Welcome To The Angry Dome

Greetings Angry Humans!!!

What The F…. Hey, hold on guys, let me finish. F is for Futurama. Just what on earth were you lot thinking?

Yes it’s a little know fact that in space no one can hear you swear!!! But that might be a little far to travel to let off some steam, so we thought we’d bring a little bit of space to you.

So here’s your very own Angry Dome, a place where you can go to vent about anything and everything, whether it be Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow related or not. Consider this your weekly therapy and let it all out with a good old holler of WHAT THE FUTURAMA?!

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting please!!!


26 thoughts on “Welcome To The Angry Dome

  1. The quests for Momon and Frydo are permanently stuck as they require level 13 for them, but essence for both no longer available. Grrrrrrrrr.


  2. This game has gone from fun to grind.

    You barely get hypnotons from space missions anymore.
    The cost of levelling has always been expensive but now you get one chance a week to earn specific level 3 badges, if you’re lucky.
    If you didn’t level some characters beyond level 10 you have to go through the promotion kajigger.
    Space missions are now requiring high level secondary characters with the cost to level the, being ridiculous.
    Buildings cost too much for the paltry limit on your wallet. Seriously, one building can wipe out more than a third of your wallet.

    I thought I would enjoy this more that FG but the levelling and grind mean I am fast losing interest.

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  3. Repeat completion reward for pink diamond in mission 2-4 to 2-6 dropped from 3 to 1.
    i only saw 3 in first day and unknowingly spent all fuel for career badges thinking the mechanics fixed in stone.


  4. I can’t believe the week 2 bonus mission has started already!!! After the new content dropped very late the next bonus round has started already, and to complete requires you to have unlocked Chanukah Zombie to advance to Neptune 2-8 and defeat Turbo Neptunian 5 times!!! Thought things were going to easy on the first week! Seems like a choice now, if the PvP timers get sorted, advance the normal characters and level up or play the Xmas Xarol event.


  5. Hi everyone!
    It’s taken me over two months to get Mr. HG Blob. I was able to also get the artifact from the Amazonian planet so I can unlock the district with Zoidberg in it. It tells me I don’t have the artifact when I try to unlock him, but I have it in my artifact collection.
    Any clue on the next step here or is it a glitch?


    1. Hi, glad you finally got HG Blob, but don’t worry there’s not a problem with your game, everyone gets the artifucat message as the government district hasn’t been released yet. But you’ll be ready when it is, I’m presuming we might see it early next year


  6. I’m giving up on this game for good as I find it’s now becoming very tedious, with drops that make it impossible to complete tasks, and repetitive missions.


    1. Sorry to hear that, but maybe try just play the event and ignore the new gameplay, you only need dip into it a little for the main Questline. We are feeding back frustrations to TinyCo


  7. I can’t even play the dang thing since the update. Is anyone else using a Kindle fire? I get the Please Upgrade icon whenever I open the game but then it takes me to a screen that will not let me update it. Anyone else having this problem?


    1. Have you got the ability to manually search for the update rather than follow the icon link? If game is saved to an account a new install might help BUT only if you’ve saved your game


  8. These pink diamonds are just too grindy to have to get. And it’s not as if I can just ignore them as just another skin, because you need power suit Amy to progress the main quest line.

    Week 1 was quick to progress, and week 2 has been a boring repetitive slog.

    In fact, TinyCo may have ruined Christmas. Humbugs well and truly out now.


  9. I agree with Amy being way too hard to get. Just wrote a super long comment to the developers in-game because I have so many problems. I think it was a horrible idea to change the whole game mechanic in the middle of an event. One example: my battle clock doesn’t run when I don’t have the game open. So since two days, I can’t participate in any battles, since I used up all my fights.


    1. Yeah I’ve reported back the same but I agree they released a lot all at once, they possibly should separated some of the content with more gradual releases. But once they iron out the issues hopefully we will have some fun.


  10. I too find the pink gems ridiculously rare too…

    I have a even bigger problem.
    The timer for then I can do PvP attacks again (the one right under the 5 future gun symbols on the “Select your opponent” screen) is only counting down while I’m ingame!!
    This means I haven’t been able to do PvP attacks since Friday be course I don’t have FWOT app running 24/7.
    I still have 5½ hours of ingame time left before I can do by second run of PvP attacks 😦


  11. The pink gems are ridiculously difficult to get or require too many to get Amy. I am averaging 2 per run. I have all of the run up to 2-3 at 100%, so I am not getting anything except medals and the occasional single gem. Unfortunately these runs use fuel and I think I am looking at 20 runs minimum (I think the shortest run is 7) So if I get 2 per run that 140 units of fuel, but I sometimes only get 1. I don’t mind a little grinding, but this is ridiculous.


  12. Why wont the level 3 badges drop i’ve been doing the same mission over and over again but only lvl 2 badges are dropping . I can’t do the next one because it is lvl 60 recommended but I can’t get past lvl 30 because the badges never drop. About to quit I hate the new so called improvements. I feel like I am wasting all my time farming stuff that won’t drop. This has taken all the fun out of the game. this is sposed to be a casual game not one you have to play 24/7 to get anywhere.

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