Alpha Event is here!!!

We’re Here!!!

Yes, a host of returning characters and outfits are returning to New New York and picking up a few is your new mission should you choose to accept it by taking part in the new Alpha event. So fuel up and let’s go….

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some returning characters and costumes.

~ Russian Tigger

25 thoughts on “Alpha Event is here!!!

  1. I got key #2 but then had a crash. mission 1-2 opened but I am unable to progress on Voyage of the Planet Express Ship Pt. 1. I’ve rerun the mission 1-1 several times but am not getting any more keys.


  2. so ive hit a snag. unlocked the fortune teller robot, but need a carnival tent to progress the quest. the tent was part of the original event in which the character appeared. any ideas?


  3. How do you get the keys for shipping with style? I’ve fully completed the fly by night mission and haven’t received the keys. Gone over the mission on every path twice and haven’t received any just wasted all of my fuel basically.


  4. Anytime I open up an update that gives me two characters, I’m pleased lol. Opened up my app today after updating, (after I was careful to check my characters levels to avoid demotion, thanks for the heads up!) and I found Ndnd and Hookerbot already recruited 👌

    Pizza seems to be plentiful, which is welcome. After those two gifted characters, I really only need the Robot Devil and The Omega characters… Anyone know what happens when you cash in the coins and get characters you already have?

    Also, I love that PVP is back, but I pull up the interface and I don’t see anyone… I’ve searched repeatedly, anyone else having this issue?


      1. Glad to hear the game is paying out for others 🤣

        Well a couple shuffles of the squad and a few searches must have done it, PVP started working for me 🍻


  5. Is anyone else totally locked out of their game? I open it and it works for about 3 seconds and then freezes. I cleared my cache and it erased my game. I messaged support and today my game is back but it still won’t work. I’m playing on a Galaxy 7


  6. Mission 1~6 requires crew level 35. I haven’t managed to get anyone promoted so at most I have some level 30 characters.

    Also, I’m picking up Epsilon coins from the PVP battles but there’s no epsilon crate.


  7. I am not getting any opponents for universe battles since the event started. I just see empty boxes. I’d hate to waste a search in the hopes that would fix it. Anyone else seeing this?


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