PVP Battle Of The Universes Next Round Has Begun

Ahoy there shipmates!!!

Just a quick reminder that it’s time for a new round of Battle of the Universes. If you log into your game you’ll get your rewards for your ranking at the end of the last round and if you go to the PVP screen you’ll see a new countdown timer for this latest round. It will end on Thursday 4th January at 3pm PDT, so start ranking up to grab some rewards over the next week.

And remember if you’re having trouble with the PVP Universe battle search not refreshing with this new round, just go into your PVP Universe crew, deselect a character, then reselect them, this will fix the issue.

Russian Tigger


3 thoughts on “PVP Battle Of The Universes Next Round Has Begun

  1. I’m starting to run into groups of 5 LVL 99 characters, and given just how much resources that would take, this means that people are either spending fat stacks of cash to play this game (and if the devs want to reward pay-to-win players, so be it) or cheating (which seriously downgrades my desire to buy any pizza). There were so many problems with cheating in FGTQFS that ranked/leaderboard events with rewards became a joke. I’m very glad that TSTO moved away from the need to interact with other players to play and enjoy the game, i.e., interacting with Other Springfields can help you but it isn’t required (and generally isn’t detrimental if you don’t engage with that particular mechanic).


    1. I’d bet many of these are hacked games, few paying players will have these levels of teams. Unfortunately it goes on in all the games but in PVP battles it’s an issue and I’m sure TinyCo will address it.


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