An Xmas Xarol PVP Universe Glitch Alert & Fix!!!

If you’re having trouble with the PVP Universe battles not refreshing just go into your PVP Universe crew, deselect a character, then reselect them, this fixes the issue.

Russian Tigger

6 thoughts on “An Xmas Xarol PVP Universe Glitch Alert & Fix!!!

  1. I think I’m facing a brand new glitch now. The Mystery Box has a brand new costume for Hermes, and stupid me went and tried to get it. I did, after too many tries that should’ve given me the hint to stop, but after unlocking it, it didn’t give it to me. It’s not active in my game, not on Hermes or switchable with it, it’s not in my inventory at all, and it’s not still listed in the Mystery Box.


      1. well now I just look like a huge idiot, alright

        Yeah, it was there the whole time, haha. I guess I haven’t purchased any premium outfits before, so I didn’t think it would end up there first. Still not sure why it had to be “created” there when it seems pointless, but I guess I’m still just getting used to the game.


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