Sponsored By Slurm Event Overview!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Let’s go have ourselves some Slurm as we take you through the royal rumpus that is the Sponsored By Slurm event.


There’s some freezing and crashing going around, and it’s not because we’ve drunk too much Slurm, it’s gremlins in the system, TinyCo are aware of these issues and working on a fix.


The App Version that brings the new content is 1.4.5 so make sure you’ve uploaded to this.


14th November 3pm PDT (That’s GMT-7)


The main Questline for this event is Slurm Drought and here’s a taster to get you started:

Pt 1:

Have Fry Search For Scrum – (6secs)

Pt. 2:

Collect 25 Wumpus Berries – Get from double tapping Grunka Lunka’s, complete Questline parts
Collect 10 Royal Slurm – Get from Space Missions on Wormulon, Get from Slurms Mackenzie’s tasks

Pt. 3:

Place the Royal Slurm Vat – Costs 100 Wumpus Berries
Create Slurm Duke Fry – Requires 65 Royal Slurm to create this outfit in the Outfit-O-Matic


The main event materials are:

Wumpus Berries (Always): Get from double tapping Grunka Lunka’s, complete Questline parts

Royal Slurm (Always): Get from Space Missions on Wormulon, Get from Slurms Mackenzie’s tasks

Can of Slurm (Always): Scrum Duke Fry Produce 3 Slurm Task (requires 10 Wumpus Berries)

Can of Diet Slurm (Always): Scrum Duke Fry Produce 3 Diet Slurm Task (requires 25 Royal Slurm)

Can of Loco Slurm (Always): Scrum Duke Fry Produce 4 Loco Slurm Task (requires 10 Cans of Slurm)


 Slurms MacKenzie (Full character – Captain): Tasks to drop Royal Slurm. Comes with Beach Party Central – Costs 300 

Bev (Full character – Delivery Boy): Bev will appear in your store at Pt. 5 of the main Questline where you  will be directed t recruit her, she is free to place in your game but you then must collect items to unlock her.

36 Cans Of Slurm (Always): Scrum Duke Fry Produce Slurm Tasks (requires Wumpus Berries)
36 Cans Of Diet Slurm (Always): Scrum Duke Fry Produce Diet Slurm Tasks (requires Royal Slurm)
36 Cans Of Loco Slurm (Always):  Scrum Duke Fry Produce Loco Slurm Tasks (requires Cans of Slurm)

Slurm Duke Fry (Outfit – Influencer)
: You will see this outfit appear in the Outfit-O-Matic to start unlocking when you start Part 3 of the Slurm Drought Questline.


65 Royal Slurm: Get from Space Missions on Wormulon, Get from Slurms Mackenzie’s tasks


As with all events there’s some new items in the store.

Beach Party Central (comes with Slurms MacKenzie who drops varying amounts of Royal Slurm on his tasks)~ 300

Slurm Boat (Spawns 4 extra Glunka Lunkas every 4hrs, drops 55 Nixonbucks & 35xp every 4hrs) ~ 150

Royal Slurm Vat  ~ 100 Wumpus Berries

Slurm Factory (4 hour build,  drops 55 Nixonbucks & 35xp every 4hrs) ~ 200 Wumpus Berries

Slurm Factory Gate  ~ 75 Royal Slurm 

Slurm Tree ~ 8 Cans Of Slurm

Slurm Storage Cave ~ 25 Cans Of Slurm Loco

Slurm Shrooms ~ 3 Cans Of Slurm/Surm Loco each  


You will see Grunka Lunka’s wandering around your sidewalks and around Central Park once you start the main Questline. You simply need to tap them twice to clear them. Once cleared you will need to wait for another batch to spawn.

The rewards you get for clearing them are as follows:

4 Wumpus Berries (Always)


And we’re on our travels again, as the event brings us 7 new Space Mission to complete. And they are located on the new event planet, Wormulon, the first will unlock when you trigger the main Questline, then each subsequent mission will unlock as you complete a path on the previous one. They start off pretty easy to complete as the new enemies, which include Slurm Worms, are weak at first, but the difficulty starts to increase at Drink Up and by the final mission, CanIt,well let’s just say it will have  you reaching for the Slurm.

The Space Missions and maps are shown below.

Wormulon Mission 1: Refreshing Take

Unlocks at Main Questline Pt. 1. Recommended Level 5.

Wormulon Mission 2: Highly Carbonated

Unlocks once you complete any path on Redreshing Take. Recommended Level 10.

Wormulon Mission 3: Sugar Free

Unlocks once you complete any path on Highly Carbonated. Recommended Level 15.

Wormulon Mission 4: Drink Up

Unlocks once you complete any path on Sugar Free. Recommended Level 20.

Wormulon Mission 5: Natural Sweetner

Unlocks once you complete any path on Drink Up. Recommended Level 25.

Wormulon Mission 6: Can It

Unlocks once you complete any path on Natural Sweetners. Recommended Level 30.

Wormulon Mission 7: Slurm Sippin’

Unlocks once you complete the bonus Questline The Return Of The Slurm. Recommended Level 15.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the Sponsored By Slurm event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


21 thoughts on “Sponsored By Slurm Event Overview!!!

  1. For me, Diet Slurm costs 25 Royal slurms and not 10.
    Is it just for me? Or did they raise the cost?
    It means I will need 300 royal slurms just for that meaning about at least 50 (!!!) missions at level 4


  2. Any tips for the mission “can it”? I’ve got two scientists, two delivery boys, and a captain all at lvl 30 but they all die so quickly. Thinking about leveling up a robot in place of a scientist for the defense special move.


    1. I like mostly Scientists for thier multiple attack, and an Influencer for healing…..but I’m nowhere near lv30 so I might have to change my strategy in the Future…


  3. How difficult is “Drink Up” if I have characters around 17? Should I wait until they are level 20?
    I’ve been wondering, what happens if all characters on a mission die?


    1. It will be tight with those as Dronk Up is where it starts get little tougher, I’m not saying it’s impossible with the right Crew but I’d try level up a bit. Good thing is it’s only going cost you few fuel to have a go with your lower team, so run it to get an idea. If all your crew die you can spend a ton of pizza reviving and healing, which I never advise, or you just forfeit the mission and leave with nothing. Your characters will then be at full health to try again.


  4. I just started playing two weeks ago. It’s taking me back to when I started The Simpsons Tapped Out, where I missed out on several things in the early events because of low levels and lack of game cash. Comforting to see others are going through the same thing since a lot are still being turned onto this game. Keep saying to myself, “Patience…patience…”


    1. Hey I’ve been playing since start and I’m out of game cash, so you’re doing well even attempt it. Just keep going, some characters you miss out on might return in the future.


      1. Same. 🙂

        I did the first 5 space missions last night but it looks like that might have been a mistake as now I need to collect 50 Royal Slurm but it won’t recognise the plenty I have in stock. Pretty sure I get lots for completing the space missions but now I have to grind out smaller amounts. Le sigh.


        1. You’d had to do that anyway, so it’s no disaster actually. Thankful for nice short missions after those 2 hour marathon bombless runs on Hell


  5. I like this event so far, but I’m gonna be stuck missing the last two space missions I think. I’m short of 25 and out of money to level up with. I probably don’t have enough chips for it either, but I can’t even use the ones I have now due to lack of cash.


    1. Makes me want sing She’s not a robot…. But don’t worry your ears are safe I won’t, instead I’ll go correct my mistake. Thanks for alerting me!!!


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