An Xmas Xarol Week 3 Alert!!!

Tiny Santa’s been, and it looks like we made the nice list as he’s dropped the third week content into our games.

And it looks like we’re going to continue to hone our combat skills over Christmas as we continue the An Xmas Xarol event.

Firstly there’s another update to the game, it’s App Version 1.5.2, and this is primarily to fix glitches

This weeks content is mostly more of the Xmas event, unlike last weeks that brought a raft of new gameplay. But you will notice combat enemies now have Affinities.

So keep your eyes peeled for the Week 3 live post. Until then here’s what you’ll get you started moving along the Week 3 main Questline.

Before I star if you’re having trouble with the PVP Universe battles not refreshing just go into your PVP Universe crew, unselect a character, then reselect them, this fixes the issue.

Scruffy Starts

Who’s Naughty Or Naughty Pt. 1

Have Scruffy Read Sub Zero G Juggs Magazine: 2hrs
Santa’s Army Has Arrived: Tap >
Go on the ‘Holiday Fatigue’ Mission: Travel to Neptune and complete any path

Who’s Naughty Or Naughty Pt. 2

Have Clear 10 Robot Reindeers: Tap to clear
Have Power Suit Amy Apply Stickers To Armor: 10hrs
Win 3 Universe Battles: Travel to PVP Universe and win 3 battles 

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some Christmas combat fun.

~ Russian Tigger

8 thoughts on “An Xmas Xarol Week 3 Alert!!!

  1. Am I missing something? You need to get, literally, thousands of Santa medals, but killing all the reindeer or flying a mission is only worth like 20. (I know, some of the buildings make some too, but not hundreds.) I don’t know if I can stand to get the last three buildings. I mean, I’ve gotten all the other ones, but enough is efreakingnough. Not having much luck with the shirts either.


    1. I’m only buying ones I hate to, leaving rest, as there’s still 2 weeks off this event to go, so I’ll just keep the little Santa Medals I have banked


  2. The items for Chanukah zombie aren’t dropping from the buildings for me. It’s been 3 days and I have only seen 2 yarmulkas drop. Is anyone else having this problem after the update?


  3. Still on week 2, not sure how much further I’ll get. The constant grind for pink diamonds is so boring. Wouldn’t be bad if you got a good few every time but it’s 1 or 2 every trip.


  4. Crashes or locks up just as frequently even with 1.5.2. Given up on PvP as every time I win, it crashes. When I restart the game it has counted it as a loss.


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