Good News Everyone! Jam City Game News! The Pitter, Patter Of Potter feet!!!

Looks like Jam City will be wizarding, I mean working, in collaboration with Portkey Games as they just released a cracker of a Christmas gift for Harry Potter fans today with the news that in 2018 they will make many Hogwarts fans Christmas wish come true with the launch of a new mobile role-playing game that will let you virtually attend Hogwarts Academy.

Here’s what the guys at Jam City are saying about Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The new game lets Harry Potter fans live the dream of becoming a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by creating their own character and progressing through their years at Hogwarts. Along the way players will participate in all of the magical classes and activities they have come to love – like Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Duelling Club, and more. Most of the iconic professors from the Harry Potter stories reprise their roles in the game“.

For more information and to sign up for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game alerts click here!!!

So what do we all think of the latest Jam City news? Are there any Potter fans out there excited by this? Do any of you plan to enrol in Hogwarts? Chat about it here as this is the place for all your wizarding words.

~ Russian Tigger

2 thoughts on “Good News Everyone! Jam City Game News! The Pitter, Patter Of Potter feet!!!

    1. Yes, both will be part of the Portkey Games stable, this one will be more RPG, the other will be the Pokemon Zgo style game, Potter fans are going to be happy!!!


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