Sponsored By Slurm Event Alert!!!

Give me some Slurm… Now give me some more!!!

Looks like we’re heading to Wormulon where Fry’s gone to find himself a Queen. Oh no, wait, I got that wrong, it seems that Fry’s actually going to be a Queen, a Slurm Queen. So head to your games now for some highly addictive hi jinks in the Slurm Weekend Event.

And renember we’ll be back with full details as soon as we’ve pulled all the info, so keep your eyes peeled for our Slurm fueled live post but until then here’s what you’ll need.to get you started moving along the main Questline.

Fry Starts

Slurm Drought Pt. 1

Have Fry Search For Scrum: 6secs

Slurm Drought Pt. 2

Collect 25 Wumpus Berries: Double tap Grunka Lunka’s to clear the and grab their Wumpus berries
Collect 10 Royal Slurm: Travel to Wirmulon and collect Royal Slurm from completing the Refreshing Take Space Mission

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some Slurm, you know you want to!!!

~ Russian Tigger

8 thoughts on “Sponsored By Slurm Event Alert!!!

  1. Ok! My first full event! I started during the last 2 days of the Halloween event. I did get the fortune teller. Is she a normal character or special for the event?
    While still working on the districts, I wish I had THAT 10 million in useless cash! Lol Uhm, wonder should I try to borrow! I’m guessing the trick to leveling up characters is replaying the missions over and over.


    1. Welcome to my other world. Robot Gypsy is an event character from Halloween. I’d love that 10 million also, we moaned about useless cash, and this is what we get, a shortage of it here, lol.


  2. What I need is to be able to play more than 4 seconds of the game without it crashing. Play Store reviews show that this is affecting a number of users. Any idea what is happening to address this?


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