More Bad News Everyone – Update Glitch – Do Not Update To Ver 1.5.3

More Tiny gremlins are at work and this time they are demoting our ranked up characters but only if you updated to version 1.5.3, so DON’T update yet, did you hear me I said DO NOT UPDATE.

I unfortunately did and I’ve seen my new promoted Rank 4 Leela demoted back down to Rank 3, and some Rank 3 characters demoted down to Rank 2. Why is this happening? Well WillBits explained it so eloquently on Reddit I thought I’d share it here:

“Do not update if you have any characters who are up-ranked but not up-leveled (i.e. a 3-star character who is still level 30 or a 4-star who is still level 60). There is currently a bug where this condition STRIPS their rank and reverts them to their previous star-count. Leveling the character to 31 or 61 or higher prevents this from happening, but consistently a lot of people are reporting losing their ranks. Not sure what kind of fix is coming, but if you read this, please double-check your characters before pushing this out. Hopefully players affected can be compensated or have their characters bumped back up. More news as this develops. This is especially ironic as the patch was supposed to fix the PvP lockout that prevented leveling. Characters trapped due to having been used for PvP can be leveled again, but hopefully you didn’t have any ranked-but-not-leveled characters stuck or there is no way to manually fix them”.

Both Will & I have reported the issue to TinyCo who are looking into it, but my advice for now is the same as Will’s, if you haven’t updated DONT. If you have, check your characters for any demotions and note them whilst we wait to hear how this will be fixed, hopefully TinyCo can simply reverse these change!!! We’ll know more soon.

And if you want to see WillBits fun guides to the game,  you’ll find them by clicking here.

~ Russian Tigger

9 thoughts on “More Bad News Everyone – Update Glitch – Do Not Update To Ver 1.5.3

  1. I had updated before seeing this post but wasn’t worried as I didn’t have any characters over level 30. I have now found out that any character below rank 10 cannot be levelled to rank 30 as normal without promoting them beyond level 10 which would quickly use up the small number of 2 star badges I have.

    I have promoted my Robot Fry to get him to level 12 for one of the new space mission paths and have to do the same for Kif as he is currently only level 8 in my game.

    Is this due to the glitch or has this changed since TinyCo introduced the new levelling system?


    1. Any character under 10 when new levelling up system has to be promoted to 2 Star, but characters at 10 were automatically ranked 2 star, so that might be why your seeing change,they were ranked up but got demoted with thr glitch. Take note characters demoted and message TinyCo


  2. I have updated, but couldn’t even noticed if characters were demoted or not… because game freezes seconds after it loads. Happens after every major event…


  3. I updated already but hopefully didn’t have any characters affected. My only 3 star character is level 35.

    Hopefully all my 2 star level 30’s will get free promotions when they try to fix this, got lots of those, lol!


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