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So Tiny Santa knew when we were sleeping and went and delivered a sackful of new gameplay down New New York’s game chimney at the end of last week. And to be honest the reaction to it has been mixed, mostly due to it colliding with the  2nd week of the An Xmas Xarol content. Many of you said you felt overwhelmed and confused as too much was going on, and the difficulty of some things appeared to be substantially increased. And today I want to zero in on one of the areas that saw a big change, levelling up your characters and the new character ranks.  But please, don’t just give up, I know it’s tough but it can be done, so before you go running for the exit please read on.

Okay, I’m playing the same game as you guys, so I experience many of the same frustrations that the latest update brought with it, I get that there was a lot of changes, glitches and issues. But today I just want to address something that many players seem to be unaware of and that is that you can trade rank badges in your store.

I’m seeing many comments stressing annoyance that despite doing the 3-star missions you’re only being rewarded with 2-star badges. This is sadly correct as the 3-star badges aren’t a guaranteed drop on repeat mission runs, they are a chance, and unfortunately odds are you’ll get more 2-star badges than 3-star badges as you’re finding out.

Sadly due to the above many of you are starting feel bit burnt out running mission after mission only to find your progress stalled due to your lack 3-star badges. But don’t give up asthere is a way to use all those 2-star badges to get 3-star badges and many of you seem to be unaware of this. So I’m telling you here that you can trade up 2-star badges for 3-star badges in your store.

I’ll agree right off the trades could be bit more generous but they are better than nothing. Basically you can trade ten 2-star badges for one 3-star badge of the same kind.

So here’s the low down with pretty pictures so you all know what you’re looking for. Firstly you need to head to your store, you get that by tapping on your little cash register.

Once you open your store you want to tap on your supplies icon.

And it’s here you will see if you’ve got any badge trades ups available. Now this option will only show in your store once you’ve built up enough 2-star badges to trade up for a 3-star badge so if you don’t see the option in your store keep running the missions, grabbing those badge rewards and checking your store once you’ve collected more 2-star badges.

However if you’ve built up enough 2-star badges you’ll see a trade up option available, in my game you can see below I’ve got enough 2-star Scientist badges to trade up for one 3-star badge.

Clicking on the info icon will show you full details of the trade up available to you. As you can see below I have twelve 2-star Scientist badges so I can trade ten of those 2-star badges for one 3-star badge.

Again I know it seems like a poor exchange rate but it’s better than nothing and should stop you tearing your hair out every time you see a few 2-star badges as your reward instead of the 3-star you’d hoped for. At least with this they aren’t completely useless in your promotion plans.

Tapping the purchase box will bring you up full details of your trade and the opportunity to finalise it. Be aware there is an error in the information box where it says this will cost you pizza – it won’t, it will only cost you 2-star badges. So don’t let it put you off completing your trade by tapping GET.

So there you have it a reminder that those 2-star badges are more useful than you think. Were you aware you could trade up badges? Have you been doing any trades? If so what do you think of them?

– Russian Tigger


23 thoughts on “Star Badge Trading Up

  1. Ok. I’m obviously late to the party, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to do two things:
    1. Do the level 30 daily planet runs
    2. Get characters to rank 3

    I understand how to do both of these using pizza, but I’m looking for a way to do it without. Is there any level 30 crew that can beat the level 30 runs that drop the class-specific badges needed to promote characters to rank 3? If not, what other suggestions can you make?

    Thank you.


    1. Ok. I appear to be successful running the level 30 daily planet run with the following L30 crew:

      H.G. Blob
      Amy (or Amazonian Amy)

      I tend to do a little better with Amy than with Amazonian Amy. Now I just need Nixonbucks and lots of patience.


  2. Ok I’ve gotten Any to level 30 and I have plenty of regular three star badges but how much will it cost to promote Amy though ??


  3. Is here an update on how to level past 30 now that the PVP feature is gone and you can’t earn job specific badges until 3 or 4 missions past the first daily planet mission? Except you can’t pass the second daily planet mission because everyone dies because you’re capped at 30 with no way to progeress the game? And the 2nd path on the second mission requires a level 45 captain badge, so how tf are we supposed to get past this? Am I missing something here?

    I can earn 2 star job specific badges all day, but there isn’t a way to trade them up to job specific 3 star badges. Or even 2 star ones at that.


    1. You can trade 10 x 2-Star Generic and Specific Badges for a 3-Stare Generic or Sprcific Badge. You’ll only see the trade in option in your store once you have the 10 2* badges required to trade.


  4. I accidentally traded 10 3star badges for 1 4 Star, is there anyway to trade back down. That was a lot of time and work to get them.


  5. Is there any way to get a 2 star badge for the jobs such as delivery boy without doing the level 30 mission or buying them with pizza? My team of level 30s die before they can complete these missions.


    1. Only other way is through through PVP ranking but you only get the rewards once a week and need ensure you end up in a ranking tier that awards 2-star badges.


        1. You don’t need specifics ones, there is on,y the generic 2 star badge – you start neec the career specific ones for 3 star promotions


          1. But you showed us how we can trade 2 star scientist badges for 3 star scientist badges so I’m trying to find out if you can get those 2 star badges elsewhere as my team always dies on the level 30 missions.


            1. Sorry Sarah,but no there isn’t any other way apart from space missions or buying with pizza for the career specific 2 stars for trading up. Sorry!!! I have suggested it would be nice to get them from PVP etc but for now it’s the space missions. And I know it’s a grind…. And we’ve reported back to TinyCo that the mission level difficulties need looked at but with the holidays not a lot is being done.


  6. It’s like the design team never had a single meeting with the developers over at Family Guy. The Santa Medals are way too many per building for a miserable 18 medals per mission paypit. Literally 50 missions to get 1 building. Ugh


  7. Saw this option but haven’t tried trading any other in yet as the 2 star badges are being used to promote the new power suit/characters from the Christmas event beyond rank 10. Poor show that new characters can’t even level to standard rank 30.

    Plus I haven’t had time or fuel to do much on the daily planet as there are so many missions on Neptune, many of which need to be repetitively done to get materials for the main quest line.


    1. Too much was released at the same time. I think an event could have been built round the levelling up rather than combining it with Xmas event – it has overloaded players

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  8. Hi Russian Tiger, and everyone else,

    I would like some advice. I always have a shortage of nixonbucks. Is it worth investing nixonbucks into more buildings (those six buildings that you can build multiple times) as a means to generate more money? Should I cram every free space with a building? It seems logical to me, but i calculated it takes months for a building to generate more bucks than it initally costs to create the building….


    1. Some players farm City Towers, they cost $4,500 and pay out $50 every 3 hours, but it takes lot Nixonbucks and time to build a farm of these which doesn’t help you much now. I can only suggest running the Daily Planet Nixonbuck missions on Satyrdays to try maximise your income whilst you grow a farm. But most of us are struggling in this regard


    2. I think it’s worth doing if you expect to stay with the game for any significant amount of time. The sooner the better. In the long term you will inevitably also accumulate lots of event buildings that provide income, but some of them have rubbish payouts and/or large footprints, whereas a city tower farm makes good use of the available land. I started with 12 of them and was able to expand to 40 quite soon after that, which is still a compact size and more than enough to keep my nixonbucks pretty much constantly at the $300,000 maximum.

      The income in my NNY is now going to waste, as I simply can’t use enough nixonbucks. I even placed 250 x cryostasis chambers just for fun… but the requirement to place items purchased from the store effectively limits how many you can buy, e.g. likewise stopped pointlessly buying more central park fountains after 25 since my NNY couldn’t easily accommodate any more!


        1. I guess you’re spending them on character upgrades? I was previously upgrading a different character to level 30 every week or few days but with all the recent changes I’ve been doing fewer upgrades as that feels like a bit of a waste of chips now and I still don’t have the star badges needed to push anyone beyond level 30 yet. I’ve only played the minimum of PVP battles as they’re so dull.


          1. Yes constantly revelling up characters and quickly for the site, but those Nixonbucks are killing me. At least I can run daily missions for some in a little while


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