An Xmas Xarol Update Alert!!!

Tiny Santa’s been, and it looks like we made the nice list as he’s dropped a raft of new content into our games.

And it looks like we’re going to honing our combat skills over Christmas as we continue the An Xmas Xarol event.

Firstly you’ll need to update your game to App Version 1.5.0 to see the new content. And once you do so, you’ll see there’s going be a lot to discuss, and like you I’m just seeing all this for the first time so  bear with me. But here’s a little taster of what TinyCo has given us for Christmas.

  • Player versus Player battles
  • New abilities
  • New Crew upgrade and promotion levels
  • Daily Missions at the Daily Planet

So keep your eyes peeled for the Week 2 live post and others covering all the new combat changes.

Until then here’s what you’ll get you started moving along the Week 2 main Questline.

Fry Starts

You’re A Mean One, Robot Santa Pt. 1

Learn All About The Big Update: Tap to go to info
Have Amy Deck The Hall: 6secs
Go on the ‘Cold Welcome’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path

Starting the Main Questline, will then trigger 3 side Questlines, these are to guide you through some of the changes, so pay attention to these. They are:

Highly Skilled

Promoting Internally

Battle Of The Universes

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some Christmas combat fun.

~ Russian Tigger

33 thoughts on “An Xmas Xarol Update Alert!!!

  1. I am not able to update my game to this new version. I am using a kindle and no update available in the Amazon app store. Anyone know when it will be available?


  2. i think tinyco should keep pvp battles. because i think its more of a skill test, like to test your skills to other players, instead of doing your skills with space missions lot. Pvp battles makes futurama worlds or tomorrow fun and very good of a challenge for players to experience in a game. and yes there are bugs to be fix, But i bet if tinyco fixies the problem. it well make futurama one of the most best game ever


    1. I’m starting have fun with the new content,nyeah few tweaks may be needed but in general although they maybe overloaded us with too much new content all at once, I think we will settle int the new ways. Crashing is my major issue just now


  3. I have 5 crew members who are all maxed at lvl 30. I need to earn 3* medals to get them promoted, BUT the only option I can see for earning these is 100% completion of a mission where one path requires a level 45 captain. I’m so close to giving up on this event.


  4. My game is constantly crashing since the update. It was before too but not like this! As soon as it opens, I tap one thing and it crashes. Uninstalled and reinstalled and didn’t help. It’s soooo frustrating!


  5. Indeed, so many additions, more currency for more levels/ranks/whatever, needing to grind for them – or spend too much real money – in more battles just to be able to win more battles with everything being more complicated… I think this might be a good time I finally quit this game…


      1. Yeah, I’m trying, but that’s not that enjoyable either – getting all the pink diamonds for Amy’s suit when repeating the same 3 available space missions gives only a few each time…

        (And it feels like the game is mocking me when it says pink diamonds are available from missions 2-1 to 2-8, with 2-4 and up only unlocking when you have Amy’s suit. Of course that means you need those diamonds later, too – and probably again too many of them…)


  6. Ugh, soooooo pissed, I was saving cash and would have enough tomorrow to do something I really wanted to see. Been keeping hug blob locked until I could level him from one to thirty in one shot. I was going to record the cool level up sound and video of the game counting his level up to 30. Now I’ll never get to see it because once you hit level ten you have to promote then you can level up again. They’ve crushed my dreams of seeing someone leveled 1-30 in one go….


  7. Well, it is not direct PvP, I think it is player fighting against team of another player, but his team is computer managed. Similar to I think Dragon city. Surprised that some missions have requirement lvl 45 and even lvl 60, so suppose this systems stays in the game (as lvl 30 is still considered maximum).

    Probably you dont have to play it – hope they do not make it requirement for some high lvl missions, just and additional mini-game in the game.


  8. That’s a massive amount of updates to digest in one sitting!!
    Should I still level up characters or should I focus on getting them more stars?
    So many things to unlock!!


  9. If I can borrow a phrase from the another game, What the Deuce ?!?! What got into the developers? Reminds me of when the movie Dune came out (crap I’m old), when you walked into the theater, they handed you a syllabus. Like a 2 page explanation of what was going on. Nobody wants that, and I don’t want to have to refer to a cheat sheet of what beats what in a little time waster game. I think they went overboard on the complexity.


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