Quick Questing – Holiday Fear

Greetings Earthlings!

You need not fear us. We come in peace and only wish you to take us to your Questline in order we can guide you through it.

Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the Holiday Fear Questline.  

 Holiday Fear Pt. 1

Learn About The Xmas Event
Have Fry Wrap A Present: 6secs
Have Bender Look For Weapons: 6secs

Completed Task 5  50 

 Holiday Fear Pt. 2

Go On The ‘Cold Planet’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path on the Cold Planet mission
Have Fry Practice His Stealth Moves: 3hrs

Clear 3 Robot Reindeers: Tap to clear

Completed Task 5  50 

 Holiday Fear Pt. 3

Go On The ‘Holly Jolly’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path on the Holly Jolly mission
Collect 10 Red Star Rubies: Get from Neptune Space Missions, Chanukah Zombie’s Sleigh
Build Our Motherboard Of Mercy Liquor Kitchen: 150 Santa Medals & 20 Red Star Rubies

Completed Task 5  75 

 Holiday Fear Pt. 4

Go On The ‘Yule Log’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path on the Yule Log mission
Create The Santa Claus Bender Outfit: Complete unlock requirements to bring the Santa Claus Bender outfit into your game
Have Fry Work On The Ship: 3mins

Completed Task 5  50 

 Holiday Fear Pt. 5

Go On The ‘Hexnuts Roasting On An Open Fire’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path on the Hexnuts Roasting On An Open Fire mission
Clear 15 Robot Reindeers: Tap to clear

Completed Task 15  50 

 Holiday Fear Pt. 6

Have Fry Dance The Hustle: 30mins
Build The Dilapitated (Neglected) Neptunian House: 345 Santa Medals & 35 Red Star Rubies

Create The Power Suit Fry Outfit: Complete unlock requirements to bring the Power Suit Fry outfit into your game

Completed Task 5  80 

 Holiday Fear Pt. 7

Learn About The Chanukah Zombie Boss
Defeat Chanukah Zombie In The Xmas Of The Undead Mission: Travel o Neptune and full deplete the Chanukah Boss on The Xmas Of The Undead mission

Completed Task 5  75 

 Holiday Fear Pt. 8

Have Power Suit Fry Adjust His Armour: 2hrs
Have Santa Claus Bender Send Seasons Greetings: 4hrs

Have Professor Tinker With Doomsday Devices: 4hrs

Completed Task 5  100 

There you have it, the lowdown on Holiday Fear.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


26 thoughts on “Quick Questing – Holiday Fear

  1. Any idea if we need to purchase the look up the time skyscraper to advance? I don’t want to buy it unless it’s needed, I’d rather save those assets for the next phase.


    1. No idea I’m afraid, I think might need it to access more items once next phase drops but really can’t say, so hug fire until we know


  2. Anyone has the following issues?
    – thé xmas quests (i had two) disappearing on them?
    – the star ruby on the mission don’t add up?


    1. What device are you playing on. Other player saving issue but I’ve not encountered it at all and I’ve run the mission about 20 times.


      1. I’ve had the 1-10 mission crash a few times in a row in my iPad. It always happened during the Chanukah Zombie Boss battle. The game suddenly accelerates to 5x speed and then crashes. I think it’s due to some combination of goons that are left because when I changed my attack strategy and killed then off more quickly, the problem didn’t occur.


        1. Yeah few players saying the same and are trying take out minions before him, but I’ve been fine so far, probably just jinxed myself saying that


    2. I had that happen to me. Just aim at getting rid of the army first before the boss. I find doing that lower the chance of crashing. I am on iPhone device.


  3. I figured I was only having nixonbuck because I’m still working on the districts. I’ve been having trouble not being able to level the characters up with each new event. I need big bucks for the buildings!

    However, I was able to complete mission 1-10 twice and my crew only reaches level 21 collectively.
    Power suit fry 19
    Scientist 20 and 21
    Captain 22
    Influencer 20
    I figured I’d try and it worked. I still need over 600 Santa coins for the last item. Looks like I finished the quest line, because it’s gone now. Just has frys character tasks.

    I just think the leveling up so high of new characters is so hard! I don’t even know if I want to waste money getting power suit fry up to the levels to finish the space missions, because I’m sure I’ll need to have big bucks for the next character we unlock.
    Good luck everyone!


      1. The price of buildings is ludicrous at times. I’ve had side quests sitting for ages without progression before because I needed the money for levelling characters or main event buildings. Having $100,000 buildings when you can only hold a maximum of $300,000 (if you ever get a chance to get that high) is really tough going. I only recently finished Amazon Amy’s questline before this event because of cash flow problems.

        Having said that, I have just the last building in the event store to get. First time I’ve ever been ahead in any event.


        1. Completely agree and I’ve mentioned it to TinyCo numerous times. The Nixonbucks are a stumbling block for many players including me at times – if only I could pull the 10 million I’ve sitting in Quest For Stuff or 75 million I’ve got sitting in Tapped Out over to New New York. I get they’ve tried stop what’s happened in other games by making the Nixonbucks essential to progress so you don’t amass millions of a useless currency but they’ve been too Scrooge like with them and now need loosen the purse strings and help us out a bit.


  4. Usually I try to 100% a mission before going on the next one but as the quests asked me to go to mission 1-10 I mainlined the last few. Last mission wasn’t as difficult as I expected but it’s going to be tough to max the other missions with having such high level new outfit requirements. I’ll complete them for Act 1 but might be tougher later on. Trying to raise the cash and have enough career chips is the challenge.

    Loving it so far.


      1. The Nixonbucks with an upper ceiling of $300,000 is a built in problem.
        So is how expensive it is to level up a character between levels 20 up to 30.

        Just keep building City Towers all over your New New York. They are the cheapest and fastest building to collect from. They only cost $4500 and collect $50 every 3 hours.
        I have almost 300 of them and get almost $15,000 Nixonbucks every 3 hours.


        1. Yeah I’m building myself some City Towers but needing spend Nixonbucks to get them is slowing me down, and to be honest I think I shouldn’t need have a farm of hundreds of the same building taking over my whole town to play the game. Kind of defeats purpose of it being a city builder game if I use all my space a City Tower Farm. The 300,000 ceiling isn’t an issue for a lot players as they are spending Nixonbucks as quick as they get them so not maxing out. But thanks for sharing your strategy, I’m off to build another few towers now.


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