Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want to see in the FWOT game in 2018!

So the New Year partying is over, the fireworks have burnt out, the sseason of goodwill is behind us and the Best of event has launched in our games. Yes looks like 2018 is here to stay, well for another 344 days at least.

Whats a FWOT Addict to do once the party’s over and the daily grind has returned? Well apart from enjoying breaking all those new year resolutions, how’s about helping TinyCo to make some? C’mon lift your 2018 already weary heads and take this once in a blue moon, ok once in a year, opportunity to tell TinyCo what YOU want to see in the Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow  game in the year ahead.

What would you like to see more or what would you like to see less of? What new characters or features would you like to see, or even what old characters or features you’d like to see brought back? Is there an event you loved that you’d like to see a sequel to, or an event you missed you’d love them to revisit? Is there any changes you’d like to see to the layout of the game, the inventory, anything at all?

Basically this is to ask you to help them make the game better, so share your thoughts with us in the comments and let’s help TinyCo make 2018 the year the game gets it right!!!

***Now I know there’s a lot of anger towards TinyCo just now due to the An Xmas Xarol event. I think you all know me well enough by now to know I get your frustrations, and that I’m sympathetic to them, but please don’t turn this into a venting place, please keep that for the Angry Dome, you’ll find it HERE. Let’s make this post be about constructive feedback and suggestions if we can please!!!***

~ Russian Tigger


36 thoughts on “Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want to see in the FWOT game in 2018!

  1. Sorry for multiple comments. I should have put these together… But I need a way to see my inventory of badges so that I know what days to hit up the daily planet. Right now I’ve got a few characters parked at level 30 so I can use them to see how many badges I have by going to the promotion tab in leveling.


  2. I think I would like to see more activities that characters could do together for extra Nixon bucks and xp. Like Fry and Leela have one where they hold hands and there’s one where Kif and Amy did something together.
    I would enjoy more activities like that.


  3. A conplete review of the lvl up process
    * Way too expensive i n time / pizza / ressources
    * How come a team of 5 decapodian can wipe up a team of lvl 60?


  4. I’d like for them to put Zoidberg’s girlfriend Marianne and Tanya/Tonya in the game, I think that would be nice.


  5. “I want TinyCo to have upgrade chips come with premium characters. It doesnt have to be many, but if you spend 200 pizza on a scientist, it should come with 4 or 5 red peta chips, and 3 or 4 upgrade chips to help out! As it stands, they penalise the people who are premium because they have spend more resources. I might repeat this comment in the “What we want” thread :)”


  6. Better inventory. How many revives or medpacks do I have?
    Now that we’re getting a lot of characters, an mass send (ie send all characters in a 4 hour task without cycling through eac one)
    Less crashing
    Actually getting the items that I win.

    Upgrades, like faster refuel for ship, faster recharge for fights, etc.


  7. I could really use the character list not resetting to the top when sending characters on tasks. For example, i want to keep Amy out as I intend to go on a mission with her. I then send Nixon on a task, and I have to skip through Amy, Bender, Fry, etc, to get to the person after Nixon.


  8. I’d love to see a Parasites Lost event.
    I recently got the Hyper Chicken and no matter how many times the professor does the finglonger quest, it never shows as completed.


    1. You must raise a support ticket with TinyCo, including the characters bane and rank they were at they, they can then look at your game file and sort things.


  9. Most of what I want gameplay-wise has already been said, so I’ll throw in more character and event-related stuff.

    More characters available in the main game. I don’t wanna see more major, memorable characters from the show ending up event/one time-exclusive; they should be obtainable through the main story or purchased with pizza, characters like Nibbler, Zapp, Mom, Cubert, Morbo, and Linda. As well, for characters that do end up exclusive to events, I want events to just have characters that actually relate to it in some way, not being put in to just pad it out.

    Maybe a couple more characters available as prizes for logging in daily? It might be seen as cheap and just one would be enough, but it would help give more motivation to logging in daily between updates, especially for people just starting out.

    Event ideas:
    – A Mars University event, or some sort of similar brainy-based event which can be used to bring in a ton of scientist-class characters since WoT is very lacking in those at the moment.
    – More time travel events. Maybe one that brings in Fry’s family as characters?
    – Another Halloween event could involve “The Honkening”, giving Bender a Were-Car costume, perhaps something based off of the What If machine or even the Scary Door.
    – A Valentine’s Day mini-event, ideally to bring in Zoidberg’s still current girlfriend, Marianne (could also include Zoidberg’s mating outfit).


  10. doing the same level 10 times is boring and needs to stop. the currency for unlocking areas and districts need to be easier to get/regenerate I’ve done every level in space and I’m still 1000 short to unlock zoidberg and I haven’t been spending on unlocking areas in the water. my biggest gripe is grinding through a level to get a certain reward e.g 3 star badge or this event the only character I don’t have in gamma box Roberto, to then be fobbed with usless rubbish very disheartening. I’ve wasted so much time in this event to try and unlock Roberto and got nothing, the whole time I’ve spent on this event and my reward will be zero.!!!


  11. Continue to gain levels that give us fuel refills, even if we no longer get more fuel capacity, with additional Nixon Bucks capacity.

    Consistency in 2-person tasks – some show the same Nixon Bucks reward as a single person task, some show 2x plus.

    Reduce the bands in pvp so you don’t have to have 500+ points to move beyond bronze V, especially since the most you can get is 22 pts a battle.

    Define the new powers somewhere – what does the bleed, electric, etc stuff actually do?


  12. Please, please, please less grinding of the same missions over and over and over and over and . . .

    How about a character or option that auto collects Nixonbucks from buildings en masse like Consuela does in Family GuyQFS. Scruffy could sweep it all in or something.

    Love the idea of an annual wrap up as a second chance to get characters we may have missed (please keep it!), but please no duplicates. I’ve pretty much given up on the current one as I’ve gotten the Bender character like five times in a row.

    A way to sign in and save without Facebook.

    How about an event or mini event to earn badges.

    More uses for returning characters.

    Thanks for asking. And thanks Russian Tigger for all you do. I mostly lurk here, but you’re always a huge help!


  13. I would prefer that events focus a little less on space missions. It is a fun/different way to play a world building game, but when it is the primary focus, it is repetitive and time consuming. I would like to be able to send characters to do things and have that help my progress vs doing a repetitive space mission over and over and over again.


  14. There is so much potential for this game! I would like to see a lot of things, but these are my top 3:
    * No more chance drops for quest items. If the time/effort is put in, just drop the item. It’s frustrating to wait 6h (which usually ends up being 8h or more because we have lives outside of FWOT) only to get nothing
    * Reduce the grind. It’s unnecessarily repetitive and boring to have to fly the same mission 50 times or more
    * Improve planning of events to make them more fair. Players shouldn’t have to play 16h a day just to have a hope of completing an event. It’s discouraging and makes the game a lot less fun. Quotas need to be realistically attainable, even if a player chooses not to spend pizza. They should certainly be much easier with pizza, but should never be impossible without it.

    Hope this doesn’t sound like a rant. Just wanted to include reasons for my choices.

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  15. I need an easier way to get more hypnowaves cleared. Right now, I have no way to clear the area to recruit the blob character without taking ages to get enough of the necessary resources. Also, I need a way to upgrade characters much more cheaply. I am stuck not being able to upgrade characters by level because of the game currency being required.


  16. I’d like to see:

    Nibbler and Zapp soon

    A “Collect all rent” button, like FG eventually got in that game.

    More paths in a mission that are not locked behind requirements. If that means I have to do more to 100% complete a mission, so be it, but if I only have one path available to grind, it gets old fast.

    One major change to the game at a time (event or otherwise), and a week between events to catch up and perhaps prepare for the next event by building back up the money and hypnoton reserves.

    Tasks that require two characters should probably reward more than a solo task at the same length of time. I’m using two people. I shouldn’t get one person’s worth of a reward. I like mixing up what tasks I send them out on. I’d be happy with 1.5x the reward.

    I second the Mom event idea.

    A reason to use the head museum. I’ve made one, but what is it for?


    1. Another thing I’ve been wanting forever and just remembered: I’d like the medpacks and revives to matter more at the higher levels. It seems they have a hard number, rather than a percentage of health. It doesn’t do me much good if they only heal the same 50 or 100 health (whatever the number is), and the enemies hit for three or four hundred, or more.


  17. A way to save without connecting to Facebook. I refuse to do that and I won’t buy pizza without being able to save. Thought a network was already in place for Family Guy game, so should be easy to add.


    1. This is a common request. My only advice until then is set up a game Facebook only for this, or keep a Screenshot of your PlayerId as this is helpful if you ever lose your game due to a device issue

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  18. I think the player experience would be greatly improved if the currency needed for goals were rewarded for each given task you do. For each task the reward is the guaranteed result rather than a randomly generated possibility. This gives us more control of our own game play. The random currency drop makes everything we do less worthwhile and makes playing feel more stressful.


  19. I would like to see (apart from stuff belonging to the Angry Dome):

    More direct offers for returning characters, less mystery boxes

    The option to fast-forward repeated fights, especially for grinding durng events

    Something like TSTO’s unemployment agency to send everyone on X-hours task with one click

    A badges event, allowing f2p to win 4-star badges without needing a level >60 team already

    Let Nibbler produce actual spaceship fuel

    A Mom event


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