Month: January 2018

PVP Battle Of The Universes Next Round Has Begun

Ahoy there shipmates!!!

Just a quick reminder that it’s time for a new round of Battle of the Universes. If you log into your game you’ll get your rewards for your ranking at the end of the last round and if you go to the PVP screen you’ll see a new countdown timer for this latest round. It will end on Wednesday 7th Febryary at 3pm PST, so start ranking up to grab some rewards over the next week.

And remember if you’re having trouble with the PvP Universe battle search not refreshing with this new round, just go into your PVP Universe crew, deselect a character, then reselect them, this will fix the issue. Also if you’re still experiencing crashing, like I am, a fix is hopefully coming soon, just hang in there.

Russian Tigger

WARNING!!! Down ‘N’ Out Bender, Cartridge Unit & Lisa will NOT be available in Phase 2

I know it’s been a tough week trying to win those new characters but I’m afraid time is fast running out as they definitely won’t be in the recruit boxes when Phase 2 hits. Instead they will be replaced by the new Phase 2 characters Sinclair 2k, Robot 1-X and Wooden Bender.

So basically you’re left with a choice of using any coins, if you’re lucky enough to have any, to open boxes now for a final chance at Lisa, Cartridge Unit or Down N Out Bender, or hoarding them until Phase 2 for a chance at grabbing the new characters.  I’m sorry it’s not better news on the event as I know many of you are struggling. But I just wanted remind you as you’ve not got a lot of time to decide as Phase 1 ends 31st January 2018 @ 3pm PST. Extended until 1st February 2018 @ 3PM PST.

~ Russian Tigger

Completion Comes At A Price – Island Of The Bots Space Missions Phase 1

Hey there Addicts!!!

So it’s time for our obsession gene to kick in as TinyCo is dangling that 100% Mission completion carrot in front of us again. Well it’s more a pizza popper or 2 they’re dangling but who cares about such tiny details? Well we do, that’s who. So I thought I’d do a quick math post, I’m having to do it as the Professor is still trapped in a nudist void, so forgive me if 2+2=42.

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