A Time To Give Thanks Bonus Mission Alert – Home For The Holidays

Yes, Yes, Yes, Earthlings, there is a Bonus Space Mission!!! And here’s how you can get it.

First complete the A Feast For A Fool Questline, then let out your belt, breathe and reach Part 3 of the Nothing But Leftovers Questline. It’s during this you’ll find the new Space Mission, Home For The Holidays, appear on Earth. This is your Bonus Mission warning, but don’t worry there will also be a full post coming up a little later.

That’s all for now folks!!!

~ Russian Tigger


7 thoughts on “A Time To Give Thanks Bonus Mission Alert – Home For The Holidays

  1. Got the 25 pizza for completing the bonus map today. It is very kind of TinyCo to not have it behind a character specific gate, like Leela in her costume at level 25.

    My team was scientists and captains at level 26, some of the fights on the lowest path got a bit tough, but I made it through.


  2. Need more wild turkey feathers than I can get with just Leela and Ben Franklin. They can get 30 every 3 hours. That’s not very much with several items to buy at 250 to 300 wild feathers. Missions only get you a handful as well.


    1. Alpha Turkeys pay out a more but you’ve got to do task twice yo get them, so with your 2 characters you’ll get 80 Wild Turkey Feathers every 6 hrs


          1. Exactly. They need to still be available now. I’m playing hard on this event but don’t see a way to get enough wild turkey feathers to get to the bonus mission before it ends. I’ll keep plugging away though and see what happens. I’ve enjoyed this event overall, especially compared to the current FG mess of an event.


  3. I finally got to the Feast For Fools questline. It’s going to take several days to unlock Benjamin Franklin, and then I will try to get to Nothing But Leftovers. I’m logging in several times a day, but progress is so slow.


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