To Affinities And Beyond – Update 1.5.0 Feedback Page

So Tiny Santa knew when we were sleeping and went and delivered a sackful of new gameplay down New New York’s game chimney at the end of last week. And to be honest the reaction to it has been mixed, unfortunately much of it negative due to the 2nd week of the An Xmas Xarol content colliding with the raft of new gameplay elements brought in with the update. Add to this some glitches and issues and let’s just say many of you felt overwhelmed and all the early event Christmas cheer was suddenly in short supply. But before you go running for the exit please read on.

Okay, I’m playing the same game as you guys, so I know many of you are frustrated that the latest update brought with it a lot of changes, and some glitches and issues. My own game is crashing more than a bandicoot on a moped, and diamonds are definitely not this girl’s best friend as my drops have been painfully slow. Over the weekend it felt more like Groundhog day than Christmas season as the PVP Universe timer decided to go all grinchy on us.

Sadly due to the above and more the update saw alarm bells going off in players heads rather than the intended jingle bells. and this really is a shame as TinyCo brought about much of this content on the back of players asking for more combat abilities and new ways to gather resources.

So in order to gather our thoughts in one place I wanted to put up a place for players to ask  any questions about the new features or leave any feedback for TinyCo. Now I get some of you are angry and are fed up after the weekend but let’s make this a place for constructive criticism or suggestions rather than ranting.  Why? Well because it’s only a week until Santa time and you don’t want an ill-timed rant seeing you thrown onto the naughty list, so try to keep it nice, lol.

As I said the main purpose of this post is to give you somewhere to go to leave your main questions, concerns, suggestions, issues, etc for the recent 1.5.0 update. Hey and that includes those who can’t get the update, please tell us here what platform & device your playing on.

And if you’ve still not got the update and are wondering what all the fuss is about you’ll find full details on the update HERE.

So feel free to leave your comments below as needed. I will be highlighting this post to TinyCo to help correct areas of concern and overall improve the game. I will also try to post any feedback or updates from TinyCo as I get them.

Remember to be helpful and be detailed with your feedback.  Don’t just shout about it, explain the problem and make suggestions for improvement. Also feel free to say if there are things you like about the update.

And finally my advice is to take your time finding your way around all the new content, and where possible concentrate on the An Xmas Xarol content, its limited time whereas much of the other new features aren’t.

– Russian Tigger

21 thoughts on “To Affinities And Beyond – Update 1.5.0 Feedback Page

  1. i was excited when this game came out had fun at the begining especially with the battles it was fresh new and cool now im finding it to be a drag all theses skins that need to all be leveled up seriously not enough diffetant charaters just the same with like 10 skins,horrible drop rates,repeative mission battles to get stuff,not enough money or chips to upgrade let alone buy buildings this game is getting long and tidious. then boom an event so u put ur town and character getting on hold to start the event. then the event becomes much of the same annoying tidious time consuming nothing


  2. I have a few issues with week 2, like people are saying the weekly task is practically impossible, it is for me.

    I have emailed tinyco to ask why trips to The Daily Planet charge two dark matter per stop, on the map. I have found nothing on their Q&A, or here (not that I am suggesting anything wrong on the helpful addicts pages) to suggest why it costs double.

    I am trying to promote characters beyond level 30, and now I have just had a proper look around I am even more confused.
    a) I have thirty-three 2star badges that are not crew ability related
    b) I have eight 3star badges that are not crew ability related
    c) I have five 3star delivery boy badges
    I go to Promote, for instance Fry level 30, but am told that I have “Not enough chips” and he is “Level Maxed.” Do I have
    to obtain three more delivery boy badges to promote him, I do not understand why there are eight ‘useless’ badges that
    are having no effect?

    I see in the PvP battles that some characters are above level 30 and they are at Silver tier, I am Silver II if that has any significance to promotion.


    1. The cost to promote Fry to Rank 3 is 8 3 Star Rank Badges and 8 3 Star Delivery Rank Badges – o 16 badges in total, 8 of each type


  3. Between pink diamond drop rates, impossible week 2 challenge, being prompted to level up beyond level 30 when it wasn’t possible to do so, not getting double pizza rewards for watching the offer ads and being fobbed off to a separate company that places the ads, I’ve had enough.

    I see from other people’s comments that the ridiculous grinding is something also done in Family Guy, so it’s not as if TinyCo has made a beginners mistake.

    I’ve deleted the game and in doing so, freed up valuable space on my device and left myself with more time to enjoy life rather than feel I’m working at an unpaid job.


  4. The pink diamond drop rate is kind of absurd, and also if you craft a building that has item drops, it needs to be 100%. You bust your butt to get the resources and then MAYBE it’ll drop that item you need. Better luck in 6 hours. That’s just stupid. Its why I fell behind during the Robot Hell event, and these menorahs are making me nervous now too.


  5. With the PVP battles, I don’t get any rewards. I managed to build up to a gold status, but I’m wondering when I’m going to see any of these badges. I can’t level my people left to anything


    1. At the end of this ’rounds’ PVP Universe battles, you’ll see timer counting down the days unti it ends at top PVP screen.


  6. I have heard back from TinyCo and they promise they are working on the issues. Once your timer runs down initially for PvP it will be a ten minute timer – but I still have 4 hours to wind through. The crashing and issues are expected to be resolved soon.


  7. I am frustrated that the updated content has not reached my Kindle at all.

    I am frustrated that their FAQ says they’ve put a patch through for the time glitch to refresh battle power, but I haven’t seen that patch on my iPad. Meanwhile, the 2nd week goes on, with timed tasks that rely on this.

    I am frustrated that every time I get to the end of a space mission, it crashes. So, I have to finish that level 30 path 2, 3, 4 times. Each time, it remembers that I’ve taken additional hits (and maybe killed a player), but it forgets that i finished.

    I’m frustrated that I spend more time starting the game than playing the game.

    I know they’re allegedly fixing the problems, but I’m done. I would much rather the update be delayed several months with reasonable testing than have to go through this crap. Call me in 3 months when things smooth out.


  8. My game is not playable. I tap the app, the load screen comes on, and then it just crashes and I see my iphone’s home screen. I re-started my phone. I deleted and re-installed the app, and once I access my account it crashes. I haven’t been able to play for three days, and it’s really frustrating. I’m not alone. A lot of people on FB said they are having the same problem. It’d be nice if they a) acknowledged the issue and b) (obviously) fixed the issue. At this point, as I’ve missed a good portion of “week 2” of the Xmas event, I am getting more and more reluctant to want to play at all which is a shame because I was enjoying the game. Because of all the errors, pizza to speed up behind players would be nice, or an extension of the event.


  9. It would be great if all this XP I’m earning actually did something. Either stop awarding me XP, change it directly to fuel instead of XP after level 60, go back to levels/meters to fill to get fuel refilled, or have fuel, career chips or promotion medals purchasable with XP.
    We are five days into the PVP battles and the clock still isn’t fixed? Isn’t this a game that runs on clocks?


  10. i agree with others though saying that the constant levelling up of each skin is starting to become a seriously tedious issue (i’ve moaned about this before too. i’ve finally got my core characters to lv.30 but now theyve got new skins and each of these needs to be level 30 otherwise you can’t do certain missions or actions etc.
    … and now we’ve got to contend with being stuck at a max of level 10 unless you “promote” the new skin after doing a number of side space missions to get upgrade chips. then level 30 until you promote again.
    that and the fact that i’ve seen countless posts on this site where players either run out of money OR they’ve run out of chips and can’t upgrade any of their characters/skins.

    someone else has mentioned it already but the space battles are becoming a grind too because the payouts in some cases are so low you need to do 20-30 before you even gather enough items to be used on something.

    we need more chips/greater chip rewards, better special item payouts (when an item forms part of a mission), more money that isn’t capped based on a players overall level, levelling characters up to be cheaper, some sort of way to upgrade or increase dark matter/space fuel storage, and building purchases to be cheaper… and that’s just to start with!

    i don’t think I’d mind these all of these changes if it was a bit more balanced and they didn’t force on it on players part way through a large themed event

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  11. Yeah. Just uninstalled. Too much to throw at us. It was ridiculous to force us to replay the same missions 30-40 times just to maybe get enough pink diamonds to make everyone’s items. I grinded and got power suit Amy the second day, but to have to do another few days just to get the second item then then repeat for each one…. Nope. Just like with the family Guy game, tinyco has ruined the fun within a short period.


  12. I’m playing on a Kindle fire hd8 and I still don’t have an update. When I open the game it says theres an update but when I click the button it takes me to google play. I also searched in Amazon app store and it states there is no update.


    1. Ok, so I used the contact us feature in game and their response was that it’s Amazon’s fault because they haven’t approved the update. They don’t know when Amazon will approve it and have no control over it.


  13. I like that each character is unique! My only issue is that my it takes so long to get the special weekly gems for the power suite. I just got the 48 hour special item and I am no where near the end. I am clearly not going to get the amyship and I have been playing almost nonstop. I enjoyed the PVP the 5 times it let me play, it hasn’t given me more charges yet though.


  14. The weekly reward quest – power accessory – is a bit too difficult to obtain without spending money. Considering the lack of Pink Diamond drops, the late release of the new week, all of the new features and that you need to unlock both characters just to fight Turbo Neptunian – I believe the Turbo Neptunian requirement should be removed from the quest.


  15. While I’m a little overwhelmed with the new content, I’m actually looking forward to my Futurama universe expanding its playability. With the exception of the first couple of tutorial type quests I’m leaving the rest alone until I get through Christmas. Having said that, my only constructive criticism/ request to the powers be is to lower the amount of cash I have pay to level up a character. This is especially hard when you need to purchase buildings to get through a quest and level up a character to get through a particular path.


  16. Letting characters do missions that result to n from nding the pink diamonds would be nice. You don’t get enough on the space missions and having to repeat them over and over removes the fun.

    If we need to level up beyond rank 30 for some of the Daily Planet missions then don’t make it such a leap to 45 or 60

    Alternatively, don’t have rank for each skin for a character, just level the base character. For example, level Fry to level 30 also means you have a level 30 Robot Fry / Power Suit Fry. Or lower the cost of levelling a skin if the base character is levelled up.

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  17. My game was unplayable nearly all weekend. If I managed to ‘go to space’ at all, as soon as I tried to select a mission it would crash. I repeatedly tried for a long time with the same result. In a huff I eventually stashed all of my unused characters and 1/4 of my buildings and that has at least allowed me the ability to start a Neptune mission. However, I still get the RAM error upon completion every time. The only thing I can do is force close before the final battle and go back to it immediately after restarting, complete it and then restart again after getting back to the city or it will crash again shortly. After fresh starts I can only collect from about half my buildings before it crashes as well. In other words, any time spent trying to play the game has me spending more time closing and restarting then anything else. I’m not having this kind of problem with any other game, including FG, so I don’t know what to say… Is it some kind of memory leak?


  18. I like the changes, but I don’t like the errors and issues. Most of us will have serious problems with the challenge because week two started woth some days delay. Sorry but that is more than disapointing.


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