Government District Overview!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Let us entertain you as we reveal to you the Government District, blobs and all. Yes after what seems like 1000 years in the making the Government District beckons us, bringing with it Zoidberg, Elzar, Nude Professor and more.

First up the boring bit, yes that’s where we tell you what you need to do to be able to unlock this much-anticipated district. Ok so here’s the deal, you’ll need to complete the  Amazonian Search Party Questline, in doing this you will collect the Amazonia Artifact needed to reveal the district. Remember as this is a district there’s no need to hurry, it’s not going anywhere!!!

***Thanks to WillBits and Rykanrar for the pooling of information to help get this all up so quickly***


Main Questline – Crab Boil
Decapod 10 Mission 1: Beach Day
Decapod 10 Mission 2: Dried Out
Decapod 10 Mission 1: Overexposed
Decapod 10 Mission 1: Artifact In The Rough
Decapod 10 Mission 1: Tasting Menu
Decapod 10 Mission 1: All Gloom No Doom

*If a link isn’t live yet it’s because we’re still working to bring you that post, so don’t worry it’s coming, just keep checking back*


The latest App Version is 1.5.4




The main Questline for this district is Crab Boil.

Fry will start things off, and here’s the first part that will get you going, and be prepared to not move on to Pt 2 for a while:

Stabilise Zoidberg’s Dumpster: Costs 3,500 Hypnotons and takes 8 hours (comes with Zoidberg for unlocking)
Recruit Zoidberg: Complete unlock requirements to bring Zoidberg into your game


Zoidberg (Full character – Scientist): You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking him when you are tasked to stabilise Zoidberg’s Dumpster, (3,500 Hypnotons), at Crab Boil Pt. 1.


10 Fish Bones (Common): Get from Cargo Beach Space Mission on Decapod 10
10 Apple Cores (Uncommon): Get from Decapod Apartments
10 Old Shoes (Rare): Get from the Food-O-Matic, Madison Cube Garden
10 Half-Eaten Burgers (Epic): H G Blob Blow Off Steam, Hermes Notarise Leases

Elzar (Full character – Influencer):  You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking him when you are tasked to build Elzar’s Fine Cuisine from the store when you reach Crab Boil Pt. 5. This costs 165,000 Nixonbucks.


13 Spice Weasels (Common): Get from Tasting Menu Space Mission on Decapod 10
13 Neptunian Slugs (Uncommon): Get from Linburger King
13 Chefs Knives (Rare): Get from the Rook Takes Pawnshop, Amazonian Hut
13 Toque Blanche (Epic): Get from Get from LaBarbara Call Barbados Slim, Smitty Shop For Donuts

Nude Professor (Outfit – Captain): You will trigger the side Questline to start creating this outfit when you reach Crab Boil Pt. 4.


150,000 Nixonbucks
12 Beach Towels (Common): Get from Overexposed Space Mission on Decapod 10
12 Baby Powder (Uncommon): Get from Leg Mutant Provide Tor Prints, Fry Apply To Tge League Of Robots
12 Sun Glasses (Rare): Get from the Hacking Jack’s Fire Smokeable’s, Central Bureaucracy
12 Sun Tan Lotion (Epic): LaBarbara Skate About Town, Amazonian Amy Perform For Office Party


As with all districts there’s a bunch of buildings in the store.

Rocket Skating Rink ~ 300  (currently locked)

Elzar’s Fine Cuisine ~ 165,600 (Comes with Elzar for unlocking)

Decapod Apartments ~ 135,000 

NNY Public Library: 115,000 

NNY Recreation Center ~ 125,000 

Limburger King ~ 135,000

Red Primate ~ 135,800


As well as the above buildings there’s some new decorations to pretty up New New York.

Red Flower Bed ~ 1,000

Yellow Floor Bed ~ 1,000

Discount Petting Zoo~ 50,000

Garbage Truck~ 45,000

Jean Claude Van BAM ~ 65,000

Decapodian Crab Car  ~ 60,000 


And we’re on our travels again, as this Districts brings us no less than 6 new Space Missions to complete. All are located on the new planet Decapod 10 and these will unlock as you progress through the Main Questline.

Be aware these will take some time to navigate, they aren’t for the travel weary.  You’ll find more information on these in the Mission posts to come but I’ll give you some quick details including the map on the first one, Beach Day as this is where you’ll be spending most of your time whilst you unlock Zoidberg,

Decapod 10 Mission 1: Beach Day

Mission Name: Beach Day
Unlocks: Unlocks at Pt.1 of Crab Boil
Requires for Mission: Any crew
Number of Paths: 6
Requires for Paths: H G Blob L33, La Barbara L37, Amazonian Amy L39
Requires For Interactions: Engine Malfunction – Robot or Scientist,  Beach Clothes – Any crew
Fuel Cost: 1 per stop
Recommended Level: 31
First Time Rewards: 3 Tera Influencer Chips, 3 Tera Career Chips, 3 Tera Scientist Chips, 250 Hypnotons, 175 xp
100% Rewards: 5 Pizza
Interaction Rewards: Chips & xp
Path Chips To Collect: 0
Path Materials To Collect: Decapod Cargo Drop Box
Uncommon Cargo Drop Box Chance Contents: 1 Tera Career Chip, 2 Tera Career Chip, 450 Nixonbucks, 600 Nixonbucks, 1 Fish Bone (this is what I’ve got so far, you may see other drops)
Combat Enemies: Space Bee, Baby Space Bee, Paramecium, Space Pirate
Combat Rewards: Nixonbucks, xp
Repeat Rewards: 3 Tera Influencer Chips, 3 Tera Career Chips, 3 Tera Scientist Chips, 125 Hypnotons, 100 xp

As I say this will get you started on Decapod 10 and this gives you an idea of what you’re facing if you want to 100% complete it. But the main thing you’ll be looking for running the mission are the Fish Bones for unlock Zoidberg. Don’t worry as long as you’ve got 5  Level 30 Characters you’ll be able to start the Mission and complete a Path that you can repeat to get the Fish Bones.

But this gives you a glimpse of the monsters these missions are so it’s going take but time to get full post covering them up for you. But I’ll do it as quick as I can.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the Government District.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


26 thoughts on “Government District Overview!!!

  1. Done with this. There is no fun at all in this game. Spent a week collecting cash to build HGB house. Another few days to unlock him. Spent 2 days collecting 2500 to unlock the land around Zoidberg now I need another 3500? Then I’ll spend days unlocking him too? Forget it.


    1. Districts are supposed to take time, and I know it’s tough if you hadn’t completed let one when this one dropped. This game would test the patience of a saint but I’ll plod on. Good luck with whatever game you try next.


  2. I agree, my level of fun in the game has hit a brick wall at 100 miles an hour. Everything seems like such a huge grind now with no real sense of reward or accomplishment. I find myself logging on fewer and fewer…


  3. Just notice my XP meter seems to be collecting again, seems like we have more levels/free refills. Time your missions wisely.


  4. I am very excited for Zoidberg! Right after Xmas Xarol, we have another content dump though lol. But the Alpha event is almost over, so time to concentrate on grinding for promotion badges and hypnotons. None of the characters needed for other paths of the first mission are ones I have in level three.

    I have five three star characters, levels 37,36, and three 35’s. It takes so much time and nixonbucks to level these characters up… I honestly feel bad for anyone who hasn’t been playing since day one, any event would be really hard, it seems. And real world cost would probably be what, $250 to get a character maxed out at three stars? Noooo thank you.

    I have, however, been able to watch like 16 videos a day during this event, so between that and the pizza poppers, the pizza has been plentiful. Opened an Omega Recruits box and got Slurms McKenzie, I literally couldn’t have been more stoked!


    1. I have Lrrr at level 60. Not sure what that cost me, but trying to get enough badges to promote to 4-star is pure torture. 250 pizza on refills and nowhere close.


  5. How do we get characters past level 30? It says the promotion badges are available different days, but I don’t see missions for this. I’m a bit confused, thanks for any info.


      1. When I go there it says I need to complete scientists space mission in order to get to captain orders mission, this is in attempt to level up the professor.


        1. The Scientist Badge Space Mission will appear after 4pm PDT today. You can run missions for the 24hrs that is available, then it will change to Captain Badge Space Missions and so on


  6. It’s great that we have Zoidberg in the game now, but still no Zapp? I’ve been holding onto a minimum 300 pizza for ages now, expecting he’d be released as a premium character with this district!


  7. zoidbergs dumpster takes another 3500 hypnotons btw. and the decapod 1st mission yields 125 hypnotons per run. if that helps.


    1. Yeah that info is all in the post, going be some grinding for Hypnotons going on as well as everything else, busy game just now


  8. Note for clearing Zoidberg’s dumpster: You’ll have to clear the land around it first. 12hrs and 2500 Hypnotons, and then you can clear the dumpster. Better farm Amazonia for Hypnotons, if you haven’t been stockpiling them. I’m glad I wasn’t tempted to clear the entire section of new land.


    1. Also, I’d recommend bringing an Influencer to heal if you don’t have anything but 30s. These guys hit kind of hard. I got money in two boxes and 1 fish in the other one. Hopefully the money drops more often, seeing how expensive all the buildings are.


  9. The immense level requirement jump from Amazonia’s 23 to 31 annoys me to no end, but I’m just happy to finally get my favorite Futurama character, Zoidberg. Been waiting since the game first released to get him.


    1. I agree. I have to grind to level up past 30 now, and this has become tedious in this game with how the new leveling system works. This is simply not fun. So I can’t really get to the new content until I do the leveling, and all of this points to a lack of content (and maybe a cash grab from slowing down player navigation through the game. Am I frustrated enough to pay to accelerate character leveling? No, I’ll just quit playing the game.)


      1. Oh, it’s absolutely a cash grab and definitely a result of a lack of content. I feel like the new leveling system had the potential to be good (a LOT of the game is good potential but bad execution), but the preexisting grinding-issue just carried over and amplified into the new leveling system and just made it so much worse, and they’re pushing it so much that progressing at all has become tedious.


        1. Hopefully we’ll see more ways to get badges etc come, and they are drop feeding changes in, such as return if sticker book, new Max Gane level etc. I’d like see Daily Planet fuel reduced to 1 per stop as its hefty in fuel to run these missions over and over. But there is a great game hiding in here, just hope we get to see it soon.


          1. The daily run for the bandages are so draining. I am acutely prefer to Do the 2star badges mission right now over the 3 star ones. At least 2 star runs costs less fuel and you get 3 boxes while as the 3 star runs, you MIGHT get the 3 star badges. I didn’t get one single 3 star deops In the last 20 runs!!! Tips?


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