App Version 1.5.1 update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

Good Evening Christmas Cheermeisters!!!

Looks like we’re getting some fixes for the current issues impacting our games as a new update is now available.

Yes, the latest version of the App, 1.5.1, is here. I’m currently seeing it on IOS, so go check out your store. Remember this fixes bugs and doesn’t bring new content so don’t expect Hermes to bobsled into town.

~ Russian Tigger


15 thoughts on “App Version 1.5.1 update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

  1. Is there any information to what happened to the game on Kindle Devices. First, there was no update and then yesterday my game crashed all the time. I wanted to reinstall it and now the game isn’t found anywhere anymore. Will it come back or did they cancelled the support for Kindle?


    1. Only inf given is that the updat has been supplied to Amazon, why its not showing for kindle devices is a question for Amazon.


                1. Unfortunately if you’ve not done it, you’d need access to your game on your old device, basically you could then link it to Facebook then play on another device but as you can’t access game on old device this isn’t an option.


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