An Xmas Xarol Event Week 2 Overview!!!

Christmas Greetings Earthlings!

Tiny Santa’s been, and it looks like we made the nice list as he’s dropped a raft of new content into our games. And by the look of things it would seem we’re going to be honing our combat skills over Christmas as we learn all about the new abilities, affinities as we continue progressing through the An Xmas Xarol event.

First up I’m not going go into great detail is this post about PVP & Affinities and such, I’ll tough on them but I don’t want this post to turn into overkill rather than an overview, so I’ll do individual detailed posts on these. But my advice treat much of the changes as a side-show and concentrate on the week 2 Xmas core content, you can just dip into the new changes as required by the Questlines, concentrate the rest of your time and resources to unlocking Power Suit Amy etc. The rest we can work though together as all the kinks are ironed out.

And yes there are some issues, PVP Universe timer wasn’t counting down unless you were in the game but you should be seeing a fix for this now.

If your fame is crashing a lot, you’re not alone, many of us are having this issue, I know it’s frustrating especially when it means Space Missions are interrupted or combat battles need to be completed again.


Main Questline


The App Version that brings the new content is 1.5.0 so make sure you’ve uploaded to this.


10th January 3pm PDT (That’s GMT-7)


The main Questline for this event is You’re One Mean Robot, Mr Santa. And here’s a taster to get you started.

Fry Starts

You’re One Mean Robot, Mr Santa Pt. 1

Learn About The Big Update: Tap > for information
Have Amy Deck The Halls: 6secs
Go on the ‘Cold Welcome’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path

You’re One Mean Robot, Mr Santa Pt. 2

Clear 10 Robot Reindeer: Tap Robot Reindeers and clear 10
Have Professor Practice His Attack: 4hrs
Win 1 Universe Battle: Win one PVP Universe battle

You’re One Mean Robot, Mr Santa Pt. 3

Go on the ‘Special Snowflake’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path
Create The Power Suit Amy Outfit: Get from Xmas Exchange, costs 100 Santa Medals & 58 Pink Pindrop Diamonds


The main event currency is Robot Souls, and you can get these from:

Santa Medals (Always): Clear Robot Reindeers, Our Motherboard Of Merry Liquor Kitchen, Neglected Neptunian House, Look Up The Time Skyscraper, Neptune Space Missions

The other essential materials are:

Pink Pindrop Diamonds (Epic): Neptune Space Missions, Turbo Neptunians Sleigh 

Nebular Orbs (Always): Win PVP Universe Battles

Turbo Medals (Always): 100% Complete Neptune Space Missions

Red Star Rubies (Always): Neptune Space Missions, Chanukah Zombie’s Sleigh 

Dreidel Medals (Always): Neptune Space Missions



Chanukah Zombie (Character – Influencer): You will be directed to purchase him from the store for 100 Santa Medals and start unlocking him at You’re One Mean Robot, Mr Santa Pt. 3

8 Dreidal Medals (Always): Space Mission 10, Xmas of the Undead, on Neptune
8 Yarmulkes (Common): Power Suit Repair Centre
10 Eye Drops (Epic):  Icy Exterior Space Mission on Neptune, Partyboard Central Space Mission on Neptune
14 Dreidal Bombs (Epic): Partyboard Central Space Mission on Neptune, Maximum Power Suit Space Mission on Neptune, Life of the Party Space Mission on Neptune

Power Suit Amy (Outfit – Influencer): You will see this outfit to buy with event materials in the Xmas Exchange in the event area.

100 Santa Medals (Always): Clear Robot Reindeers, Our Motherboard Of Nerry Liquor Kitchen, Neglected Neptunian House, Look Up The Time Skyscraper, Neptune Space Missions
58 Pink Pindrop Diamonds (Epic): Neptune Space Missions, Turbo Neptunian Sleigh


As with all events there’s some new items in the store.

Turbo Neptunian’s Sleigh (drops 1 Pink Drop Diamond every 4hrs)~ 150

21st Century Christmas Tree~ Costs 6 Nebula Orbs

Stanley Storks Diaper Service ~ Costs 12 Nebula Orbs

Mountaintop Ski Lodge ~ Costs 50 Nebula Orbs

Gunderson’s Unshelled Nuts Billboard ~ Costs 10 Nebula Orbs


There are 2 areas in play at the moment:

1: Xmas Exchange (more details below)

2: PVP Universe Portal (more details below)


Here is where you will trade Materials you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Outfits to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week Two.

Power Suit Amy
Cost~ 100 Santa Medals & 58 Pink Pindrop Diamonds

Toy Works Factory: 35xp & 3 Santa Medals every 4hrs + chance of 2 Henlrahs
Cost~ 430 Santa Medal,  8 Red Star Rubies & 28 Pink Pindrop Diamonds

Sedevaald Global Seed Vault:  50xp & 4,Santa Medals every 6hrs
Cost~ 675  Santa Medals, 12 Red Star Rubies & 16 Pink Pindrop Diamonds

Power Suit Repair Centre: 35xp & 3 Santa Medals every 4hrs + chance of 2 Yarmulkes
Cost~ 1025 Santa Medals, 14 Red Star Rubies, 20 Pink Pindrop Diamonds

Rabbi-Bot: No drops
Cost~ 1450 Santa Medals, 36 Pink Pindrop Diamonds & 25 Turbo Medals


After being tease last week this is now live, and as yo he saw is where you will battle in the PVP (Player vs Player) Universe. The current Universe Battles will end on Thursday 21st December at 2pm PDT (10pm GMT).

You’ll be guided through the PVP Universe battles by the Battle Of The Universes Side Questline. I’ll also be covering PVP in a more detailed post, but for now here’s all you need to know. Firstly you can access the PVP Universe via the portal or the Ray Gun icon at the bottom of your screen

When you play a PVP for the first time you’ll be directed to choose your team, then you need chose a team to combat against. You’ll have a choice of 3 opponents, if you don’t fancy any of the competition you can choose to refresh your search and will see a fresh set of 3 opponents, but you’ll only be able refresh 3 times for free, after this you will have to pay pizza or wait for your free refresher timer resets.

Okay now that’s done and once you’ve got your team and enemy selected you will start to battle and it’s similar to a Space Mission combat, only you’ll now see the new Affinities etc at work, more on these later. Your aim is to win the battle and gain battle points and other rewards. The amount of Battle Points awarded depends on level of opponent you choose, but I find taking a similarly levelled opponent and defeating them gets me 22 Battle Point. It is these that determine your rank. What you will get for winning combats depends on your current PVP Universe rank, so you want to keep increasing it when you can. Again I’ll have detailed post on this up soon.

You will get 5 battles from your Battle Energy, once this is depleted you’ll need wait for it to recharge.


You will still see Robot Reindeers running around your sidewalks just keep tapping them to clear them. Once cleared you will need to wait for another batch of 5 to spawn.

The rewards you get for clearing them are as follows:

5 Santa Medals (Always)


And we’re on our travels again, as the 2nd week brings us 8 new Space Missions to complete and they are all located on Neptune. The first, Cold Welcome (2-1), will unlock when you trigger the main Questline, then each subsequent mission will unlock as you complete a path on the previous mission and unlock the required character needed for the mission. They start off pretty easy to complete as the new enemies, which now include Neptunian Wolves & Angry Neptunians, and they are weak at first, but the difficulty starts to increase as the missions goes on, and you’ll also meet another Xmas boss on the final Space Mission, Goin Turbo. This will be similar to Chanukah Zombie in the first week and you’ll chip away at his health after defeating his minions.

You’ll also collect event currencies, materials and the usual chips and such. The amount you get per enemy differs depending on the mission you are on but you’ll find a guide to what can be found on each mission in a separate post soon.


Another new game element added with the update. This brings us rotating extra and of course optional, daily missions to help build up resources such as Career Chips, Ranking Badges, Nixonbucks & xp. The resources available will change daily at 4pm PDT and they will be as detailed in the schedule below. So if you’re wondering where you get the Ranking to upgrade your characters, the Daily Planet missions are where you need to be at.

But be warned these missions are tough, especially if you’re crew are lower level, so plan your missions and fuel spend wisely on these.


And yes here’s even more new game elements added with the update. I warned you there was lots. And there’s another little Side Questline to introduce these, Highly Skilled. There’s a lot to this, so it’s going take you some time to get to grips with all the changes this will bring about, and I will help with a detailed post on this, but to cut a long story short your characters will now on top of their class have affinities, and these will be utilised mostly in the PVP universe. These 3 affinities highlight a character’s new ability, they are Brainy, Brave & Cool. I look at it like a Futurama version of Rock, Paper Scissors as Brainy beats Brave, Brave beats Cool and Cool beats Brainy.

And you’ll identify the affinity of any given character by the affinity symbol in their level up screen.

As well as this in the image above you’ll see on the left hand side a column of 5 icons your character can unlock. These are the Passives abilities your character can have, you’ll unlock them as you rank & level up your character. These special abilities will again be seen mostly in the PVP Universe and can increase your attack, defence, steal enemies health, change stats and lots more that we will discuss in a more detailed post. But here’s a look at the Passive symbols you’ll be starting to see.

And as I said you’ll earn these by levelling up your characters. But again like Affinities if you’re freaking out, don’t. Just play the event and all this will become clearer, you don’t need to be using all this to progress at this time.


Before this update Level 30 was the maximum you could take your characters up to, but not anymore, believe it or not Level 100 is now the target. Yes you read that right, Level 100. However there’s a little added extra to levelling up and that’s Rank Promotions, which I briefly mentioned when talking about Affinities. Ranks will run alongside and to a degree control your levelling up strategy as rather than simply using Nixonbucks and Chips to level up, you’ll now need to also promote characters with  Ranking Badges to access the various levels. If you look below, I had Fry at Level 30 but cannot level him higher until I promote his rank fro 2 to 3.

So tap Promote and you’ll,see what this will cost you. Also be aware just like Career Chips there’s a Nixonbucks cost to implement the promotion. Argh.

You’ll see you need a mixture of 3-Star Badges to promote Fry to Rank 3, and you’ll get them from the Daily Planet missions, PVP Universe Rank Rewards or you can purchase promotion packs from the store, but these are expensive. Once you’ve promoted Fry to Rank 3 you can then level him up as normal until you reach the Rank 3 cap. You’ll then need Promote him to Rank 4 and so on. And remember levelling up now unlock new Passives for the character. There will be more information coming on this. But use your promotion badges wisely as they will not be easy to come by.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the big Week 2 update of An Xmas Xarol event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re frightfully excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


45 thoughts on “An Xmas Xarol Event Week 2 Overview!!!

  1. I still hate the changes. They suck way too much fun out of the game and greatly diminish my enthusiasm for playing it. Seriously considering quitting after Zoidberg is released — and that’s assuming they don’t keep us waiting too much longer for him!


  2. Well after waiting two days and not one drop of yamulkes and the constant crashing i have deleted the game, the phrase “not fit for purpose” springs to mind, rather sad really six months down the drain all for nought.


  3. I’m almost afraid to ask this. Any clues on what’s next? Or when? Sad when a game is the drama and stress in your life. Russiantiger, you’re persistence and calmness is all that has kept me here, what guidance do you offer as we are frozen in fear of what they will do to us next. Do we fear them?


    1. I think we’ll only see Week 3 of the Xmas event content, I don’t see any more new gameplay changes. So panic not…. Play long and prosper 😀😀😀


  4. Are there any mission paths that people are having better luck on the pink diamonds? Getting one at a time is getting a little frustrating…


  5. If they would have removed the GAME level cap, and let people have more than 84 fuel units, or let fuel units regenerate faster, I’d probably keep playing this game, but once I sat down and actually sorted through everything (Sweet Zombie Jesus, changing the way levels work as well as introducing PvP during an event? *Extremely stupid*), I realize that – from the perspective of my enjoyment as a player – this game is now broken. To do everything you need to pay to get rank bundles and refuel, and while I realize ultimately that the goal of the company is to get people to pay to play the game, I strongly feel there is a fine line between making a fun game that makes me feel like contributing financially and just being greedy, and greed broke the game.

    I enjoy Futurama, and was a fan from the first episode, and have even gone so far as to touch upon Futurama several times in my academic career (as well as collect a fair amount of the merchandise), but this new play system, which might be fine in an RPG that I paid one time for, is really driven by making money off the players due to how its implemented. I’m still playing TSTO after 5.5 years, I quit FGTQFS after about 2.5, and now I’ve quit FWOT after just 6 months. How sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Another thing is that there’s no cargo haul for the new missions (that start with 2). I see that I get things on the mission but when the mission isn’t over only the standard rewards are e there – nothing in cargo. This is a bad update. Very TinyCo.


    1. I reported this to TinyCo the other day, I checked and cargo holdings are being awarded in with the standard reward but I prefer see them seperate like it was before and I’m sure a fix will come, just not surecwhen as there’s a lot going on with the game


  7. Well can’t say it’s been fun, because it hasn’t. I’ll just stick with the cartoons. It’s as if they hate people who like Futurama, I feel like Tiny Co. is trolling us. As if the game didn’t already suck up too much time unbalanced system with rocket fuel and levels for each job. Not even sure I understood the game before the recent changes, definitely don’t now. A game shouldn’t have you going to your friends saying I don’t get this do you. With an agreed upon NO. Hope they iron out this garbage for those sticking around. I’m not playing this headache of a game.


    1. To be honest you can ignore a lot of the changes with affinities and Passives, only dip into all the changes when necessary to complete event Questline – they don’t play that big a part. The levelling up and promoting will take a bit getting used to. But if game isn’t any fun for you I get it’s time walk away.


      1. This community was pretty helpful, unfortunately the headache of this game got too big for me. My friend quit the game to, so I guess it was just time to move on. Hope things work out for you guys with bug fixes and all.


        1. Thanks. And if you find anything fun out there in the game world, come back and tel us. No seriously, enjoy the holiday season and all the best for 2018.

          Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi, I’m on part 2 of the questline (could you please tell me how I battle), I’ve been trying all weekend but nothing happens when I click on it, also cant level up. Unlocked Amy’s Costume this morning and get an Error message, basically cant do anything because I even get the message when I try to go on a Mission. Send help message to Tinyco but was wondering if anyone else was having problems!! THANKS
    BTW – (playing on Kindle Fire)!! , week one was easy now s tuck and don’t know what to do!!!


    1. It’s a PVP Universe battle you need to do, click on the little ray gun at the bottom of your screen to get the battle screen


      1. Hi, I haven’t had the option to do a PVP Battle so don’t see a ray gun, since the week 2 content came last week have only been able to go on missions to collect for Amy’s outfit, then when I got it just have an Error, cant go on any more missions, because the error pops up. I am playing on Kindle and I need to upgrade but can’t as there is no upgrade, have contacted Amazon but they only said the usual thing of deleting data/cache which I have done as well as uninstalling and installing my game. Haven’t heard from Tinyco, but hopefully things will get sorted soon, was really enjoying the Event as well for the first time in a while was up to date with everything even the weekly challenge which I won’t get now as my timer hasn’t got long left!! THANKS for your help – looking at other comments I don’t thing I’m alone in being frustrated! 😦


        1. Well woke this morning to find all the week 2 content in my game (only 6 days late), only been able to get Amy’s outfit up to now! Only got to do a bit, came back to game to game only to find Amazon Appstore failure!! can’t get back in grr! Think it’s time to ditch the Kindle and ask Santa for an Ipad. Play FGTQFS on my phone never had no trouble with IOS!!! 😦


    1. Yeah it’s glitched and the temp fix still means you need keep your game open and running for the hours needed to countdown the PVP timer – hope see a proper fix soon.


  9. Daily planet top paths arent removing fuel. But if it crashes, you have to restart a fight but your characters health losses are retained….


    1. They are using my fuel, unfortunately 😉 Abd I’m having same crashing issues, I’ve reported it to TinyCo and would ask you do as well


  10. Fun content but it’s so hard to level right now. I just got the blob delivery boy, but in my queue, I have Amazonian amy and one of the jamican domicile and market to build (a lot of bucks in translation). I also need the money to level up my characters too. Just seems like too much is happening all at once.


    1. I know, the update was pretty overwhelming but out with what you need to do for the main Questline you can slowly tinker with all the new content. Much of it isn’t essential to the event so just play in your own way. I’ve tasks sitting as well due to levelling up. The Daily Missions will hopefully help with building up level get resources going forward, but it comes at a cost, fuel


      1. No error code. The game won’t even load anymore. I restarted my phone. I deleted and re-downloaded the app. Nothing works. It’s really frustrating. The load page starts and before the bar gets to the end, it crashes. Ugh. About to just give up and stop playing the game, but really bummed to lose moths of progress


  11. Yeah, this new update has been the worse thing to happen for me … crashes all the time, countdowns stuck, can’t even access the support system anymore to let them know I have a problem … with having to reset the game every 1 to 2 minutes I have essentially stopped playing for now … probably will fall to far behind to reach what was my ultimate goal … getting Santa … smells of when I gave up on Family Guy … at least Homer isn’t giving my any problems, and never has.


    1. Hopefully we’ll get the crashing issues sorted quick, it’s impacting many of us and draining the fun out of things. The timer issue has a temporary fix. I think until all sorted can’t really judge the new content. But I get the frustrations


  12. We need 158 Pink Pindrop Diamonds to get everything from this weeks Xmas Exhange.
    With only 2 Pink Pindrop Diamonds from a good run, it will be Easter before I have recharged engouth fuel to grind all those Pink Pindrop Diamonds….


  13. Is anybody else having trouble with the timers not actually counting down in PvP. The time left doesn’t seem to reduce each time I log in, so no new battles and no extra searches?


    1. They did make a temp change yo try fix this,nit seems timer only counts down when your game is open, hopefully be fixed after the weekend


    2. The reply I received from them was they fixed it to where it will be a 10 min timer from here on. However, the first 10 hour timer has to count all the way down before the fix can take place per player. Now my phone only lets me keep the screen on for 10. Anyone know how I can just make it run over night? I’ll actually check the developer options to see if I can keep screen on! Good luck!


  14. Also my second space mission on daily planet says earn 3-star badges from drops, but drops always give me 2-star badges. I go on left path, as the right one requires lvl 45 characters. PvP said 10 hours till next round, after 12 hours it says 8 hours till next round.


    1. Having similar issue now Peter, it’s been reported, please do same for your game so TinyCo can see it’s a wider issue


  15. Not liking the second week as much. Progress has halted. Trying to grind through for the pink diamonds as you just don’t get enough per space mission for the required amount.

    This badges to unlock further ranks. With the increasing cp needed between ranks it feels like it’ll get to the stage where Peta chips and 300k would not be enough to level up much.

    We need an increase to the wallet and more ways to earn Nixonbucks.


      1. I was so stoked when the daily planet popped up because the first time I saw it was Saturday earning nixonbucks. Each time I played the top track (level 20) you could earn 3 packages. Each gave $750, $1000,$1200 or $1500.

        My highest level character is only 20, so I am new to the game, so I gained as much level up $ as I could get my hands on. The rest of the missions on Daily Planet suck for lower level ppl like me though because its taunting me with things I won’t get for a wile.
        Also p vs p is way above my scope because they always match me with others that are lvl 25 and above so I just get swatted down like a fly. Even after I reroll 3 times none are even close to my lvl. ggggrrrrrrrr


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