An Xmas Xarol Event Alert!!!

Santa’s been, and it’s time to find out who’s been naughty or nice.

Looks like we’re heading into Santa space as we help our favourite crew try to save Christmas in the An Xmas Xarol event.

And remember I’ll be back with full details as soon as I’ve pulled all the info, so keep your eyes peeled for the live post but until then here’s what you’ll get you started moving along the main Questline.

***Sorry I’m on vacation at the moment and some WiFi issues at the hotel are slowing down my event progress but full overview should be up in a few hours, thanks to friends and families WiFi, Ho Ho Ho***

Fry Starts

Holiday Fear Pt. 1

Learn About The Xmas Event: Tap Go
Have Fry Wrap Gifts: 6secs
Have Bender Look For Weapons: 6secs

Holiday Fear Pt. 2

Go on the ‘Cold Planet’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path
Have Fry Practice His Stealth Moves: 3mins
Clear 3 Robot Reindeer: Tap Robot Reindeers and clear 3

Holiday Fear Pt. 3

Go on the ‘Cold Planet’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path
Collect 10 Red Star Rubies: Get from Neptune missions, Chanukah Zombie’s Sleigh
Build Our Motherboard Of Mercy Liquor Kitchen: Costs 150 Santa Medals & 20 Red Star Rubies.

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some festive fun.

~ Russian Tigger


24 thoughts on “An Xmas Xarol Event Alert!!!

  1. is anyone else hving trouble getting Menorahs for C. Zombie. its been ove a week and i only have 2. I contacted the game help on contact us and left 5 messages. they haven’t responded at all.


    1. That’s very poor drop rates, hopefully you’ll get a response once holidays are over. But I get how frustrating it is when you can’t progress at all


  2. Hi again, I got Fry’s ship and no task or quest shows up. Nothing comes up. Neither an update to reveal the government district. Am I playing wrong? What must I do?


  3. I am really struggling with game cash in this event. We got Santa bender, and missions that require him to be high level, then suited fry…same. many more suits and characters coming and no way to make Nixon bucks fast enough to do any of it.
    They need to implement tokens for pizzas to level them up fast if we want to, or make these missions pay out some cash. Or something… It’s a constant struggle, like no other game I’ve played. And there is no way I’m buying nixonbucks, those prices are crazy. I don’t mind buying pizza to get the things I want, but this is just ridiculous.
    Any tips? How do you get enough Nixon bucks to play the game? I’m at max level, I set an alarm to collect every 4 hours, I have as many buildings out as I can, all land opened up… and frustrated.


    1. I’ve said exact same TinyCo, lack Nixonbucks is causing things to be slower and harder than they need be, especially for newer players.


  4. Make sure to not finish the space missions before the third part of the quest…..I’m unable to finish them now until I create Santa Bender.


  5. They’ve replied. Unfortunately, I decided this reply:

    Sorry about that, they were not supposed to drop the items. It was a mistake in the FAQ from an earlier draft that was not changed. I do apologize. Thank you so much for playing, we hope you enjoy our game. Have a great day!

    So problem solved.


  6. Well here goes nothing. Already started, moving along pretty nicely so far. After several tries to finish an event, hopefully this one will be the one I will finish. Making sure to make use of this community to try and get things done on a timely basis. Wishing everyone the best with the event.


  7. Uuggg … I’m excited to see if we can unlock Santa but although I was able to purchase the liquor kitchen every time I try to place it my game crashes! … supper anoid.


  8. OK, I completed Neptune space missions and earned 35 rubies. Now I have a task in part three to collect 10 rubies, but they’ve already been collected and I’m not getting credit for the 35 I already have. How do I progress?


  9. I noticed in the faqs we can collect benders items from certain buildings. However, it does not show up in the pop up screen to collect from them, and the buildings did not show they they will drop the items. I hope they do!


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