Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want for Christmas

So the leftover Thanksgiving turkeys gone cold, and Bender’s hostess with the mostest dutues are almost over, but fear not as the sseason of goodwill is ahead and it’s time for the Addicts to write their letters to Santa, I mean TinyCo, telling them all your Christmas wishes.

And remember it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice as every Addicts gets a Christmas wish. Mine I’d love to see a big holly, jolly event, full of festive fun, lights and snowball fights. A real Fairytale or New New York.

And to bring us some daily cheer I’d love to see a Christmas Tree advent, basically on 1st December every player gets a bare Christnas tree, then every day until the 25th December we get to open a daily advent and inside will be little festive characters that we can then hang on our trees.

I don’t think that’s too much to wish for. But what about you, what do you want to see in New New York this Christmas?

~ Russian Tigger

18 thoughts on “Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want for Christmas

  1. I would like the premium characters purchased to either be more helpful in future events or have a task for chips. Or at least start at level 10 (since you are paying for them).


    1. I have a “b-team” of high-level characters that I don’t think will ever be busy in NNY to help with space missions (Bill Nye, Robot Gypsy, Leg Mutant, etc.). I was actually kind of annoyed that Leg had something to do this time so I had to send another high-level delivery boy out for a while. I like having oddballs for that purpose. I don’t like that the costumes start back at level 1. There should be some baseline an nth-level character is regardless of costume, I think, even if it’s like 25% of their level or something.


  2. I would like to have actual time between events to work on the main stories and cleaning up my NNY. I would like some characters that were an affordable amount of pizza, but none for straight-up cash, please. Now that I have Robot Devil (thanks!), my most wanted regular characters are Robot Santa, Nibbler, and Mom. I’d like another easier/cheaper shot at celebrities Takei, deGrasse Tyson, Hardwick, and Hawking. Now that my level’s maxed out, I’d like some recognition of earning XP, like a career chip now and then, or fuel, or a retirement pension that paid me Nixonbucks instead. I’d like a building that made Hypnotons, though I’m guessing they’re balanced with the amount of land there is, so I just need to finish all the space missions. So stop having events for a while so I can…


  3. As stated above another way to save other than Facebook. don’t have it dont want it and will not spend a dime on the game till i can save my world.


  4. 1) Naked Farnsworth skin for character (no pun intended).
    2) Alternate Universe characters (Fry, Leela, Zoidberg, Bender)
    3) MORBO!
    4) Chef Bender (probably coming given Elzar in character list)


  5. Tinyco, I want

    1) Another way to save the game besides a Facebook account.
    2) Not having to spend the career chips on sidequest characters just to finish their side storyline. Would like to use those career chips on the main characters, since you keep increasing the levels.
    3) Decrease the main story levels for those events, if you can’t fix #2.


  6. I’d like XP points to still earn dark matter after hitting level 60. Do XP points do anything at all after reaching max level?


  7. +1 to a Consuela’s Vacuum – Scruffy’s Broom?
    I’d like a way to save the game that doesn’t require creating a facebook account.


  8. I want my game to be stable not to crash every 10 minutes (but I must say it has already improved a lot compared to the beginning). Maybe some present with unique character (let’s say one of 5, randomly chosen) would be nice for Christmas.


  9. I want a Holiday event where we don’t have to kill ourselves to try to finish so that we have time to do Real Life Holiday stuff like shop and wrap gifts and decorate and visit family (not mine of course, but others) and everything should be finishable before Christmas so I don’t have to spend Christmas day going “Oh my god, oh my god I’m never gonna finish in time…” instead of playing with my gifts and cleaning up the mess and having Christmas dinner.


  10. TinyCo, I want Mystery Boxes with old characters, free characters could be in a mystery box worth EVENT currency, and premium characters could be in a mystery box worth pizza.


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