An Xmas Xarol Weekly Challenge: Week 2 – Power Accessory

Greetings Earthlings!

You need not fear us. We come in peace and only wish you to alert you to the new Weekly Challenge that’s launched in your game.

Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the Power Accessory Challenge.  

This week’s challenge, if you should choose to accept it, should work in tandem with what we’re doing in our games right now, collecting Santa Medals, running Space Missions and defeating Turbo Neptunian. But be aware you’ll need Chanukah Sombie unlocked so try to avoid starting the task as long as you can.

If you should complete this challenge, what will you get? Well  you’ll win yourself this animated Amy’s Power Ship.

And remember if you complete all the events Weekly Chalenges you’ll win the mystery grand prize.

What do you need to do to complete this weeks challenge, well here’s the deal, you will need to complete the Power Accessory Quest which consists of:

Power Accessory
Fry  Starts

Defeat 70 Angry Neptunians: You’ll defeat these during combat in the Week 2 Neptune Space Missions
Earn 850 more Santa Medals: Clear Robot Reindeers, Our Motherboard Of Merry Liquor Kitchen, Neglected Neptunian House, Look Up The Time Skyscraper, Neptune Space Missions & more

Defeat Turbo Neptunian 5 Times: Complete the Goin’ Turbo Mission 5 times.


And if the Weekly Challenge hasn’t triggered in your game, don’t panic, it could be you’ve not progressed far enough in the main Questline, You’re A Mean One, Robot Santa for it to launch. You’ll find breakdown of it HERE.

So there you have it the second of this events weekly challenges. Are you going to go for it, or give it a miss? Let us know by voting below.

~ Russian Tigger


12 thoughts on “An Xmas Xarol Weekly Challenge: Week 2 – Power Accessory

  1. Well I was about to complete the challenge, was just waiting for some more fuel to finish the final run at Turbo Neptunian and they decide to reset everything. No way I’m going through it all again so I guess I fail this one.


  2. I just got th r zombie (great!), only upgrade him
    To level 9 and power suit amy at 12. Took delivery boy fry. And level 30 professor and Leela for a boss run.
    Made it to the boss with 40% Heath for 3 level 30 character. Got my bum wiped. Don’t have the money to upgrade Oobie and power suit amy. I guess I will be missing this bonus. (I only have 4 hours left. Starting to hate this game


  3. Ima miss this one. Wanna know why? Cuz it started way too soon. An alternate method to trigger weekly challenges should be implemented for both this and FG for that matter or at least have it trigger at a certain point or a day before the next phase of the event.


  4. Hurry, you have 48 hours to complete, but the Cha Zombie will take 72, ENJOY!!! This task triggered way too soon, classic Tiny Co. attempt at a pizza grab. It’s practices like this alienated me from FG, causing me to delete the app.


  5. This challenge seems like it should have been the week 3 challenge and not the week 2.
    I had this challenge trigger right after I placed the Toy Factory, which is the first step toward getting the zombie, but shouldn’t it not have started until after I earned him? I have absolutely no chance of completing the challenge because it will probably be another three days of grinding missions to get the pink crystals for the next building I need that drops things to get him.
    The good news is since I’m doomed in week 2, I can just ignore the next three challenges if I can’t get the grand prize anyway.
    I was really enjoying Xmas the first week because week 1 was very laid back and fun, but week 2 has been nothing but frustrating. Horrible pink crystal drop rates, grinding so much to get pink crystals that there is no fuel left to do Daily Planet missions, five days in and the multi-universe battle counter still isn’t fixed…


  6. Going to end up missing this as apparently I’m too cheap to spend truck loads of pizza to get anywhere, and it’s impossible to do without. Religiously playing and it is not enough to complete.


  7. No chance to complete this. Is anyone honestly even close to being able to achieve this? I’m still trying to grind enough to buy the buildings needed to drop the supplies to unlock the zombie guy. Stupid drop rates of this game makes zero sense!


  8. It’s kind of weird that they pushed through a weekly challenge before fixing some of the issues we’re all having. I would think it could’ve waited.


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