End Of Event Poll – Sponsored By Slurm

Greeting Radio Gagas!!!

I know it sometimes feels like the end of the world, but it’s really just the end of the event. Want to share how you did with your fellow humans? If so, join us after the fold.

Ah you decided to join us. Ok then, so what are you waiting for? Hurry and complete the poll below, before the next event hits and you don’t have time to scratch your a… ehm, chin, never  mind fill out our stupid polls. Go on, you know you want to!!!

Oh and if you can’t see the poll thank your lucky stars there isn’t a link to it HERE, oh wait there is, afraid there’s no escaping it.

And don’t forget you can tell us what you thought of the event in the comments as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


15 thoughts on “End Of Event Poll – Sponsored By Slurm

  1. I just started the game a few weeks ago, and so far I am finding the events particularly punishing for low level players. Requiring brand new characters to be unlocked and costumes to be leveled up past the main quest characters just to begin the events completely stops progress in the game. There was no way to get 4 characters to 20 or 30 at the same time as unlocking Bev and leveling her up to 12, all while farming a low level mission for chips, but no cash to use them.


    1. I have mentioned this to TinyCo, that extreme levels needed are hampering new players, I think you can see they’ve tried respond to that with the missions in this and the last event, there’s something for everyone difficulty wise


  2. I gave up when I thought it was over. When I checked in later in the evening and it was still going, I grinded out the rest of the crucial stuff. I did not like having so many 15 minute tasks to do- and not being able to do the longer ones because the gronkas were too scarce. That cut down on the fun a lot for me. If I could’ve done it at two-hour intervals, that would’ve been a lot better.

    But I did run the space missions a zillion time to rack up more career chips. I even paid for two full refuels to keep doing it up until the end. Speaking of which- I really hate not getting periodic refills now that I’m max-level. Boo! I have zero incentive now to make characters do anything except what the storylines tell me to. They don’t get XP for it and neither do I. Good for money, but that’s rarely what I run out of (Hypnotons are my biggest problem- which goes back to fuel).


    1. I agree on the fuel, something I’m going mention to them, even at max it would be good if a fuel refill was awarded for x amount XP collected


  3. I quit grinding Slurm Duke Fry because I thought the event was over and didn’t realize they would be adding a 7th mission on Wormulon, so I missed out on the Slurm Queen deco, which was kind of a bummer. TinyCo needs to do a better job communicating in-game; I shouldn’t have to go to a secondary site like Futurama Addicts to understand basic game play.


    1. Sorry you missed pt, but to be honest that’s why we’re here to try help players avoid missing out. I know it’s not perfect to go to a secondary site but we promise to be gentle with you, no alien prodding, honest.


      1. After grinding like mad to unlock Bev, I didn’t expect to have to stay engaged with the mechanic to unlock a final level as part of a quest line. Things like this are why I quit playing FGTQFS. Futurama should be a little classier. I understand the need for the company to make money, but I think there are better ways to do this. Sorry, I teach game design to university undergrads, so I’m a little biased here.


        1. I think they are trying to engage new players but keep long term players happy as well, I think the tougher missions and the bonus mission were aimed at keeping them happy, only problem was it was a really good prize that most would have liked unlike the spacecraft, molecules and such in earlier events


  4. Loved the event and liked that they had multiple missions of varying difficulty one could go on. Makes it easier for everyone to enjoy. Didn’t get the Slurm Queen though, took too long on the unlocking Bev.


  5. Happy to say I got all the freemium prizes and even bought Slurms. It was nice of TinyCo to give us an extra day, I would have missed the Queen deco if the event had ended when it was planned to.

    Overall a nice little event. I love Duke Fry’s “Jabba the Hutt” animation with Amy and Bev “giving birth”, both are hilarious. Too bad we don’t get to keep a signing Gronka Lonka.


  6. I love the sponsor! I had been hoping for Slurms Mckenzie since the event launched so I picked him up immediately. Certainly funner than that last event, it’s too bad they didn’t go all out for the Slurm stuff but I could easily see a return to Wormulon at some point down the road.


  7. Had to use 3 pizza to get my last jar of Royal Slurm so I could then make the last 3 (Diet) Slurm (Loco), whichever one it was. Unfortunately there was not enough time to then go and get more Royal Slurm to complete Bev’s questline decorations. The only disappointing thing about that is I didn’t get to do space mission 7 as I really would have liked those peta chips.


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