt. 1

Place Robot Devils Throne: Costs 900 Robot Souls, 10 Robot Snake Metal & 12 Robot Moth Metal
Have Devilish Fry Choke Himself: 1hr
Have Ghost Bender Drink Spirits: 8hrs 

The Robot Devil You Know Pt. 2

Have Robot Gypsy Foretell Grim Tales: 6hrs
Get 2 Spell Bombs: Collect materials required and create 2 Spell Bombs in the Bomb Factory
Defeat The Robot Devil Once: ***currently unable to complete due to game issue/glitch***

So what you waiting for, go get tapping as you know idle hands are the work of the Robot Devil!!!

~ Russian Tigger

4 thoughts on “Episode 2: Robot Hell On Earth Fifth Wave Alert!!!

  1. 5th wave, hah, im still trying to start 4th wave.

    Requiring electro bombs for snakes was a terrible terrible idea. Set me way behind. Honestly, I don’t see any way I’ll unlock hookerbot, because it’s a huge pain to collect, because only buildings drop items, another totally terrible idea. One or two buildings maybe, but every item?

    I got Roberto on the grid, but he’s nowhere near getting unlocked, forget about Lorenzo or the bug.

    What a disaster of an event. Very disappointed.


    1. I completely agree I play almost all day long, checking every four hours and am still on wave four. Unless you pay I don’t think this event was possible. Bombs take too long to get the supplies (corks especially) so no way to unlock what was needed. Figure 6 hours for two corks. Maximum of 8 corks a day equals only 12 water and 12 oil bombs Not enough to even go on a mission. And the rope spawn rate equally maddening. Glad I am not the only one


  2. There’s a bit of an issue with Robot Devil and his quests not appearing for some players. I think if you start this week (new missions, bombs, prize ladder, etc) but don’t yet see the ‘DEATH FROM BELOW!’ splash screen then try the usual fixes like exit and restart until it triggers!


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