Government District is Released!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Let us entertain you as we reveal to you the Government District!!!.

Yes after what seems like 1000 years the Government District beckons us, bringing with it the Zoidberg, Elzar, Nude Professor and much, much more. If you want to see it all in your game then make sure you’re at Amazonian Search Party Pt. 7 and have collected the Amazonia Artifact. And remember it’s a District so no need to hurry, it’s not going anywhere!!! We’ll have posts on all the new content and Decapod 10 Space Missions soon.  


8 thoughts on “Government District is Released!!!

      1. True, for those that have/had the patience to grind out the Daily Planet mission already.
        For me it means I have to do numerous Daily Planet missions for standard upgrade chips, then waiting for days until the right type of chip is on offer (Scientist, Captain etc) and grind those missions out, then rinse and repeat.

        Personally I think it should be a maximum of Level 30 for a basic route (or 2) and then add in higher levels if you want the full 100% and extra bonus drops.
        Starting at Level 31 is just another ‘up yours’ towards players – granted it’s a district (ie long term achievement) and not an event but I’m so weary of all the grinding space missions out for very little reward in this game that I’m on the verge of deleting the app.


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