An Xmas Xarol Event Is Extended!!!

Tiny Santa’s been, and it looks like we made the nice list as he’s extended the event by 24 hours.  This is good news especially for those of you still trying to unlock characters. But remember TinyCo has only extended the event by 1 day, you now have until Thursday, 11th January @ 3PM PST to finish up anything you’re working on.



What you waiting for, go grab yourself some final days fun.

~ Russian Tigger

7 thoughts on “An Xmas Xarol Event Is Extended!!!

  1. Good News!

    May still not be enough time to get the orbs from PvP ranking, but at least it is one more day. Looks like I could reduce my Santa price below 100 orbs/pizza with the new deadline.


  2. It’s too little, too late. They’re going to have lost a huge amount of players with this disaster of an event. Almost everyone commenting at another site is now just waiting for Zoidberg before quitting.


    1. I think too much was released during a busy event over the holidays when players want to have fun. And there is fun to be had it just got lost in the mayhem. Hopefully they will pull back a little and examine what went wrong, where and learn from this. It’s sad as there is s fun game here but it’s being overshadowed by issues and so much repetitive


  3. 1 day and 1 hour extra would be better that way we all could reep the rewards of pvp battles and use them toward Santa
    I am already gonna have to spend 100 pizza to get him but 50 would be nicer with my usual platinum 4 ranking


  4. One day is better than nothing…but its still not enough to account for major bugs ( pvp not refreshing ) and super low drop rate for character from buildings ( turbo neptunian and kwenza for example )…


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