PvP Battle Of The Universes Next Round Has Begun

Ahoy there shipmates!!!

Just a quick reminder that it’s time for a new round of Battle of the Universes. If you log into your game you’ll get your rewards for your ranking at the end of the last round and if you go to the PvP screen you’ll see a new countdown timer for this latest round. It will end on Thursday 24th January at 3pm PDT, so start ranking up to grab some rewards over the next week.

And remember if you’re having trouble with the PvP Universe battle search not refreshing with this new round, just go into your PvP Universe crew, deselect a character, then reselect them, then search, this will fix the issue.

Russian Tigger


5 thoughts on “PvP Battle Of The Universes Next Round Has Begun

  1. I’m done with futurama. The badges are ridiculous. You need too much dark matter and then you get only 2star badges. This is a game for whales and I’m not a whale.


  2. Something i am finding very useful. Players including me, when not battling deselect the whole team, pick one character and select as my team. Voile! Now im an easy beat that lets someone get points and coins quicker. People doing this is making it a lot quicker.


    1. That would be merely annoying if they’d kept the amount of battle points needed to rank up the same, but when they threw the scale out the window, there’s not really a way to reasonably get out of the starting tier without cheesing the system, and that’s bad design. I’ve seen maybe two or three people doing that in my battles, and all it does is waste a battle for me. I gain nothing but a few minutes, and earning a pittance per battle doesn’t make that system work.


  3. Full seven days this time, last week was only four or five days long. Guess they had to cut the first week short for the “Xmas Hell” event extention, but that is fine. I managed to get to Silver III.

    Five pulls from the boxes so far, only characters I already have, no Lrrr yet, will keep trying for him!

    The nice thing about this event for me is, I am getting a decent amount of character chips (ran out during Xmas event), so I can level my Robot Santa. He reached level 36 only with chips from this event, my first level 45 scientist is within reach (and then the Daily Plant level 45 chip farming path opens up for me).

    If you want to max. your pvp battle points, “search new opponents” after every fight. You are pretty much guaranteed the 22 points for a win after the search, since it looks like the amount of points is largely depending on the opposing team having a higher battle point total than you. (There are outliers reported, but it works 100% for me so far). The search recharges after only 3 hours, so you can really use it frequently.

    And please, try to leave a low level character/team as your defending team after you are done with battles. It makes fights faster and easier for everyone. The crashes are still there, I have a really bad one today, my whole phone froze and my total battle points somehow decreased by 18 points (it’s usually just like 2 or 3 points for a loss).


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